Come meander with me on the pathless path of the Heart
in these anecdotal,
sometimes inspiring, sometimes personal meanderings of the Heart's opening in the every-day-ness of Life...

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Go There - Sarah Carlson

Don't go there - worst advice ever.
At least it was for me.
In truth,
it became vital to go into
that which was causing my dis-ease.
You can wrap it up,
store it away,
deny its existence.
But there IS there,
will continue to be.
It's not easy to take the leap.
You'll need support and love,
but when the time is right,
when you hear the call or
feel the tug
go there.
You'll gather what is necessary,
enabling you to take
what there has to teach
and utilize it for good.
Over time you will discover
slivers of understanding,
shards of insight,
specks of wisdom
that, together,
provide illumination and peace.
There has virtues all its own
that will mingle and mesh with
here and now
revealing the beauty
of a familiar landscape
So go there -
wander and wonder,
explore and examine,
and in time,
restore and recover.


Sarah's husband suddenly died 15 years ago leaving
her alone with 2 kids to raise, having to carve out a life
for herself.  She turned to writing poetry to express her
process of facing into life...


My note:  In the Buddhist tradition, as I understand it, and I am not a Buddhist, when we are facing a "darker" place, the "remedy" is to face it and embrace it.  There is no condemnation or judgment for *feeling* the way we do, about any situation.  There is no denial of our feelings, there is no "prescription", or "non-dual" script to follow to realize or "awaken" to our True Nature/Self, thereby "avoiding" or "erasing" our feelings; nor are there admonitions to be in the Here and Now.  There is just being who we are in the experience we find ourselves in...

Something that some "spiritual" teachings don't teach: It's all allowed, the dark and the light, the totality of our lived experience.  It is self-compassion, not selfishness, to open ourselves to our feelings, and to sit with what has caused our "dis-ease" - to discover the cause of our suffering, despair, angst, fear, grief, sorrow, etc., individually and as a society.  And to be fiercely present to that from a compassionate heart, which we can then offer to another who is suffering.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

It Will Be in the Silence - Jamie K. Reaser

Sometimes you come upon a place that
beckons you into silence: an old stone bench,
a lake shore, a certain time of your life.  Nothing
small can reside there.


I'm looking for that place now, the kind of place
that puts clocks to rest because something must
come forth to reset everything.  I don't want to
follow these rules and constructs anymore -
written, not written, felt.


Something is asking me not to, and it is wise.


Reason doesn't have roots that run deep enough
to tap the place that I am longing for, that place
where obvious things cannot be explained. That
place that is called sacred even by those who
never used the word before.


I want you to sit and wait with me, away from the
noise and the voices of those who speak only to rob
you of your name.  What most needs to be heard
hasn't yet been said.

© 2016
From "Conversations with Mary"

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Intimacy With Silence

There is an intimacy with Silence
that is indefinable,
luminous and still...

A fluidity of

s p a c i o u s

Silent Awareness

A limitless depth and breadth,
that embraces, surrounds, and fills
every crack and crevice
of the body and mind,
soothing and aligning the "energies"
softening their flow ~ ~ ~ 

There is a sanity in this Silence
that is beyond
any acquired knowledge...

It is felt as

The Breath of the Infinite
The Kiss of the Mystery
The Whisper of Love...


I know that I am Home...

...resting in
The Primordial Womb
of Life!


Mystic Meandering
Aug. 8, 2018

Monday, August 6, 2018

The Miracle of Pure Existence - Fred LaMotte

Existence itself is a miracle!
Whatever happens in this Existence is insubstantial,
ever changing,
never better or worse,
worth neither to be grasped or rejected...

The space in which this world is happening,
the air of pure Existence,
is complete,
overflowing with joy,
and utterly divine.
The space is without taint or boundary.
It is motionless, silent and self-luminous.

Usually our attention is absorbed by what is happening,
and so we lose the simple innocent awareness of
the Existence in which it happens.
Existence becomes the background to the play of forms
that rise and change and disappear.
But in the awakened view,
which is the clearest simplest view,
Existence becomes the foreground,
and the forms of the world sink into the background
...into the still boundless space of

The greatest miracle is
the gift of Existence.

At every moment,
the answer to any problem
is to just observe
the dance of

Fred LaMotte

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Enlightening Perspective :)

My husband found this pic on Facebook and I just had to repost it here :)

Definition of Down Syndrome:

"The innate ability to see the good and beauty in the world,
to radiate joy and happiness, and to offer a unique perspective
on life with the ability to change other's perceptions."


