Come meander with me on the pathless path of the Heart
in these anecdotal,
sometimes inspiring, sometimes personal meanderings of the Heart's opening in the every-day-ness of life...

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Luminous Repose...

The body’s frailties
slow me down
and draw me closer to
 The Beloved…

I feel Her sweet breath drawing me in
to Her abode of repose…
The body and spirit nurtured
by the cocoon of
 Her Silence

I feel Her Heart Rhythm,
the Quietness of the pulsations
rhythmically lulling me into deeper rest…

I breathe the breath of Her Pure Essence

~ Silent Love ~

The Elixir of Life

poured from within
like warm golden honey
gliding through every fiber,
cell and atom;
with Life

Her undulating Rhythm
awakens the body,

in surges of...

calling it to

One cannot *stop* this dance
One can only resist or Flow

my body entrains with
The Divine Rhythm,
the Flow of Liquid Light…

In this Mysterious Divine Dance,
glowing, vibrating energies circulate
through the body in
waves ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 spiraling through
the portal of
Her Heart

Sweet Luminous Repose

Mystic Meandering
Aug. 18, 2015

Photo: Mandala Art

Please Note: I use the word “Her” referring to “The Beloved”
because the “energy” has always felt more “feminine” to me.
But it really is the Primordial Cosmic Energy which flows through
all of us, with no specific gender.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ultimate Reality - Robert Adams

The highest teaching in the world is Silence.
There is nothing higher than this.
A devotee who sits with a sage purifies his mind
just by being with the sage.
No words exchanged, no words said.
Silence is the Ultimate Reality.
Everything exists in this world through Silence.
True silence really means going deep within yourself
to that place where nothing is happening,
where you transcend time and space.
You go into a brand new dimension of nothingness.
That is where all the power is.
That's your real home.
That's where you really belong where there is no good and bad,
no one trying to achieve anything.
Just being - pure being.
The only freedom you will ever have
is when you go deep into the Silence...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Great Silence - Robert Sardello

We have a strong tendency to imagine Silence as
the absence of sound.
This imagination deprives Silence of being anything in itself
and makes it an emptiness, a void…
But Silence was here before anything else.
It is the most primary phenomenon of existence,
both palpably something and seemingly nothing.

Silence is prior to sound, not the cessation of sound.
It is already present.
If we drop into quietness for just a moment,
We *feel* the presence of Silence as in invitation.
We are being invited into a new way of being.

Silence is not merely the void from which things spring up;
it is a living presence…
As we enter the mystery of Silence, its presence resonates
throughout the fibers of our flesh,

 while extending beyond the flesh…
The inward silence of solitude meets with the
Great Silence of Cosmic Wisdom…

Silence bears the wholeness we keep looking for.
It is around us and within us.
It goes to the deepest depths of the soul
and to the outermost reaches of the cosmos
uniting in our heart.

The experience comes with astonishing intimacy
and feels like the finding of a long lost beloved.
It requires going to the edge of selflessness
and we discover that we are part of the depth of
everything around us.

Separation between ourselves and the world is illusion.

We, along with everything else, are within Silence.
This realm of Silence is pregnant with the ever-living Mystery.
It is the deepest feeling of communing,
 [of being] touched by the ineffable,
that keeps us intimately bound with the truth of our core being,
the very essence of our being;

 an interiority that has been waiting for us.
Silence has a rhythm all its own.
The currents of Silence weave polarities and opposites
 and contradictions together.
Within Silence everything resonates in true intimacy and mystery.

When we perceive *through* the depths of Silence
we discover the invisible body of the world in which everything is
 nurtured into existence at every moment.
We discover ourselves as participants in the Great Silence.
We are not detached observers of an independent phenomenon,
for we exist within the Silence we are observing.
The world of subjective experience and outer presence dissolve into one field.

When we incline toward Silence
a resonance is set up within our heart,
prompting an inclination of our heart to
enter deeper into the realm of Silence…

In the interior space of the etheric heart
we feel the currents of Silence as an endless
intimate infinity that we are within.
We are held within a tender, loving, invisible presence…
A vivid Presence of Silence…

Please Note: I have taken excerpts and lines from
various pages 
of the book: Silence: The Mystery
of Wholeness
by Robert Sardello 
and put them
together creating this prose poem with the publisher’s
and author’s permission.  For me his words here capture
the Essence of Silence and my experience of the
Great Silence as well…

Copyright - Publisher’s Credit
Excerpts from Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness by Robert
Sardello, published by North Atlantic Books, copyright
© 2006, 2008 by Robert Sardello. Reprinted by permission of
publisher. Reposting or reprinting of material strictly forbidden
except by express permission of publisher.

Permission was granted me by the publisher for this
material to be presented in this format for this blog post.
If you wish to repost it you must contact the publisher at:
Please honor the publisher’s/author’s copyright.
Thank you…

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just Breathe...

