Come meander with me on the pathless path of the Heart
in these anecdotal,
sometimes inspiring, sometimes personal meanderings of the Heart's opening in the every-day-ness of life...

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Cosmic Stirrings - Author Unknown

The Cosmic skies are stirring, there is a change in the air
that may awaken us to some new truths.

How beautiful that we don't yet know the way.
How beautiful that there are elements of life
that still confuse us, make us feel deeper than
we could have imagined, and remind us of
what is real and pure in our hearts.

How beautiful, that even though we don't yet
know "the way", we can spread our wings,
shift our awareness, and trust that there is a
new unfolding that is destined to come.

It is the journey of metamorphosis that we
are being guided to walk down.

Whatever comes, know that it is part of how we
move through our own cycle of ego into the
dark night of the soul, and then finally, into
spiritual wisdom.

Sometimes we need intensity to drive the
vehicle of transformation.

While we want to remain strong and centered,
we also don't want to limit or cut ourselves off
from allowing whatever comes to move us,
change us, and transform us.

We have to remember to keep shifting our
awareness of what life is and what role we are
here to play; to allow ourselves to keep dying
and being reborn.  Keep questioning, keep growing,
keep allowing things to shock and surprise us, for
they are often the fuel for our continued growth.

author unknown
found on Facebook


Photo - Mystic Meandering
water droplets on a white background
color inverted and zoom blurred :)

Monday, October 28, 2019

Loss - Richard Wehrman

More and more he felt
that those things he thought
he controlled, those powers
he believed he once had, were
slipping away; his capacities
to do diminished, his thoughts
multiplied and went in their
own directions, his ability to
remain one-pointed, to
meditate, ended in sleep.  He
judged himself harshly, but
letting that go, he found he
ended up with less and less,
whereas when he was younger
his imagination told him, by
this time, he would be stronger,
more focused, accomplished
in wisdom and knowledge.
Yet here he was, a snowman
melting away.....
This black mood matched
the time of year, and that was
reassuring: to understand
that everything is stripped
away before anything new
can be born.

Richard Wehrman
from: Being Here


Photo - Mystic Meandering
Snow Bunny - eventually
took shelter in the brush
near the tree. 

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Silence - Author Unknown

Silence vibrating is Creation
Silence flowing is Love
Silence shared is Friendship
Silence seen is Infinity
Silence heard is Adoration
Silence expressed is Beauty
Silence maintained is Strength
Silence omitted is Suffering
Silence allowed is Rest
Silence recorded is Scripture
Silence preserved is our Tradition
Silence given is Initiating
Silence perceived is Knowledge
Silence stabilized [embodied] is Fulfillment
Silence alone is...

[brackets mine]

from - Unself Yourself on You Tube

I tried to find the author of this poem.  One
source says Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  Another
says it was written by a participant in the
Marharishi's teacher training program 1971.


Photo - Mystic Meandering

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Patience - Walker and Lamb

Have patience:
What life so rudely strips away
May soon reveal a deeper current
of life and love that lies


Patience isn't the denial of anything,
but the willingness to be
with everything.

Jasmine Lamb
All Is Listening


Photo - Mystic Meandering

Monday, October 21, 2019

of Being - Denise Levertov

I know this happiness
is provisional:

the looming presences -
the great suffering, great fear -

withdraw only
into peripheral vision:

but ineluctable this shimmering
of wind in the blue leaves:

this flood of stillness
widening the lake of the sky:

this need to dance,
this need to kneel:
this mystery:

Photo - Mystic Meandering

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Suffering is a Womb - Fred LaMotte

...whatever you suffer
is a womb.
Enter it more deeply
and be born.

Sink into groundlessness,
resist nothing,
cling to no self,
and you will know the secret.

The vacuum of space
is not empty.

Your atoms are wider than galaxies...

Each infinitesimal point is
ayin soph, a portal
and a whirling door
to the crystal path that
tangles ever inward.

Fred LaMotte


Photo from the internet

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Zero - Jeannie Zandi

There is something that does not move no matter what comes,
no matter what will be lost.

I like to call it zero.  It's sitting in zero [the still point as TS Eliot
calls it].  It's sitting in Being.  It's so slow that it has stopped. And
it has a fierce fidelity to what is authentically unfolding in the
moment out of Being.  Here we stand with what's being born in
its tiny infancy, authentic and shyly showing itself, birthed from
Being.  No care for what it can be used for, where it's going, what
it means about you, me or someone else.  It simply stands without
a name, without a use, standing with that moment because it's
precious, because it's the Holy unfolding itself.

  We blow past the subtle petals of our unfolding, and
this holy birthing that's happening all the time through us.
But What emerges authentically is Holy.