This touched my heart deeply and reminded me that an
enlightened perspective doesn't depend on how intellectually
brilliant we are, or how much we understand with our minds,
it's all about how we see with our Heart;
staying innocent and open to life...
We are lit from within with a beautiful, loving, kind,
compassionate, trusting Spirit.
If only we could truly Experience it, Express it,
Be it...

Just Trust, Just Love, Just Be...

Friday, August 3, 2018

Honoring The Mystery - Mark Nepo

Somehow we have been dropped into the Mystery,
below our roles, and identities, fallen through our maps into
one stream of love.  Some moment or circumstance becomes
an unexpected doorway into the Mystery.  We never know how
it will appear, or how we will be drawn to it...

Honoring the Mystery is what opens us to the powers of wholeness -
this unknowable totality that we live in.  To honor the Mystery is
not just to glimpse the whole, or even acknowledge the whole, but
to live our days with [as] that wholeness...  Commit to leaning into
life until it drops you beneath your surface maps of reality...

Though we pray to the many faces of God, each is a changing
wave in the sea of Divine Being...  Any circumstance that
awakens us to that divine sea is a holy gift...

If courageous enough we might just slow down to the pace
of creation, where the pulse by which the mind thinks touches
the pulse by which the heart feels, and together they equal the
rhythm where Being plays in exact motion with all beings...

Nothing matters but emptying...
until the softness we call Spirit bubbles through the tongue
and words fail in utter adoration.
Nothing now but the need to be...

Mark Nepo
From: The Exquisite Risk


Photo - Water on Windshield through a car wash :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Mystical Alchemy

We were born from the fathomless Cosmic "darkness",
the Eternal Depths of the Primordial Womb
before Light began...
from which Light emerged;
a mystery...

Without knowing how or why...
We simply are...
Life ItSelf - simply being...

Born of this Ineffable Mystery,
the Cosmic Igniter of the Divine Flame
ignites the Ember of our Heart
in Mystical Alchemy.

Without the need for certainties of the mind,
or intellectual "understandings."
Only visceral awareness of
"The Presence" that
Illumines the Heart
through Grace...

Pure Bliss...
Pure Blessing...


Ever in Gratitude,
A Humble Lover of "The Mystery"...


Mystic Meandering
Feb. 2017

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Follow Your Own Footsteps - Mark Nepo

Every time we talk to someone, there comes back to us a map
 of expectation as to how we should respond...

We share a confusion:
we are often given direction.

We share a pain;
we are often given instruction.

We share a desire;
we are often given a plan.

The power of these unspoken maps should not be underestimated.
For the endless gravities of expectation we move in and out of
govern most of our thinking and summons most of our energy
in denying them or complying with them.
In actuality, underneath all the plans, pressures, and expectations,
underneath all the subtle guidance and nudging, the next step
is truly unknown...

Thus, our spiritual charge is to maintain the wonder of the
singular explorer that each of us is...

The freshest step has always come when we are brave
enough to land at the end of what little we know,
breathing in new air, in reaction to no one, in wonder at
what is...

Mark Nepo
From: The Book of Awakening

(Mark's words, my format)

Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Compass Of My Soul - Chuck Surface

I've read so much of the Great Paths,
Resonating here, with this,
Finding myself uneasy there, with that,
Until setting each tome aside...

'Twas You I found, wordless, within.

I've traveled far, to famed teachers,
Being uplifted here, by this,
Finding myself disturbed there, by that,
Until, leaving those places...

'Twas You I found, speechless, within.

I've sojourned in the villages of faith,
And in each discovered jewels,
In the rubble heaps of dogma,
But always, my sandals caked in mud...

'Twas You I found, Sparkling, there.

Beyond the safe harbors of orthodoxy,
In the deep waters of The Great Mystery,
Tossed in Dread Tempests of Unknowing,
Unanchored, Rudderless, Adrift...

'Twas You I found, the Compass of my Soul.

Chuck Surface


Photo from Chuck's FB page

Friday, July 27, 2018

Losing the Maps - Mark Nepo & Kastrup

Just when we're softened by the years,.
when we have enough experience to see
for ourselves, our maps are torn from us.
This can be frightening, but there's divine
timing in the dissolution of a stubborn mind,
the way an inlet waits on the last rock to crumble
so it can find its destiny to the sea.  Losing the
way set out by others is necessary so we can discover
for ourselves what it means to be alive.  Now we can
burn the clothes others have laid out for us, [other's
maps of reality, other's agendas], not in anger, but
to light our way.  Now we can let the soul spill its
honey on the unleavened life we've been carrying.
Now we can rise.