Late at night,
at the edge of sleep,
I fall into the Rhythm of The Breath…

Content to just breathe ~

The silence outside the window
is pungent,
leaving me rapt,
sinking more deeply
into timelessness beyond time,
letting go of thought,
just awareing the stillness
of the night;
being breathed by
 The Silence of the Unknown…

I hear the sound of the ceiling fan
breathing its own whirling rhythm…
feeling the breeze of its breath
gently move the strands of my hair…

Just breathing ~

And "I" am suddenly gone…
unaware of my – self ~
slipping off the edge
into slumber;
lost in the Breath

Again finding my-self
at the space at the edge,
before awakening ~
aware of…

Just Breathing ~

Aware of just Being…

Conscious of the Stillness
before thought...

Just breathing ~

Mystic Meandering
July 15, 2015

Photo: My husband found this on Facebook :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Come to the Window...

Come to the window tonight…

Become Friends with the Night
 and The Silence…
Let The Silence strengthen you.
Surrender the day into
the night;
into The Silence…
Find the Treasure of Silence
that lifts the veil…

Hear the OM of Silence
that pervades all sound.
Fathom the depth of OM
as it reverberates *through*
the Silence;
the pulse of the Universe;
the Rhythm of Life
sung ~ in silence – by The Silence

Drop into The Silence and rest…
The mind lets go
rocked by The Rhythm
of Silence
that cradles
its weariness…

Love begins to soften the eyes,
the brow, the tension;
Love of The Silence;
the Love that inhabits The Silence.

The day dissolves,
fixations loosen,
thoughts become insignificant.
There is only the Aliveness of the Night,
enfolded in Silence…

Everything is magical
when seen from the window
of Silence…

Mystic Meandering
August 10, 2015


Photo: a blue glass partly filled with water – back-lit.
Gives the illusion of a window
looking out on city lights – and -
there’s a reflection of a “person” (eyes)
looking through the window!
It’s magic!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Seeing God's Eyes...

There is a wonderful Black woman at the Super Market where I shop.  We have chemistry.  I am drawn to her for some inexplicable reason.  Her black pool-like eyes shine and dance with aliveness and love from behind her personality.  She can be a bit of a pistol and cracks me up with her dry sense of humor.  I just love going through her line, and don’t mind waiting, so I can see those big beautiful loving eyes. I know she is a religious woman as she often mentions God. I expect an “Alleluia” out of her mouth at any time.  I do not share her religion or beliefs, but there is something in those eyes that I see whether one calls it God, The Divine, The Universe, Emptiness, Consciousness, Presence, Beingness, Allah, Brahman - or maybe just - Love…  She is not a guru, spiritual teacher, or anyone on a special “spiritual path” – just an ordinary woman who is a cashier at the market.

The other day she spotted me in her line, we gave one another a wide-eyed grin and a wave.  She finished with the person ahead of me, then pushed my carriage aside and gave me the biggest hug.  Imagine that, right there in the grocery store – as if we had been best friends forever!  A big Heart Hug.  After we embraced, while still holding onto each other, I looked into her big beautiful eyes and said “You have God’s Eyes. I can see it.”  We both almost started to cry.  Me - because I recognized something in her looking back at me.  I was looking into her True Being, seeing the reflection of True Beingness (“God”?) in her deep Being, beyond personality… Isn’t that really what we all want in an other, to see the reflection of our deepest Being, our Truest Self…

Afterwards there were few words, only silence between us; not her usual chatter and bantering humor…  She hardly said a word as she checked me out.  I worried that I had made her uncomfortable; that it was too awkward for her for me to tell her that I saw God in her eyes.  I could have said, I see love in your eyes, or you have loving eyes, but what rolled out of my mouth was “You have God’s eyes.” (like I know what that is!?)  At one point she just looked up at me and said: “I am so Loved.”  And I responded – “Yes you are.”  And we both smiled…  Isn’t that what we want the most – to know that we are truly Loved…

It doesn’t matter what one’s “religion” is.  It’s all about opening to Love.  Love shines through it all, whatever “God” one believes in, or does not believe in, or however we call that “God” - as it’s all the same “God” - the same Love shining through the Inner Being...  Who can claim “God” as their own?  Who can take a stance that “God” is only on their side?  For who is “God” anyway?  A persona that we have created?  A cosmic energy?  The Great Mystery…?  Clearly I don’t know with certainty, as my beliefs *about* “God” have changed over the years.  I only know what my experience is – and I saw “God’s” loving eyes looking back at me through the eyes of an ordinary woman at the check-out counter…

As Lydia said - “I am so loved.” 

Alleluia, Lydia, Alleluia… 

And thank you for your loving eyes…

Photo: Eye of God Mandala
Mystic Meandering