In Being, we're not manipulating anything.  We're not trying
to go anywhere.  We're not trying to heal anything.  We follow
the thread of what's alive and we behold it in reverent silence,
even if every egoic hand wants to grasp it and turn it into
something.  The Holy is shining and peeking its head out...

We are not shown how to stay with the natural expression of
unfolding through us,
 though we were born knowing it.  As
we grew up, no one saw it, no one reflected it, stood with it,
protected it, had faith in it.....simply because it was.  We were
left in concept-land, zooming over our actual life; our own
organic unfolding.  Now we're stuck in our everyday minds
with our will trying to build something out of concept that
will never be as solid as what the Holy organically reveals.

We can stand in what emerges naturally from Being.  We
can slow down to the speed of Being, which is zero.  It has
nothing to show for itself.  It's simply a miracle as it is.
Everything that is zero is true.

It is Beingness flowing into Beingness
When we sit in zero [Being] there is only zero [Being],
and even what moves is still.  At some point you start to feel
 it as yourself.   It starts to wake in you...

  Stay true to the speed of Being.  Don't move unless Being
 moves [you], because you cannot leave that place and offer
anything real, and you're sick to death of ["spiritual"] manipulation
 and skipping over what's actually, purely and humbly here.

It's our zero, like a big dark hole
in the center of us that we thought was our problem. 
It's actually a portal to the Holy.  And through that empty
space of Being the Holy paints the world.

  But... we have forgotten -
how to rest as zero and stand in what's simple and authentic.
And out of fidelity to that Being [that we are], out of this
magnificent black hole, an inordinate amount of glory spills,
and each movement is the poetry of being in motion, while
utterly empty.

[brackets mine]

Photo - a mandala that my mother colored in 2016 at age 88
 digitally zoom blurred and color inverted - magic :).

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Recognize Your Eternal Self - Mooji

The mind fears...
What is the message in fear?
Find the message in fear...

Fear empties itself as soon as there is revelation...

YOU (theTrue Self) are before the movement
of fear that arises...

Realize your Self that is before time,
before phenomenon...

Wake up to the recognition of your Eternal Self.
[That is] the Awareness in which fear occurs.

Just keep quiet...

Don't identify with the reactions and interactions,
just feel your Existence and let the fear burn off...

Identify with the Presence that sees,
and stay with this Presence,
and you'll come to a place of
complete [internal] Stillness...

There is Stillness in that space of fear...

When fear is met
what expands is a sense of spaciousness...

There is an intuitive sense that you and the
spaciousness of Stillness are one.

There is no separation...

In this place your mind of fear will not have
much power because you're in your Natural State
of Awareness.


"On acquiring strength of vision she recognizes
the Universe as Her very own Self"

verse 15, The Pratyabhijnahrdayam


Photo - Mystic Meandering

Sunday, October 13, 2019

True Silence - Fred LaMotte

"In meditation, Silence is Mother."
Amma Karunamayi

Let us speak of true Silence.  No, it's not negation.
Not the silence of suppressed speech, which is no
silence at all.  Suppressed speech, or repressed thought,
is a scream.  And the more we repress, the louder our
voiceless keening.

Let us tell of the inmost Silence, omnipresent, effective,
whether we speak or not.  Silence infusing the best words
with their Truth.  Silence is a real mantra, guiding the
mind to the hollow in the seed, through Winter root,
Spring flower, or Autumn leaf.

The Silence of emptiness pervades all forms.  It is the
primordial Silence of God, gushing tears from the spring
of bliss in the womb of creation.  True Silence is the
mother of poetry, the mother of art, the mother of music.

Fred LaMotte


Silence (True Silence) is the Self.
Experiencing True Silence is



Photo - Mystic Meandering

Friday, October 11, 2019

"Consciousness" is Vibration - Joan Ruvinsky

Kashmir Saivism (pronounced shaivism), specifically the
School of Recognition, assumes Consciousness, not matter
or energy, to be the basic stuff of the universe and that
manifestation is simply Consciousness vibrating at
grosser and grosser frequencies.  Spirit becomes Matter.
Divine Awareness solidifies from the formless through
denser mind and senses, all the way to the densest, most
basic elements of earth, water, fire, air and space.  The
world shines as the embodiment of the Divine Mother,
the eternal feminine - the Ultimate Reality...
Everything becomes potentially a doorway to the Infinite -
since it is simply a coagulation of this Infinity, in a play of
unfolding and refolding...


All manifestation, things, people, occurrences, effects and
affects are made of the self-same Consciousness [Infinite
Beingness] coagulated into form.

All pairs of opposites emerge from, are enfolded in and are
made of Pure Consciousness [Beingness].  Everything is
Consciousness[Beingness].  Everything happens.
Consciousness does not have a point of view.