Poem from: Inside the Miracle

[brackets mine]


All explanations are myths whose truth-value we
assign subjectively.  They are true only in so far
as we say they are true.  They are stories we
conjure up and tell ourselves in order to make sense
of the disconnected, context-free phantasmagoria of
present perception.  It makes no sense to proclaim
any explanation for the present to be objectively true...

Bernard Kastrup
More Than Allegory
via - Markings

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Go Deeper Than Love - D.H. Lawrence

What we lack is a cosmic life...
The rhythm of the cosmos is something we cannot
get away from without impoverishing our lives.
We must get back into relation, vivid and nourishing relation
to the cosmos and the universe.
For the truth is, we perish for lack of fulfillment of our greater
needs, we are cut off from the great source of our inward
nourishment and renewal, sources which flow eternally
in the universe...


Go deeper than love,
for the soul has greater depths...
Go down to your deep, old heart.
and lose sight of yourself.
Let us lose sight of ourselves,
and break the mirrors.
For the fierce curve of our lives is
moving again to the depths
out of sight
in the deep living Heart.

D.H. Lawrence


I am part of a vast network, an unbroken legacy of evolved,
thinking sentient beings that is older than myself, older
than my ancestors, older than my species, older than the
rocks and trees and even the planet we live upon.

...my origins go back even further, to the Big Bang and beyond...
eons ago, to a time before time.

Poffo Ortiz

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Out Beyond Polarities - Rumi & Babka

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing
there is a field.  I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in *that* grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase 'each other'
doesn't make any sense...


The great Persian poet and Sufi Mystic, Rumi, speaks in
this poem of a field, a clearing, a place empty of divisiveness,
empty of opposition, empty of what we think is certain.

Violence reverberates throughout the world in strains so familiar
that we often are complacent when there is another headline.

We don't often consider how our collective guilt extends the cruelty
and division in the world.  We are guilty of the failure to be
compassionate, and the polarity between the secular and the sacred,
and the unwillingness to be spiritually curious about our shared
responsibility for the violence we see in the world, [in the form of]
poverty, racism, homophobia; the violence of certainty, which claims
the superiority of being 'right'; the violence of oppression,
of absolutes, of nationalism.

We must meet each other in the space where we are all beyond
right and wrong [beyond polarities]... surpassed in the simplicity
of tenderness, the attentive word, the awareness that we each live,
in every moment, exposed to death.

We must practice deliberate compassion.
Each of us deserves to be valued and held as we are,
where we are...

Susie Paulik Babka, PhD
Associate of Religious Studies

Excerpt from an article she wrote in the Huffington Post,
"Out Beyond Ideas: A Field of Empathy in Response to Violence"
about the violent death of her father and 4 others in a
cycling accident.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Breath of Sacred Silence

Beyond all concepts of duality and non-duality
there is only the Breath of Sacred Silence...
Here is neither oneness or two-ness,
only the exquisite Rhythm of
the Infinite Breath
IN which Existence exists.

In this space
everything else falls away -
all breathing falls into The Rhythm
of the Ineffable - the Unknown -
The Mystery...

The inhale and exhale
of the Cosmos,
one Rhythm.
No longer aware of
only unspeakable Silence

The mind tries to hold onto concepts,
through thought patterns,
thought processes;
an automated mechanism
that just runs,
creating scenarios of I/me/other.

Here - in the river of direct experience,
only the Breath of the Sacred breathes,
unencumbered by thought...

In this space of Grace
there is no sense of
or dissolution,
or surrender...

One is simply - absorbed -
into the Ineffable Breath.
A natural, organic absorption of the whole being
in the ongoing stream of the
Pure Isness of Being...

The Ecstatic Mystery of the Breath of Sacred Silence...


Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings
July 19, 2018

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Politics and Meditation - Fred LaMotte

The irony is this, that the greatest energy and healing we can
bring to our world today is not through political opposition,
not by feeding the polarization of energy between two sides,
and not by repeating the narrative of hate that each party
constructs about the other; vilifying each other...

This is precisely NOT the time to be swept into the negative
energy of party politics.  Let go of all such anxious thinking
and simply rest the mind in the Heart.
in the Heart is unity, not division.
The practice of meditation is a life-line to free our hearts
[and minds] from this endless strife and division.

When we practice the most ancient form of meditation, to
simply rest the mind in the Heart, we are practicing the most
radical politics.  We are dissolving the dysfunction and healing
the national wound.

