Come meander with me on the pathless path of the Heart
in these anecdotal,
sometimes inspiring, sometimes personal meanderings of the Heart's opening in the every-day-ness of life...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Plumb The Depths...

Do not be afraid to
of your Being,
of Truth;
to question

Take the journey deeply inward
to your beginnings – and endings;
to the Silent hum
 in the Heart
of all Life
that sings,

There are many caravans to follow,
those aspiring to "enlighten" you
with their words,
left like firewood to light your way,
along the road…

But only in Sacred Silence can the journey be made
to the Heart of Being;
to discover the depths of Being ~
of That which you are;
That which wants to
and love

Do not let fear stop your descent
into the inner Vastness:
 deep Ocean
 of the awakened

Be still,
 and open…

Follow the plumb line
of your breath,
past the Furies and the Sirens
into the soft ebullience 
of Love…
and quiet Joy
waiting for you,
like ethereal
 liquid pools
 of Light

Rest Here


Listen to the endless
 Rhythm already
in the cradle
 of the Heart…

of Life
depths of
that animates
every cell,
every atom,
every sound,
every thought,
every feeling ~
until you *know* 

Simply Living…

Mystic Meandering
April 17, 2012

Art: Craypas Oil sticks

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Shadow Love...

There are those who would try to sell you a pretense of love…
a “shadow love…”
There are "spiritual" Charlatans on every corner…

But there is something beyond love’s shadow –
 Beyond how *we* define “love”…
LOVE beyond “love”…
A Love deep within
that is beyond egoic conditioned love
and need…
It is expansive, open and receptive
to *all* that we are,
just because we are…
Therefore, do not aspire to love – but aspire to be Real,
to be True Hearted;
clear and transparent...

When love is just a covering,
an egoic pretense,
it dissipates.
Let this “shadow love”
to reveal what’s beyond
the shadowy veil…

Don’t be fooled by the magician’s “love” -
behind the curtain…
conjuring up false love
luring you in…
It is only a shadow of the Real…
Don’t allow “love” to be a pawn,
manipulated by the fingers of illusion…
Let the shadow be revealed
and see that
the emperor has no clothes.

Don’t reach for love – out there - somewhere.
Go within…
Sink into the True Source of Love,
Pure Being,
until the Source of Love is experienced
 fully and completely.

Be real.
 Be authentic
in your loving…

Love from the Truth
of who you Really are…

Take the pedlars of “shadow love” down off their pedestals…
See them for what they are,
only a shadow…

Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings
circa 2004

Friday, March 13, 2015

Silent Love...

I listen…

for the soft breath of “The Beloved”

like the sound of a lover

I listen…

for the whisper of “The Beloved”

that only a Lover knows -
forever imprinted within
the Heart…

But today there is only silence…
The Sacred Silence of “The Eternal Beloved.”

I listen…


Held in “The Beloved’s” Silence -
like an impetuous Lover
impatiently wanting
”The Beloved’s”

o u t p o u r i n g
of Illuminating Love

But “The Beloved” remains
silent, even

Unresponsive to
my impulsive need…


I listen…


In  the Silent Wilderness
of the Heart...


I feel it…
I sense it...

The Silent Rhythm
Lover and “Beloved”



Illumined Perfusion





Mystic Meandering
March 13, 2015

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Wilderness Wanderings...

Mystic Meandering
March 4, 2015

I am still wandering daily in the Inner Wilderness of Silence and Solitude – as much as I can anyway… And no matter how much I tell myself, and others, that I am quitting blogging, I am compelled to write! J LOL…  It is what I do, what comes naturally - writing that is… So here I am - writing again!  Here’s the latest from my “wildnerness wanderings…”


This “wandering” in the Great Inner Wilderness – the Vastness of Being - is intentional. It is not floundering or aimlessness, but a deep resting in The Silence of The Mystery of Being… I am not renouncing anything, nor *seeking* to attain anything – like enlightenment – but only allowing myself to feel the deeper Rhythm of Life within - *through* Silence and Solitude - through moving *with* the movement of my Innermost Being that arises from the deep inner space of Silence… 

This is not an escape *from* the “world”, yet to some degree that is true.  It is leaving behind the “surface consciousness” of the world that so often drives us/me through life, and keeps us/me from “deepening” into The Inner Rhythm – until - I am able to intuitively and instinctively *feel* the Internal Rhythm of Being flowing in and through myself – naturally – usually through being in Silence…

This Rhythm is a fluid, open, movement of unending intimacy with “The Beloved” (The Formless Silence that animates all Life)…  I wander this Inner Wilderness bringing my Awareness and Attention to that internal movement of Inner Being – seeing how IT wants to move me.  At times I feel as if “The Beloved” is as much in my shoes as I am in “The Beloved’s” shoes - walking as one…

The Inner Wilderness is a space of remedial Silence that heals the Heart and Spirit.  It allows me to be “anonymous” – without identity, or function – just resting – allowing myself to be absorbed by the Silence – leaving everything else behind until I am fully Immersed…

The first week I experienced an unexplainable, unbidden, palpable, all-encompassing – as if held from within - Presence of Peace.   Standing in the grocery store one day – yes, I still have to tend to the mundane J  I am not in a cave somewhere J - I was acutely aware that I was surrounded and infused with a Great Peace in the midst of chaos… I stood in wonder realizing this as life played itself out around me…  I also realized that I was actually functioning *from* that place, even without being aware of it, until I became aware of it – if you know what I mean.;)  A sense of “me-ness” had dropped, to some degree, and “I” was just Peace – doing the groceries – living life…  But this was only a glimpse…a glimmer of Reality…

One day, in the second week of inner “wandering”, I felt myself fall more deeply into a felt sense of a deeper Inner Rhythm - a seamless fluidity within – that nothing could interrupt: not thought, thinking, the external distractions of life, nor the deeply engrained emotional and mental patterns that arose during the week as well – the Boogeymen In the Wildnerness J - which I may write about later… Once again I was losing a sense of “me.”  It was freeing as “I” was opened up to the deeper Rhythm of Life…

Another morning, as I was sitting, head tilted back resting on the back of the chair, eyes closed, face in the sun, I became aware of a dance of fluid color underneath my eyelids.  Colors were merging and blending with each other forming shapes and images – like paintings.  If I could only paint what I see!   This is not an uncommon phenomenon to see fluid colors when resting with closed eyes, but most of the time we aren’t aware of it, don’t even see it.  My sense of self got lost in the imagery and dance of color, as another layer of “surface consciousness” seemingly dropped away and I tuned into the deeper Rhythm again – a deeper Silence – a deeper Awareness.

I do not consider these merely “experiences”, but the *normal* play of the Formless in Form that we can encounter if we are paying attention… The Formless (“The Beloved”) dances within us, and comes to us in many Forms, gracing us with ITs touch… We only need to be aware…

“The Beloved falls in Love with ItSelf…
Inhabits ItSelf – as Form…
and loves the Form of ItSelf…”