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Monday, June 22, 2015

In Delightful Wonderment - Bob O'Hearn

This magical realm we call “the world”
is a wild wonder beyond human reckoning!

The mere appearance of anything at all
is a perpetual mystery of pure awe
and relentless astonishment!

These ever-shifting props that provide
the sense of time and change are nothing
but children’s toys the Great One
juggles like batons in the air!

How thrilling to suddenly realize
we ourselves are This!

The synchronous majesty
of our infinitely expansive being
is the perfect body of the Beautiful One,
the One who is living us now, dreaming
us now as the very miracle we Are.

Any rain-splashed leaf is nothing
but another moistened kiss of Infinity.

Every wandering breeze rustling trees —
the amorous breath of our own Divinity.

Every sigh, every breath, every beat of heart
is an orchestrated choir of regal rapture.

Every molecule of light amazes itself
at its own inexplicable appearance.

Even as we sleep and dream
our sensitive thoughts conduct
a symphony of rippling pleasure.

This body standing here
is a delightful play of Love.

This mind —
an echo of a mystery
fashioned out of speechless Love.

We are Love, and Love must love,
for therein shines our perfect purpose.

Every blink and wink of our eyes
is the grace-bestowing sacred regard
of the original Lover, through Whose Glance
all are blessed, healed, given and taken —

all truly redeemed beyond any need
for make-believe redemption.

The chains that seem to bind us here
are merely our reluctance to forgive
and let go of a non-existent past.

No sad regret,
no hopeful anticipation,
everything just as it is –

this moment!

Each miniscule particle of light
swirling in the wake of our casual passing
ignites the ecstatic birth of galaxies —

we are made of This!

There is one Presence, one Power,
alive in all the universe, being lived
through Its uncountable expressions.

We are all unique projections
of that changeless Divine Energy
in which the myriad sentient personalities
flash and frolic as dreamy thought forms
dancing in the Heart/Mind of Source.

Drawn deeper into this stunning recognition,
all universal nature herself becomes transparent
as the manifestation of the Living Womb
of vast emptiness, delivering everyone
and everything into pure light
and more light still.

Every motion, every breath,
every thought and cessation of thought
is none other than the intense enjoyment,
the utter delight, the supreme pleasure
of the Indescribable Supreme!

This understanding can yield a great relief
of sufficiency and equanimity, regardless
of how things may seem to play out
in the drama’s consciousness’
ceaseless unfolding.

There is nothing that can be done,
no weeping or prayer, no exotic method
or any sort of strategy that can be manipulated
to attain this plain and simple realization;

no heroic gate-storming or self-generated effort
will yield true satisfaction, no practice nor
tweaking of attention can transcend itself.

Doing or not-doing are equally futile.
All achievement is transitory.

Even the most feeling submission
to the Living Source must be seen at last
as arising from a subtle, deluded sense
of division within the body/mind.

The clear light radiance of awake awareness
has no before or after, nor parts
that somehow come together
or randomly divide.

There is only This!

Such recognition is not an acquisition
of the mind, but rather a letting go
and awakening at the Heart —

our destiny and present condition —

when all that would obstruct clear seeing
is sacrificed at the altar of the Unconditional,
for the selfless sake of Love alone.

May all beings awaken to the bliss
of their own true nature –

their own primordial

Only This!


Photo: Glass Menagerie
Mystic Meandering


  1. A beautiful view of Being! And yet ... the pain and suffering and despair in the world cries for help. With wisdom comes compassion, and with compassion comes action. Wisdom opens our eyes and ears to non-duality, and to our interdependence, and to the Call of the suffering. Compassion fuels our resolve to take action in our own unique way. I think this what is meant by taking the Bodhisattva path. Sorry - I seem to have gone on a rant :/ I've fallen way behind in my blog reading, but it's nice to catch up with you :)

    1. Thank you David, yes, most assuredly... I love that you feel so passionate about people's suffering. Having a Heart Centered View of the world allows for the Heart Wisdom to arise and to discern from the Heart what action to take, for sure. Sometimes it's just to inspire, to help others to see the View, and other times a more practical approach is needed. As you say, we all serve in unique ways. Sometimes it's just listening to someone in pain. Just yesterday I listened to the clerk behind the meat counter go on about his relationship problems at home... I felt compassion for his struggles, but all I could do was listen. It didn't change his situation for sure. It will take a change in HIS perception of Being to do that. I've noticed most people don't *want* to let go of their struggles :) they just like to vent about them. Compassionate discernment is definitely needed... There is always a kind of "tension" between the doing and not-doing. :) I deal with this in my family all the time. Thank you for your heartfelt comment! :) Heart Hugs :)

    2. Hi Christine - I was worried that I was coming across as preaching a specific kind of action, when of course striving to awaken awareness of our true nature may be the most effective action of all in relieving suffering. Heart Hugs back!


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