The revolution is to breathe.  The radical act is to be present.
Rest the mind in the Heart.

Fred LaMotte

This of course doesn't mean that we don't have our opinons
about what is happening in our country, but I know that
"sitting meditation" helps me to keep perspective and calm the mind.
It is exquisitely depolarizing...  :)

Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Pathless Path - reloaded...

This post was originally written in 2011
but is still timely for me...

I find the older I get the more I want to experience Truth directly,
and leave the many trodden "spiritual paths" that I've been on all my
life behind.  Even as a child I wanted to know "God" - a child's
understanding of God.  Then my search evolved and expanded to
include finding "myself" - whoever that was :), the Truth, Wisdom,
peace of mind, and last, but not least, the search for "Enlightenment."
They are all the same"path" under different disguises.  And now,
through all these many paths, I am feeling the need to settle, deepen,
and re-discover a sense of inner Truth; not by following a particular
external path - but by intuitively listening to the voice of my Heart;
experiencing Inner Beingness directly, through spending time in
Silence (which I avoid so easily).  Now if Life would only cooperate
and provide a less chaotic, disruptive, distracted life!  Just kidding -
maybe...  :)

 Being on a "spiritual path" implies that one is going somewhere,
seeking "Some - *thing*" at the end of the journey - like
retirement after a life of working; of a magical pot or gold at the end
of the mythical rainbow; or even the mystical "Holy Grail."  Or maybe
one is even seeking and end to something, like suffering, pain,
ignorance, their humanness, or the end of seeking.  But what if there
was no need for "a path",, no need for seeking the illusive big
"Some-thing" that spiritual seekers seek?  I find myself in this place
of questioning - again...  I have been down the "seeking road" -
many times.

The path of "Enlightenment"/"Awakening"/"Self-Realization",
particularly the path of what is known as Advaita or "Non-Duality",
has lost its luster, its pull, its certainty for me - much like the other
paths I have taken throughout my life.  It's just another construct.
  And I'd rather not describe Truth by a negative - with no-me, no-self,
 no other, no world - as Truth is all inclusive - including duality,
 me, self, other, world.

Even if one follows "a path" (which can be any path) there is no
guarantee that we will discover what we are looking for, and life will
not suddenly become easy or flowing with bliss.   We won't necessarily
lose our personality, with its quirks, our conditioning, or neuroses. 
Our thoughts will not stop, neither will our surface struggles, or
 our pain,  or our stories.  Walking "a path" doesn't even guarantee
 that we will  actually see life differently from either the mountain top,
 or nose to the ground;  or suddenly find our "purpose" -
as if there's only one. 
But no one tells us  this about "the path."
 It has to be a Self-discovery - 
for ourselves -  even if we have a
"Teacher" or follow a "Teaching"  to 
point the way.

Years of seeking, realization, recognition, and then forgetting, and then
remembering, and then forgetting again - brought me to the realization
that discovering (or rediscovering) this Being Self/Truth that we are,
 is through awareness of and deep intimacy with The Silence within;
through continually coming back to the Heart of Being - the space of
Silent, Still, innate Wisdom - which of course is wherever we are at the
moment, not off in the distance somewhere.  It's not a place. 
"The path" doesn't go anywhere.  There is no reward at the end. 
It's an inner pathless path...  And that's my "path" - rediscovering
 this inner Silent,  Aware Wisdom.  It's an inner pathless path
 of remembering; remembering the underlying Rhythm of
 Life ItSelf -


"A mystic is content with nothing less than
to touch the Truth in its most universal purity"

Ivan Granger
Poetry Chaikhana


Empty yourself of everything.
Let the mind rest in peace.
The ten thousand things rise and fall
while the Self watches their return.
They grow and flourish and then
return to source.
Returning to the source is stillness,
which is the way of nature....

Returning is the motion of the Tao.

Lao Tzu


Photo - take by my father

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ordinary Enlightenment - "G", Shinzen Young & Jeff Foster

There are many different definitions of mysticism, but a narrow
description of mysticism is known as the "perennial philosophy",
or "perennial wisdom."  [That Truth is Universal & Eternal].
In this sense, mysticism indicates the dying of the illusion
of selfhood into the greater reality of God, Nirvana, Dao, or a
number of other concepts representing the deathless and
indefinable part of us that is often called the Void. [or Emptiness].

It is the "death" [dissolution] of the individual ego into the
indescribable that characterizes the perennial wisdom. [Or rather]
it is the giving up of identifying with being the individual ego/self.

