Come meander with me on the pathless path of the Heart
in these anecdotal,
sometimes inspiring, sometimes personal meanderings of the Heart's opening in the every-day-ness of life...

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Unbind My Eyes - Harlan Hubbard

Now I must break forth from my old self,
cast away old traditions,
unbind my eyes,
so that I may have a broader vision of truth;
so that I may come to this river, as I do today.
and not find it cluttered with emotions and thoughts of 
former days; or its shore lined with drift of cities.
I must see the elements as they are...

Harlan Hubbard

from his journal, quoted from
"Harlan Hubbard and the River - A Visionary Life"
by Don Walls

with thanks to The Beauty We Love



Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Dancing with the Dark - a meandering

Darkness came to visit -
like a visitor in Rumi's guest house...

I danced with the dark;
afraid to speak the truth to it...

I danced with the dark, keeping silent,
because it was more effective than confronting it...

After months of resisting; trying to find a way out -
I gave up - and just danced;
trying to practice radical acceptance.

When I allowed the dark in,
it felt less intense - almost soothing...
How strange...

When I allowed myself to meet the darkness I felt,
instead of trying to escape from it, or push it away,
or control it - I relaxed and felt a slowing down inside
and discovered that the darkness I felt allowed me to be quiet
inside.  The darkness seemed comforting...
The darkness allowed me to feel what I needed to feel
and say what needed to be said...

I breathed deeply into the darkness -
and rested there...

Mystic Meandering
April 17, 2023
from my journal notes

The "darkness" can be anything;
sadness, grief, depression, anger;
any feeling or emotion that we have labeled
"wrong" or "dark"

Photo -
(not me :)


OM - the song of Life - comes out of darkness
and creates everything that is -
creating from darkness; creating out of darkness.

What does this darkness need to teach me?  I asked...

Trust the darkness to take you where you need to go...


Photo and Art - Mystic Meandering

Everything is embraced/held by "The Mystery",
including what we experience as "darkness."
Nothing is excluded, even the "darkness" however
that manifests in our minds.

You have to be willing to dance with the darkness,
which only means that you are willing to meet it,
to be with it, and not try to push it away;
not resist it as something absent of Light,
but seeing that the darkness is not opposite
of Light.

Author Unknown


Saturday, April 22, 2023

A Deeper River - Dada Gavand & Angeles Arrien

You cannot meet God through the mind,
nor experience the timeless through time.

Thought cannot touch the transient.
Only the freedom from thought
and from mental cravings and ambitions
does the energy become
whole, tranquil and pure.

Such inner purity and humility
will invite the hidden divinity.

The pure consolidate energy
with its silence and fullness within
awaits in readiness to meet the divine,
to experience that which is beyond the mind.

There across the region of time
beyond the frontiers of the mind,
within the sanctuary of silence,
resides the supreme intelligence,
the timeless divine.

Dada Gavand


I trust the Mystery.  I trust what comes in silence
and what comes in nature where there's no diversion.
I think the lack of stimulation allows us to hear and
experience a deeper river that's constant, still, vibrant,
and real..

Angeles Arrien


The Silence of Source is the deepest River.
I must find the deeper River within again,
and listen to Its Voice.

MM  4-20-23


Photo from the Internet


Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Who Is God? - Fred LaMotte

Be still and know that I am God

Who is God?  The answer comes not as thought, but as breath;
or rather, as the energy of Grace in the inhalation.  This energy
is Shakti.  Breathing Shakti is the answer to the question, who
is God?  Shakti is the Holy Spirit, the divine breath, the supreme
Mother of creation.  In ancient scriptures, whether in Chinese,
Arabic, Hebrew or Greek, the same words is used for both
breath and spirit.  And the Spirit of God is portrayed as
feminine.  Her all-mothering power of creation is God's active
energy, while God himself is the witnessing Silence, the
un-created Source.

What is the experience of God?  Not a belief, nor a remembered
image, nor an esoteric vision - for mystic visions are also
thoughts and activities of the mind [?]  But the experience of God
is simpler than any vision or arousal of imagination.  It is the pure
energy of Silence, Shakti herself...  Therefore the classic Yogic
scipture Vijnana Bhairava declares: Exhalation goes out, inhalation
comes in.  At the still point where they merge, one experiences the
state from which Creation comes forth and into which it is absrobed...


"Gateh, Gateh, Para Gateh, Bodhi Svaha!
Gone, Gone, Gone Beyond.  Gone beyond the Beyond:

At some point, images get in the way, even our favorite image
of God: so we pass beyond it.  At some point words get in the
way, even the divine name: so we pass beyond it.  And at some
point, the soul itself gets in the way: so we pass beyond it.  This
is the meaning of Gateh in the great meditation mantra of Tibet.

Don't assume that this is simply an Eastern teaching.  It is also
the age-old practice of Christian Mystics.  In the early Church,
these mystics were called hesychasts, which means practitioners
of silence. 
In the 7th Century, St. Hesychius of Jerusalem wrote
that the core of Christian mysticism is, "The heart's silence, 
undisturbed by any thought."

The heart's silence at first may seem like a negation, yet it is
the most positive experience possible.  For this silence is the
soul and source of creation,  the silence that was here before
God said, "Let there be light."

