Come meander with me on the pathless path of the Heart
in these anecdotal,
sometimes inspiring, sometimes personal meanderings of the Heart's opening in the every-day-ness of life...

Monday, October 25, 2021

Fierce Grace - Matt Licata

The Soul is always communicating with us.  The great Friend
is always looking for us, in the hope of drawing us nearer,
but often in ways that are unexpected and even bewildering
to the part of us that believes it's in control.

There are times in our lives when the most precious beliefs
and realizations fall apart and dissolve...  What was so clear
only days or weeks ago is transformed to dust.

In order to get our attention, the Soul must at times upset and
dissolve the status quo, turning inside out the dreams and
fantasies of me and the life I thought I was living... causing us
to see that perhaps we have no idea who and what we are, what
a relationship is, what the Divine is, and where we will find

The reassembling of our world is a sacred process...

As we deepen our inquiry, we might start to see this activity
of somatic and psychic restructuring as the expression of a
certain kind of grace... not the sweet, flowy, and expansive
grace that is our favorite kind, but a grace that is fierce and
wild and can have a certain disassembling energy to it.

It is the [fierce] grace of Kali, or that of the wrathful Tibetan
goddesses, a raging grace, a creative and destructive
reorganization of consciousness.
But it is grace nonethless.


FunQi Art - Mystic Meandering


Saturday, October 23, 2021

From Grit to Pearl - a meandering

Sitting in the Silence, the image of a pearl arose and I
remembered that a pearl is formed through irritation.
A piece of sand or grit gets in the oyster and the oyster
starts making a pearl around the irritant with layers and
layers of pearl-essence, turning and turning the grit until
it's covered with a beautiful, shiny sheen.

And of course, loving metaphor as I do, I saw the
association with the grit of life, the irritations of life, the
aggravating, challenging circumstances of life that create
multiple layers of irritation - and - the creation of a pearl.
The oyster seemingly takes this grit, without complaining,
and makes something beautiful of it...  Or is it that something
beautiful emerges from the grit of life, if we work with it,
sit with it, roll it around, not spewing it out, but allowing
it to be what it is, seeing it for what it is - the potential for
beauty...  The beauty of the pearl is a result of these layers
of irritations and aggravations of life in a seeming process of

What is revealed through the irritations is this living essence
of the pearl that in some ways created itself because of the
irritations, through the rubbing and chaffing of the grit of life...
As in - the irritation, the challenges of living are still the 
Essence, revealing Its beauty.  The irritations and challenges
of living are the living Presence emerging, or unfolding Itself,
in and through what our minds and bodies find irritating and
uncomfortable - if we give it a chance, if we stay with it,
engaging in the experiences rather than running from them.
If we learn to see the way the oyster sees :)  Ah - grit,
let's see what I can do with that...  

And what is seen is that the beauty and wisdom of the
irritations emerge over "time" it seems - or what appears
to be time - waiting to be discovered within the shell of what I
know to be "my life."  It is realized that the pearl is the culmination
of many layers of realized wisdom that are formed along the way,
from the nitty-gritty of living life as it is.

Even if we've had spontaneous awakenings to the Truth or our
Essence, it seems life continues to give us experiences that
expand the expression of that ever-unfolding Essence, of
Consciousness ItSelf, through the irritations and challenges
we face on a daily basis.  It's an ongoing emergence, realizing
that the totality of the experiences of life expands our awareness
 until it is ultimately realized that we are the Wholeness of Being
that we've been seeking - as we are - gritty as that may be...

It's a shift in perspective from grit to Pearl...

Mystic Meandering


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Thursday, October 21, 2021

Struck - Richard Wehrman

The leaves, turned for some
time, of the maple, the oak, lit by
the afternoon light, shattered the air,
the eye, in color alight like no
other, only their own with the sky
behind, crystalline and pale blue, the
air stripped of otherness, only the
instantaneous transmission of
luminous ether, from interstellar
to earthly receptor; one was
struck dumb, dropped to the knees
felt by Saints upon stones,
hands folded, eyes lifted upward
as angels descend, yet the only
action was to be struck stone still,
movement arrested, unbelievableness
standing present in the everyday,
there, with the everything else -
cars moving down the street,
people walking this way and that,
geese heading west before they
turned south; so the procession
proceeded, the unnoticed noted by
few, you could hardly say it
mattered, another Fall day - yet it
fell, it landed, as unlikely as
any fiery chariot out of the sky, the
ordinary unveiled; bliss beheld in
one simple moment's blessing.

