Come meander with me on the pathless path of the Heart
in these anecdotal,
sometimes inspiring, sometimes personal meanderings of the Heart's opening in the every-day-ness of life...

Friday, June 26, 2015

Caverns of the Heart...

How does one express
what is unspeakable
when the deep caverns
of the Heart, once closed,
Primordial Love begins
its rhythmic ascent.

emerges endlessly
 from an unfiltered,
unguarded space
where Pristine Love ItSelf
Rhythm of the Heart

Sitting on the clef, feeling this new Rhythm of Being begin,
the word “Love” hardly seems adequate,
as The Rhythm has much more depth, richness, and fullness…

It is the deep Breath of Formless Being
breathing ItSelf *through* the Heart;
a soft, clear Rhythm
unfolding ItSelf in the Heart
wave by wave…

It is the
synchronous Rhythm of
the depth of
Pure Being, Pure Sublimeness;
and much, much more…

It is the human heart coming into sync
with the Primal Rhythm of the Heart of Pure Being;
felt as an endless Openness, Bliss
and Aliveness,
much more profound
than the word “love”
can convey -
as we experience it
 in manifest existence…

There are of course no words to truly describe “IT”…
Words are only phantoms of our
felt experience…

There is only the Silent undulating Rhythm
from the deeply lit caverns of the Heart
Experienced as Love…

Wondrously Inexpressible…

Mystic Meandering
June 22, 2015


Top photo is a picture of my hands/fingers
held up to the sunlight, turned on its side…
I loved the affect that came out:
light seeping through the cracks
in what looks to me like caverns of the Heart.

(My interpretation of course J)

Monday, June 22, 2015

In Delightful Wonderment - Bob O'Hearn

This magical realm we call “the world”
is a wild wonder beyond human reckoning!

The mere appearance of anything at all
is a perpetual mystery of pure awe
and relentless astonishment!

These ever-shifting props that provide
the sense of time and change are nothing
but children’s toys the Great One
juggles like batons in the air!

How thrilling to suddenly realize
we ourselves are This!

The synchronous majesty
of our infinitely expansive being
is the perfect body of the Beautiful One,
the One who is living us now, dreaming
us now as the very miracle we Are.

Any rain-splashed leaf is nothing
but another moistened kiss of Infinity.

Every wandering breeze rustling trees —
the amorous breath of our own Divinity.

Every sigh, every breath, every beat of heart
is an orchestrated choir of regal rapture.

Every molecule of light amazes itself
at its own inexplicable appearance.

Even as we sleep and dream
our sensitive thoughts conduct
a symphony of rippling pleasure.

This body standing here
is a delightful play of Love.

This mind —
an echo of a mystery
fashioned out of speechless Love.

We are Love, and Love must love,
for therein shines our perfect purpose.

Every blink and wink of our eyes
is the grace-bestowing sacred regard
of the original Lover, through Whose Glance
all are blessed, healed, given and taken —

all truly redeemed beyond any need
for make-believe redemption.

The chains that seem to bind us here
are merely our reluctance to forgive
and let go of a non-existent past.

No sad regret,
no hopeful anticipation,
everything just as it is –

this moment!

Each miniscule particle of light
swirling in the wake of our casual passing
ignites the ecstatic birth of galaxies —

we are made of This!

There is one Presence, one Power,
alive in all the universe, being lived
through Its uncountable expressions.

We are all unique projections
of that changeless Divine Energy
in which the myriad sentient personalities
flash and frolic as dreamy thought forms
dancing in the Heart/Mind of Source.

Drawn deeper into this stunning recognition,
all universal nature herself becomes transparent
as the manifestation of the Living Womb
of vast emptiness, delivering everyone
and everything into pure light
and more light still.

Every motion, every breath,
every thought and cessation of thought
is none other than the intense enjoyment,
the utter delight, the supreme pleasure
of the Indescribable Supreme!

This understanding can yield a great relief
of sufficiency and equanimity, regardless
of how things may seem to play out
in the drama’s consciousness’
ceaseless unfolding.

There is nothing that can be done,
no weeping or prayer, no exotic method
or any sort of strategy that can be manipulated
to attain this plain and simple realization;

no heroic gate-storming or self-generated effort
will yield true satisfaction, no practice nor
tweaking of attention can transcend itself.

Doing or not-doing are equally futile.
All achievement is transitory.

Even the most feeling submission
to the Living Source must be seen at last
as arising from a subtle, deluded sense
of division within the body/mind.

The clear light radiance of awake awareness
has no before or after, nor parts
that somehow come together
or randomly divide.

There is only This!

Such recognition is not an acquisition
of the mind, but rather a letting go
and awakening at the Heart —

our destiny and present condition —

when all that would obstruct clear seeing
is sacrificed at the altar of the Unconditional,
for the selfless sake of Love alone.