Fred LaMotte
Interfaith Minister

excerpt from his post:
"To Breathe God"


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Voices of the River - Hermann Hesse

Christopher Robin came down from the Forest to the Bridge,
feeling all sunny and careless, and just as if twice nineteen
didn't matter a bit, as it didn't on such a happy afternoon, and
he thought that if he stood on the bottom rail of the bridge, and
leant over, and watched the river slipping slowly away beneath
him, then he would suddenly know everything that there was
to be known.

- From Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne

Siddartha came to the same realization - that the river offers
access to all knowledge, at least all that is important.  You have
to tune into the river first though. You can't think of it as an

It slips slowly by underneath you.  If you tune into it, believe it
might be able to tell you something, it offers unity with all voices,
all goals, all yearnings, sorrows, pleasures, good and evil, the 
laughter of the wise as well as the groan of the dying.

If you listen to the river long enough, if you stand on the bottom
rung and tune in, the river offers unity in all things.


Siddartha listened.  He was so listening intently, completely
absorbed, quite empty, taking in everything.  He felt that he
had now completely learned the art of listening.  He had often
heard all this before, all these numerous voices in the river, but
today they sounded different.  He could no longer distinguish
the different voices - the merry voice from the weeping voice,
the childish voice from the manly voice.  They all belonged to
each other: the lament of those who yearn, the laughter of the
wise, the cry of indignation and the groan of the dying.  They
were all interwoven and interlocked, entwined in a thousand
ways.  And all the voices, all the goals, all the yearnings, all
the sorrows, all the pleasures, all the good and evil, all of them
together was the world.  All of them together was the stream of
events, the music of life.  When Siddartha listened attentively
to this river, to this song of a thousand voices; when he did not
listen to the sorrow or laughter, when he did not bind his soul
to any one particular voice and absorb it in his Self, but heard
them all, the whole, the unity; then the great song of a thousand
voices consisted of one word: OM - perfection.

"Do you hear?" asked Vasudeva's glance once again.

Vasudeva's smile was radiant; it hovered brightly in all the
wrinkles of his old face, as the OM hovered over all the voices
of the river.  His smile was radiant as he looked at this friend,
and now the same smile appeared on Siddartha's face.  His
wound was healing, his pain was dispersing; his Self had
merged into unity.

From that hour Siddartha ceased to fight against his destiny.
There shone on his face the serenity of knowledge, of one who
is no longer confronted with conflict of desires,
who is in harmony with the stream of events, with the stream
 of life, full of sympathy and compassion, surrendering himself
 to the stream, belonging to the unity of all things.

Hermann Hesse  
From Siddartha

With thanks to Rod MacIver
at Heron Dance Art Studio


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Monday, April 10, 2023

At The Well of "The Sacred"...

At the Well of "The Sacred"
The OM of Existence is heard;
the deep OM -
the Primordial Song and Rhythm
of the Universe...

At the Core of everything is
the sound of OM -

The Primordial Sound of Life
that reverberates through the Cosmos...

Looking into the Sacred Well within
I can hear OM playing - humming -

I come to the Well of "The Sacred" to listen;
to replenish Mind, Body and Soul;
To be Filled;
To feel the Presence of "The Sacred;"
To reclaim my Wholeness again...

Mystic Meandering
April 6, 2023


Photo from the Internet


Saturday, April 8, 2023

The Gasp of Peace - a mystical meandering...

This happened several weeks ago...

I laid my head back against the top of the soft chair cushion,
and let my head tilt backwards into the cushion

I automatically laid my left hand across my lower neck,
curving the clavicle where it meets the top of the sternum - comforting

In that same moment there was an exquisite felt sense of deep peace
that overtook me - and I gasped

It was such a pristine feeling of Peace that I've never felt before -
nor since

It filled my head, overtaking all thoughts and emotions -
without effort on my part

Some have called it "the  peace that passes understanding"

It was as if I had found a "mystical spot" on the clavicle that
opened me to a realm of Peace that I have never entered before

The peace was not sought, and only came in that same moment
that my hand embraced my clavicle - and has never happened again

It was only momentary - although I felt like it lingered long.

I was gifted with such a sweetness in the midst of personal chaos

I was filled with awe at such an intense presence of Peace

But *I* could not sustain it

It came on its own and left its imprint,
then released itself to the ethers...

Mystic Meandering
March 2023


Photo - South Pole Aurora Borealis
from the Internet

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

A Time of Passage...

This is a time of passage,
the passing away of old patterns of life;
a passing of what we thought was true;
what we believed to be real;
the old facades of being,
the images we hold of ourselves.
Everything is passing away.

It's a passage out of time
where time has no meaning anymore;
passing into timelessness
and times beyond time.

Leave everything alone...  Let it all be...
Let things take their natural course...
Let life go its own way...

We cannot stop the currents from flowing
the way they flow -
even if it is painful...

Trust the unseen deeper current
that leads to peace...
that Is Peace...

Mystic Meandering
March 30, 2023


Photo - from the internet


Saturday, April 1, 2023


When life gets tangled,
you follow the river
until the chaos goes away.

Until the water settles and clears...

A saying from the Tlingit Alaskan Natives
From the program Alaska Daily


Photo - Mystic Meandering