God, as the mystic understands the term, does not correspond at all
to the commonly held beliefs involving an anthropomorphic deity
gazing down on humanity from on high.  For the mystic, God is
much more subtle and immediate.  In mysticism, God is not a
separate being to us, rather the very "being-ness" that lies
 at the heart of everyone. 

The mystical process, whatever traditions or methods it uses, is
ultimately aimed at breaking through the prison of mortality into
freedom of what both the Buddha and Japanese Zen Master Bankei
called the Unborn.  Living as the Unborn we are no longer tied to
[attached to] a false sense of ego/self... but are liberated as the very
Awareness that is the heart of every being in the universe.

Excerpt from: "Buddha and Religion: Mysticism"
Buddha Space
Read the full article here
This blog also has other interesting topics!


Even for a deeply "enlightened" person, the experience of contact
with Flow and Emptiness does not necessarily go uninterrupted.  It
may happen frequently during the day, but not necessarily continuously.
Even a very liberated person still spends a lot of time experiencing
the world in the ordinary way.

What then is the difference between an ordinary person and a liberated
person?  The difference is a matter of freedom.  An "enlightened"
person has the ability to experience self and world as a Source wave.
And when they are not experiencing things that way, they understand
why that is the case. It is just because they are not paying close

Shinzen Young - The Science of Enlightenment: How Meditation Works
via Markings

Pay attention! :)


There is no fixed path to enlightenment.  Enlightenment is not a
destination, a goal, a final resting place at the end of a long journey -
that's the mind's version of enlightenment.  Nobody is the authority
on your path - no teacher, no guru, no religious leader.  Nobody can
tell you the right 'way' for you...


Photo from the Internet

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Inside this new love, die.
Your way begins on the other side.

Become the sky.
Take an axe to the prison wall.


Walk out like somebody suddenly born into color.

Dot it now.
You're covered with a thick cloud.
Slide out the side.

and be quiet.
Quietness is the surest sign that
you've died.

Your old life was a frantic running
from silence...



Let yourself be silently drawn by the
stronger pull of what you really love...



Longing is the core of mystery.
Longing itself is the cure...



Photo - downpour in the sun

Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Radiance of the Inner Cosmos...

Give no regard to the voice of Fear that
divides you and conflicts you;
whether from within or without...

Walk as if the Divine were in your shoes,
walking you -
The Inner Cosmic Divine;
undivided by earthly "tribes"
of culture, religion, and politics,
earthly boundaries,
or the divided mentations of
mediocre minds;
yours and others.

Fall into the Inner Rhythm of
The Universal Eternal Being,
the ubiquitous Divine Presence
inherently everywhere at all times,
 in and through life.

Do not listen to the 10,000 teachings
in your head that you have
accumulated over the years,
all trying to tell you what is true,
which way to go,
and how to be.

Just sit, be still, and listen...

Fall into the Silence and Radiance of
the Inner Cosmic Rhythm,
until you feel the
Inner Cosmos

Just Breathe...


Then you will know what is true,
which way to go,
how to Be...

Mystic Meandering
Feb. 6, 2017


Friday, July 6, 2018

Happy Birthday Dalai Lama

Today is the Dalai Lama's 83rd birthday.  I am not a Buddhist,
but I have, for a long time now, felt an unexplained "connection"
to The Buddha and Buddhist Heart Wisdom.  I have
experienced many "mystical moments" with The Buddha energy
in sitting meditation.  In a sense you could say I am a
"Buddha Mystic" :DDDDD
(one of my many self-imposed labels :)

I am also drawn, at times, to the Dalai Lama, to his heart of
compassion, his grandfatherly demeanor, and his innocent,
childlike happiness. His Presence (thru photos and the media) elicits
compassion and innocence in me, and my heart sighs.
There is an inexplicable resonance there, allowing me to feel
my own "Buddha Nature" - that Core Beingness within.

Here's a link about his exile from Tibet in 1959
before the invasion of Tibet by China.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Beyond the World's Horizons - Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Beyond the horizons of the world is a place that few know,
a place without borders, without loss or gain...  Something
within you mysteriously recognizes this primal emptiness,
the vast unknowing, the wonder of what is not.

There is no substance to form even images.  And yet, there is
a belonging that is stamped in the core of one's being, a belonging
that nothing can break.

Far away [from this place] is a place called existence.  It's full of
dreams. of opportunities, of life and death.  But here, in the world
beyond, there are no such dramas...  When all is dissolved, lost,
undone, we are what we [truly] are.