Duality proceeds in non-duality.
It's not either/or - it's both/and.
The Infinite contains everything.

There is nothing that is not swept up in this fundamental
movement of Being-in-form.


"Consciousness" can also be called Awareness, Universal
Consciousness, Being, The Divine Feminine, The Divine
Mother from which manifestation materializes
according to the culture and background of Kashmir
Saivism.  It is also referred to as "This" - meaning
the Omnipresence of Ultimate Reality without
image or name.


Steep in the Unfathomable,
let the Mystery communicate ItSelf...

Joan Ruvinsky
Excerpts from -
The Recognition of our Own Heart

Love this book! :)

Read a "review" by Miriam Louisa Simons
at This Unlit Light


Photo - Mystic Meandering
 Mandala Art

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Everything is Vibration - Rupert Spira & Alan Watts

There is infinite Consciousness (Beingness) shining
in each of our finite minds. The feeling of Being is
"God's" Presence shining in each of our hearts.

Self-aware Being shines in the midst of all experience.
The Isness of things is the same infinite indivisible Being.
There is only God-space.

Awareness ItSelf assumes name and form.  It begins to
vibrate within ItSelf.  Every thought is a particular
vibration of Awareness.  Awareness ItSelf vibrates
within ItSelf.

[And at some point] it ceases to assume that particular
name and form...  

[I assume he's talking about death
of the body].


Life is a dance of energy

The ordinary, everyday experience is the same thing
as "God" realizing its own Presence.

Experience polarizes itself as self and other -
but it's all one - like a magnet.  It's all one
magnet with different poles.

Alan Watts


Photo - Mystic Meandering

Monday, October 7, 2019

Remembering My Origins...

Molten golden Light
splays itself out within a fathomless darkness,
like a million jewels tumbled into the Stillness of the Universe;
dancing particles of Divine Illumination...

The shutter of Infinity opens and the Light
imprints its glittering image within Divine Darkness.
In a moment of stillness, a moment of no breath,
a moment in the timelessness of deep space,
The Light and the Darkness are one...

In this space of Primordial Existence,
The Darkness and Light intermingle
in the purity of cosmic fusion;
forever "blended" - like twilight...
Neither the enemy of the other,
neither opposed to the other,
both expressing the same Source...

In the depths of The Deep
there is a dance of Life -
an inexpressible expression of
the Aliveness of the Absolute -
revealed in time as a movement of creation,
a movement of birth,
a movement and breath of
Light and Darkness - breathing as one...

In "Deep Space" - the Primordial Womb,
the Light and the Dark
exist together within the wholeness of
the Infinite Mystery
replicating ItSelf
through eons of time...

Mystic Meandering
April 2001


Photo - Mystic Meandering
street light through tree branches
digitally altered to create this affect...

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Letter to a New Born Girl - Elias Amidon

me - 1949

You come fresh from the place where names are not needed.
In that place there's a blissful secret most of us can no
longer remember.  We have forgotten.  But soon you
will start to learn words.  You will learn to say what you
feel and want, and with that saying you too will forget
what is so natural to you now.  Or perhaps you will be
lucky, and a current of the bliss you came from will
continue to stream through your heart...remembering
the beauty of your origin.

.....each of us is unique, and each of us has to find
our own way.  I suppose it's only natural that I
should want to give you some advice...

Know you are safe...
Everything is all right forever.
We are made out of light.
One day you may doubt it -
that's part of the drama...
Just remember - you are safe...

Walk in the open air.
Spend as much time as you can
in nature, in places that humans
have not built on and paved over.
The natural world will teach you,
heal you, and replenish your soul
with its beauty.  It is, like you are now,
fresh from the generosity of the

Be interested in everything.
Be a generalist.
Be curious and amazed by things.
Listen to others.
Welcome new ways of seeing, but
always think for yourself.

Follow your love.
Do what you love.
Love what you love.
I'm not talking simply
about love that's affection
or passion - but love that
continually moves to heal...

Little one, you are about to start
a great adventure.
Follow your love.
Be interested in everything.
Walk in the open air.
Know you are safe.

age 2 or 3

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

"Edgewalkers" - Elias Amidon

"Edgewalkers" are drawn to boundaries, to the edges that
define their existence, curious about what lies beyond.
They actively seek out these edges and surf them for
openings into vistas or larger possibilities.  So for
edgewalkers, "self" is a continual inquiry into what lies
beyond these edges, while at the same time acknowledging
and honoring what is inside them.  These edges we walk
are not just the perimeters delineating our "territories,"
they are dimensions in which we can live in an awakened
state while being engaged in the requirements of the
conditional, phenomenal world.


Photo - Mystic Meandering
spindles of a railing