Richard Wehrman
From - Being Here


Photo - Mystic Meandering
The photo with my old i-5phone
 just doesn't do justice to this flaming wonder
against the moonlit sky tonight... 


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Explosion of the Superficial - Eric Baret

As long as one carries within oneself
the capacity to be appeased by a car,
a house, a woman, a dog, a profession,
a future, a past, a knowledge, a spirituality,
a teaching, there is not yet this ardor indispensable
to the bursting of what must burst.
This total madness of dissatisfaction
is the energy necessary for
the explosion of what is superficial in us.

Eric Baret

with thanks to No Mind's Land


FunQi Art - Mystic Meandering


Sunday, October 17, 2021

Meditation- LaMotte & Chopra

Real meditation does not 'by-pass' pain. Meditation
penetrates into the nectar of pain.  Meditators do not
rise above pain, they surrender to its core.  At the center
of pain is the flowering of boundless energy.  Ananda isn't
a passing mood or a temporary emotional state.
Ananda is the juice of pure Existence.
It glows in the dark, the beyond within.  Transcendence is
not above.  It is the hollow in the seed.

Fred LaMotte


Meditation isn't something otherworldly.  It is quite natural
and effortless.  Meditation mode exists in everyone.

Meditation is a journey, not just a calm break from one's
daily routine.  It's an inner journey of "waking up" (becoming
more conscious, more aware).  It affects every aspect of your

There is a difference between shallow silence and deep silence.
Deep silence takes you deep into silent Awareness - reconnecting
to the totality of Consciousness.

As meditation unfolds you see that Existence can take care of you.
"Life"/Consciousness always knows what to do.

Deepak Chopra
Excerpts from: Total Meditation


Anxiety, fear, trauma, stress cause us to be out of focus with
the Sacred within, and we become distressed.  We have to keep
refocusing on the Sacred within - often through meditation -
allowing the Sacred Energies to embody us...

Be at peace...
Everything is taken care of...
No need to worry or stress about anything.
Everything is "covered" (taken care of)
forever and ever...
Focus only on the Sacred Energies
at the Core of your Being...
There is nothing you can do...
Trust the Energies...

Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings
Sept. 17, 2021


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Friday, October 15, 2021

Divine Dissatisfaction - Martha Graham

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening
that is translated through you into [creative] action, and
because there is only one of you in all time, this expression
is unique.  And if you block it, it will never exist through
any other medium and it will be lost.  The world will not
have it.  It is not your business to determine how good
it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other
expressions.  It is your business to keep the channel 
open.  You do not even have to believe in yourself, or
your "work."  You have to keep yourself open and aware
to the urges that motivate you.  There is a queer dis-
satisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching
and makes us more alive...
Keep the channel open...

Martha Graham


Befriend this perennial dissatisfaction while continuing
to unlock the spiritual electricity of creative flow.

Julia Cameron

with thanks to Brain Pickings for quotes


Art - Mystic Meandering


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Jewel of Non-Judgement - Fred LaMotte

No jewel is more radiant and clear than a mind free of
judgments.  Here is the space where we can truly meet.

And no "practice" is more full of grace than simply dropping
judgment.  Yet this effortless non-doing requires great
courage.  because the moment we drop the judge, we are
assailed by ten thousand voices from our conditioning, our
politics, our education, shouting, "How dare you!  This is
irresponsible!  You must choose sides! You must condemn
the opposition!  How can the world survive without your

Yes, the moment after you drop judgment, a tidal wave of
inner voices judges YOU.  Be courageous.  Drop them too!
When we drop the voices of our judgment, we drop the
voices that judge us, and we drop them not one at a time,
but all at once.  Let an exhalation of surrender sweep
these voices away like scattered petals, dry leaves.  Then
breathe in the breath of emptiness, sparkling with Shakti,
vibrating with the pure power of Silence.

Hollow and transparent, blaming no one, we are present,
eyes open to a luminous world, created just now.  The ocean
of the heart overflows through these eyes.  Few words are
needed.  We meet.  And we respond to a world that actually
IS, instead of responding to our mental judgments about it.
This is real response-ability.