But the tears call us back into what people call life, into the strange
substance that weaves itself into form.  Yet even when we seem
stranded on this shore of existence, we can never forget that place
beyond the worlds that is always with you [within you].  It is at
the end and the beginning of every breath, more primal than even

Excerpt from: Fragments of a Love Story


Let me sit here on the threshold of two worlds,
lost in the eloquence of silence...



Photo - Sunset reflected on the top of the car
taken by my husband

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Free to Be - Fred LaMotte

The first discipline of non-violence is to honor every human being
as a unique soul-body, refusing to identify them by race, gender,
religion, or political party.

Yet just as much as right-wing movements, today's "progressive"
movement often promote conflict and division by labeling individual
Persons by their group identity.  Some of us who talk about "diversity"
actually stifle it, because real diversity is not to promote tribalism
[or nationalism], but to recognize the incomparable [unique]
Personhood of individuals. [As it also says in the Declaration of

It is much easier to hate a category than a Person, whether your
animosity is toward Muslims or Christians, "black people", or
"white people", liberals or conservatives.

The beginning of world peace is to free each human soul-body from
racial, political, or religious abstractions.  Our incidental association
with a group is not who we really are.

I do not identify my Self [True Inner Being] as a color, as rich or poor.
capitalist or socialist, Republican or Democrat, Christian or
Pagan, [or American].  I am neither "good"nor "evil."  Those are just
conceptual chains with which your mind attempts to enthrall me.  But
I am not your concept of me:
you are.

If you want to superimpose a group identity on me, that is your act
of violence against the singularity of my Personhood.  You are free to
label me, but I am also free...  I refuse to identify with your label...
I Am who I Am...

Fred LaMotte

[brackets mine]


My note: It's an act of aggression when we impose prejudicial categories and labels on "others"; when we don't see that we are all a unique expression of our shared Core Beingness; when we've been enculturated to hate "other" people's cultures through fear because they are not like "us"...  We are all "free" when we recognize each other's Core Beingness as our own, and the diverseness of our individuality that expresses that Beingness and treat each other with respect and compassion.

And, oh btw, we are all immigrants here, unless you were born 100% Native American.  I am .2% Native American, but the rest of "me" comes from other countries, other cultures.  My English ancestors arrived here in the 1600-1700s and populated much of New England, and evidently somebody intermarried with a Native American.  My Irish and Scottish ancestors arrived probably in the 1800s and intermarried with the English ancestors, and my Norwegian ancestors arrived int he late 1800s, intermarrying with...  well you get the idea.  We are mongrels! :)  Essentially, however, we all share an Essential Beingness far beyond our ancestry, our humanness, far beyond personalities and character traits, beliefs, patriotism, opinions, DNA and intelligence.  And we are inherently Free to Be who and what we are!

And on another note:  My father was greeted by the Statue of Liberty coming back from Europe on a ship with thousands of other soldiers, (given to America by the French, btw), after serving in WWII at age 19-20 in Germany, being hit in the face with shrapnel from "enemy" mortar fire.  That was  his path, his journey, and that of his generation - to fight "the enemy" for an idealized freedom...  I don't think he (or that generation) understood things with the same "spiritual" lens that I do, but he did what he felt was right at the time, believing it was the right thing to do.  And I respect him for that, because his perceptions were different, although his war experience wounded him emotionally for life.  But he not only fought for America, he fought for the freedom of the Europeans in Northern Europe as well, and for the hope of freedom in the world... And yet we are still fighting!  Building walls instead of welcoming statues of liberty - because "we"/humanity (in general) lack the understanding of Who we all essentially are...



Photo -
via Stillness Speaks

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Silence Beyond Mind - Maitreya Upanishad

When a wise man has withdrawn his mind from all things without,
and when his spirit has peacefully left all inner sensations,
let him rest in peace, free from the movement of will and desire...

For it has been said:
There is something beyond our mind,
which abides in silence within our mind.
It is the supreme mystery beyond thought.
Let one's mind and subtle spirit rest upon that
and nothing else.

....When the mind is silent,
beyond distraction,
then it can enter into a world
which is far beyond the mind...

Then one knows the joy of Eternity...
Words cannot describe the joy of the soul
who is one with the Atman, his own Self.
Only those who experience the joy know what that is...

As water becomes one with water,
fire with fire,
and air with air.
so the mind becomes one with the infinite Mind
and thus attains freedom.