May all beings awaken to the bliss
of their own true nature –

their own primordial

Only This!


Photo: Glass Menagerie
Mystic Meandering

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Duality Is Not Separateness...

 is a concept
not something to be sought after,
but only recognized as what already is…

Non-Duality is a concept as well…

Advaita says -
Not two – yet not one…

One in Essence…

A Synchronous Singularity


a conundrum -
word games for the intellect…

Neither one *or* the other – but
Not two,
yet not One…
“different” yet the “same”

Formlessness infusing Form,
manifesting ItSelf
in manifest experience…


The Eternal Now
Pure Formless Being
in endless multiplicity,
yet singular.

What greater Love could there be
than the Heart of Pure Being
Emanating ItSelf

An Immersion in the Pure Golden Love
that lives and breathes our being…
A Pure Intimacy of the Heart…

The Beloved: Formlessness
in Form, as me, as ItSelf…
The same synchronous movement

Singularity of Being…

Mystic Meandering
Jan/Feb 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

Infinite Unfolding - Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

The Mystical Path
takes one into the depths of the Heart.
It leads you from the known to the unknown,
and then further into
the unknowable,
into a darkness brighter than
any light.

Nothing can prepare you for the Heart’s journey,
for the places it can take you,
the depths and the heights
that are within you.
So many times you think you are crazy,
bewildered and lost.
There are few signposts,
often little sense of direction.
It is our own unique journey.

It takes us to places where there are no
books or stories, no words to comfort us,
except the story of our own Heart,
our own confusion, longing and love.

We discover the illusory nature of the ego.
The “I” is just an illusion, a veil of separation.
We awaken to the simple and fundamental truth
that there is nothing other than God.
Even the idea of a path is an illusion…


So what is this love story that unfolds within
the Heart of a Mystic?

How much of “our story” is [really] “God’s story”?

…all one story,
One Light
split into many fragments,
yet always remaining
One Light…

This one story
is lived in millions of ways,
each story a unique fragrance of Love.
Every cell in creation lives its own love story,
its longing for the Source.
Human beings have the capacity
to make this story conscious,
to know the nature of their
hidden longing.

There can only ever be
one story,
there is only one Beloved,
and yet
we are part of this story;
our little “i”
must also be
a part of
The Beloved…

Infinitely Unfolding

Excerpts from:
Fragments of a Love Story
Please note: I have taken excerpts from various pages
in the book and arranged them in the form of a prose poem.

Photo: Lotus Heart Stained Glass Zoom Blurred

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Hush of "The Mystery..."

The Hush of “The Mystery”
silently moves through time and form…

Can you feel it? -
this silent hush
that embraces you
that communes with you
even when you don’t know it!?

It waits for you to stop and listen -
to sense Its Hush
surrounding you,
infusing you -
beyond hearing,
beyond seeing,
beyond knowing

It comes in sudden,
breezes of awareness
wafting through your being -
in and out of your noticing,
but never really
gone ~

It invites you to enter
the cosmic seduction of
Its Love,
follow Its Silence
more deeply,
into the inner cavern
of Its Heart
that awaits you
 in the depths
of Its repose

to what awaits you
the Heart of “The Mystery”

Love’s Illumination


Mystic Meandering
based on a poem written in 2013
Revised Version May 29, 2015


I use the term “The Mystery” here, but one can call it:
The Infinite, the Unknown, the Ineffable,
The Unamable, the Ultimate Reality, The Beloved,
and, of course,


Photo: A glass sphere sitting in glass floral pebbles
back lit from underneath.


“The Mystery”, like Life ItSelf, is ever unfolding,
 ever revealing ITself.
We are always in a state of discovering “The Mystery”
and what IT is revealing to us - ongoingly.
What IT offers each of us is unique, yet universal:
Speaking directly to our Hearts…
When I speak of “The Mystery”, as in this poem
 or the previous one,
 it is always from my own *experience* of it,

 for I am acutely aware
that I *know* nothing *about* “The Mystery”,
only how “The Mystery” reveals ItSelf to and in
 my Heart…


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Secret of "The Mystery..."

I bow to “The Mystery” of the Pure Being that resides within;
that which all seekers seek, called by different names…

I rest in the Heart of Its Pure Existence,
enfolded by Primordial Love;
Heart within Heart -
The secret of “The Mystery.”

The Embrace of Pure Being
opens my Heart to Its Infinite Love;
the secret of Its Mystery

I only need rest
in this Heart of Pure Love,
the True Guru of the Heart;
and let Love *live* me…

My Heart laughs and cries
at the clarity of revelation -
that there is only Love;
the Ancient Elixir of LIFE…

The secret of “The Mystery” ~


The secret of Life ~



Bowing inwardly
to “The Mystery”

I give my Heart to Love

Mystic Meandering
May 29, 2015