Maitreya Upanishad

Friday, June 29, 2018

The Invisible Flame - Eric Baret & Mooji

The heart is yearning to be open.
When a heart meets an open heart,
when a match approaches a lighted match,
it rejoices in unity, in the flame;
there is no longer a match.
This is called transmission.
But nothing is transmitted.
No one transmits, no one receives.
There is heart-to-heart transmission.
There is only one heart...

Eric Baret


Don't take the behavior of the mind and body
to be a reading of your true Self.
Let everything happen,
but know and confirm inwardly,
you are watching everything from a very stable place...

There is a stillness there.
There is an untouched silence.
You must acknowledge this.
You must be like the Polar Star in the heavens.
Your heart is the Polar Star, the North Star.
Everything is revolving but it is still - unmoving.
You are the stillness,
the Silence inside which all is moving.
You only have to recognize and love that.
and nothing will trouble you.

Everything is the flow of time.
Everything is coming and going,
including even this body.
It is like a burning candle.
But there is an invisible flame inside
that never goes out.

Fix your attention inside the Formless
and leave the rest to God.
[However we know "God" to be]


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Om is the Sound Inside Silence - Fred LaMotte

Om is not just a chant. Om is the vibration of absolute Silence.
It is the paradox of trembling stillness, Silence rising and falling
in waves of itself.  Creation is born from the womb of a paradox -

Om is the unstruck sound whose resonant womb bears heaven
and earth, the galaxies, and all the space beyond the rim of time.

Physicists tell us that emptiness shimmers with "fluctuations of
the vacuum" - the virtual photons and electrons of light and energy
that burst forth as the physical universe, created from nothing.

Om is the sound of this fullness in the harmony of emptiness, the
mysterious Word that speaks the worlds out of Silence.  Om is
not human speech, but divine wonder.

...you can hear it.  Just be quiet and listen.  Om is the sound inside
the Silence.

When you truly listen, your mind does not make the noise of
thinking. Then you hear the thunder of quarks and neutrinos.
You hear the chorus of a trillion suns in a single proton.

...Drown in the oceanic waves of quietness.  There is no more
listener, only boundless Listening...

Fred LaMotte


Photo - Vortex Art
done with craypas oils
and fingers...

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Perfect Pulsing Silence...

This piece below was written during a "practice" I call
"window sitting"
when I sat at an open window late at night in silence,
experiencing the "Rhythm of Silence";
 just being aware, just noticing -
just listening to the "sound" of Silence,
experiencing the smells and the feel of Nature
out the open window -
writing in the dark of night, or sometimes in the moonlight,
at the window sill...

Perfect Pulsing Silence

Perfect pulsing Silence
Utter Stillness
Breath-giving Life.

This is what I come to the window for -
to sit in utter and complete Silence - the pulse of Life;
to smell, feel and sense Silence;
to feel its Aliveness,
to hear Its Song...

Sitting in the Silence of
not "knowing" puts one in a place of really listening,
with no agenda or expectation,
leaving the space open for Silence to speak,
to calm the mind and
sing Its song to the heart...

I listen deeply for the song of Silence...

A breeze touches my arm gently,
inviting me to be aware...

I gaze inward
to the Silence within,
that is mirrored
in the silence of the night.
It's all the same Silence...

The Rhythm of Silence begins ~

I sit back in the chair
listening to the pulsing Silence
within and without,
feeling Its familiar Rhythm,
feeling the dance of intimacy begin again...

Nothing disturbs IT
Nothing disturbs the depth of IT
Nothing prevents Its song
from being sung ~

In this intimate Silence I am reminded that
everything occurs within The Silence;
all life, all breath, all death, all movement
occurs within this vast space of Silent Awareness
that we are...

In the Silence of Awareness
I know everything is living according to ITs
natural order ~ is following ITs natural order,
including this life I call mine...
All life is being lived
by the hush of The Mystery...

All is the pulse of Silence ~
The pulse of Life ~

Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings
May 2011

Friday, June 22, 2018

Guru Cat says...

Peering over the computer screen, with serious piercing eyes,
Guru Cat said:

Slow Down...
Listen to your Inner Being...
Lighten your burdens...
Create the environment that you need
to be whole, to be fully Alive in your Being -
from the core of your Being...

This requires you to be in touch with
the "Untouched Silence" within - she said...

I listened...

Step off the treadmill of life...
Be intuitive...  Be creative...
Release the entanglements
that keep you bound to the treadmill
going nowhere...

Just Stop!
Just Be!

Yes, Guru Cat, I said - sheepishly...

Re-align with your own Rhythm of Being...
Don't live up to anyone's expectations of who you are
supposed to be;
the roles they gave you to play,
the identities they projected onto you to wear,
just to please them...

Yes, Guru Cat, I said - feeling dejected...

Quit pushing so hard - she said stoically...
Retire your overactive mind with its
mental gyrations of thoughts and stories
*about* you;
your obligations, your duties,
and do what makes your Heart smile.
What makes your Heart smile?

I don't know, Guru Cat, I said - sadly...

Find out, before it's too late, Guru Cat said...

Yes, Guru Cat...  I knew she meant business...

Guru Cat sat - reading my troubled heart,
as if seeing right through me - and said:

The darkness, the fear, the stress, the weight,
*everything* that you carry will dissolve
when you're doing what your *Heart* wants to do.
Do you know what your Heart wants?

No, Guru Cat, I said - but I will know it when I

 *feel* it... right?

Guru Cat sat staring at me,
then said:

Love what you love - it's that simple.
Be what/who you are in your Heart.
Relax...  Breathe...

She lowered here eyes, turned away,
jumped down off the table
and disappeared.

Mystic Meandering
June 16, 2018

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Silence is a Living Space - Therese Schroeder-Sheker

Silence is a Living Silence that is needed to hear the cry of the soul.
Abandon surface impressions and patterns, abandon what has become
comfortable, and embrace the sacred depth of being that asks us to
enter that which is wholly unknown and that which fosters genuine
metanoia [a transformative change of heart].  The Holy Silence
creates an inner clearing that makes room for new life, including
living, breathing Silence.  In this dimension
where time becomes space, life is enlivened.

Blocking the light of the soul results in a need to pre-package things,
ideas, emotions because they provide a semblance of light.  When
light of the soul is blocked, we develop a desire for things, not for

[Through Silence] we can enter that which is wholly unknown with
a creative purity that is startling, because we are accompanied by
the companion-presence: Love.

Therese Schroeder-Sheker
From the introduction to:
Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness
by Robert Sardello


We need to re-orient our lives to be in constant resonance with
The Silence.  We have to rediscover lost realms, and at the same
time, clear away our deeply engrained desire to live by what
others have said, rather than discover inner truths for ourselves.

Robert Sardello
From: Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Solace of Silence - Cheryl Sanders-Sardello

The enormity of life's tasks weigh and press on the day...
they demand and insist on a constancy of attention that is relentless.
But we are fortunate to have night's solace - in the silence that is
created by the dark.  Night... that melancholy time, when the stars
remind us of the Silence of God.  Here we can lean into the
unknown, setting aside the oppressive weight of our carefully
constructed version of who we think we are.  We can remember
how to see in the dark... with our ears... perceiving the Silence in
its holy echoing and resonance, its calling forth a knowing that is
from the soul.

The Silence sends us on a different pilgrimage.  It guards the heart's
fire and teaches us to speak from within with a language that is
imbued with the Sacred.  Words thus nurtured in the Holy Silence
fly forth to lead us back to the Silence from which they were born.

Cheryl Sanders-Sardello
From - Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness
by Robert Sardello


Several years ago I "practiced" what I called "window sitting."
I would sit in the window in the dark late at night when the "noise"
of the day had settled.  It was an incredible experience - just
listening to the silence of the night, leaning into the darkness, the
silence at the window, which drew me into the
deeper Silence of Being - the Sacred Silence within, as Cheryl describes.
I have gotten away from this "practice" of "listening" at the window
 to the Silence, but am rediscovering my way back...


What is necessary, after all, is only this; solitude, vast inner solitude.
To walk inside yourself and meet no one for hours...

Rainer Maria Rilke


Photo - clouds, color inverted digitally

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Exquisite Ineffable...

Deeply, deeply return to the
Realm of the Exquisite Ineffable,
the Great Ocean of Primordial Silence
that pervades all life...

Quiet yourself into It and
recognize the pulse of Silence
reverberating through the body,
and the soul of your being.
Notice the subtle nuances of the
Ineffable's signature vibrations...

Feel a new aliveness rise up from the root of
manifest existence,
from the subtler realms of the Ineffable -
the unborn Living Silence...

Awareness heightens to this
Reality underlying all reality - all existence;
the deep Awareness of Being
where "Truth" is reborn within -
as a living, spacious, open-ended "knowing" -
that just "knows"...

Hold fast - be still - allow this "new" sense of Life
to give birth - to rise from The Deep
through your being, until the Ineffable
ItSelf becomes your Reality, your life,
your way of being in the world...

And so it is...

Mystic Meandering
June 11, 2018