Fred LaMotte
(and photo too)


Monday, October 11, 2021

Nighttime is for "The Beloved" - Ivan Granger

The stories we tell ourselves are the stories of the Soul,
the way the self understands itself.  In dreams and stories
we reformulate our perception of the world, deepen it.  And
in doing so the psyche becomes more dynamic and alive to
its own possibilities.

Nighttime is when we normally sleep and dream.  Most people
imagine life shuts down at night, but a lover [of The Beloved]
knows better.  When the rest of the world rests, the lover [of
The Beloved] finds those sweet illicit moments with The Beloved.
Even if it's just a glimpse, a smile through the window's lattice,
that is what the lover lives for.  We light up, we catch fire 
in the night.

Ivan Granger
Poetry Chaikhana

Note: "The Beloved" also refers to The Divine, The Sacred,
God, The Mystery - or however one calls it for themselves.


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Saturday, October 9, 2021

The Silent Stream...

Come to Rest in the Silent Stream...
In the Inner Stream of Silence, the place of Deep Rest...

The Silent Stream is your refuge...
Letting go of the surface chaos,
moving into deeper rhythms;
the Flow and Rhythm at the core of your Being...
Allow your body to rest and align with that Rhythm...

More than ever now, you need Deep Rest and Deep Silence...

Do not allow yourself to be disturbed or disrupted by anything,
including your own emotions..

Nothing else matters now, except taking refuge in
the Silence of Deep Rest...
There you are held... cradled beyond
comprehension - only felt, and experienced...

Rest in the deeper Mystery of Being...

Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings
Sept. 2021


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Thursday, October 7, 2021

Contemplating The Mysteries - Albert Einstein

The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
One cannot help but be in awe when one
contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life,
of the marvelous structure of reality.  It is
enough if one tries merely to comprehend a
little of this mystery every day.
Never lose a holy curiosity...

Albert Einstein


We participate in an unfolding, dynamic reality.
There is no solid, static universe, reality is mutable -
affected by our perception of it.

Opening to the vast universe takes all ways of "knowing:"
the rigors of science, the powers of imagination, embodied
wisdom and mystical vision - and - accepting what still
remains unknowable...

The Institute of Noetic Sciences


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Tuesday, October 5, 2021

The Song of Life - J. Krishnamurti

I have no name,
I am as the fresh breeze of the mountains.
I have no shelter;
I am as the wandering waters.
I have no sanctuary, like the dark gods;
Nor am I in the shadow of deep temples.
I have no sacred books;
Nor am I well seasoned in tradition.
I am not in the incense
Mounting on high altars,
Nor in the pomp of ceremonies.
I am neither the graven image,
Nor in the rich chant of a melodious voice.
I am not bound by theories,
Nor corrupted by beliefs.
I am not held in the bondage of religions,
Nor in the pious agony of their priests.
I am not entrapped by philosophies,
Nor held in the power of their sects.
I am neither low nor high,
I am the worshipper and the worshipped.
I am free.
My song is the song of the river
calling for the open seas,
Wandering, wandering,
I am Life.
I have no name...

J. Krishnamurti

with thanks to The Beauty We Love


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Sunday, October 3, 2021

The Muse-ic of Life...

Last night... while waiting for sleep...
I noticed I could hear "sounds" differently:
the ceiling fan whirring
through the air overhead
had the vague sound of violins
playing in the distance...  The distant
"traffic" noise from the highway hummed some
unidentifiable melody...

Everything sounded " different" -
I had the feeling that I was
"waking up" to the world -
to the "magic" of the world;
that they weren't ceiling fans,
or cars, or trucks, or planes -
but some magical symphony
playing in the night...

Every sound was the sound of an alive Universe...

My heart opened to the delight
of life playing its song -
and I melted into sleep, totally immersed
in the music of the world;
as an owl softly hoooo'd in a distant tree...


Mystic Meandering
Sept. 26, 2021


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Friday, October 1, 2021

The Unseen Muse - Kavi

...poetry is an elusive trickster
when i want it to be there
it disappears

it does not respond
to command

but instead
seems to live its own life
freely unconcerned
with what i want

any sign of wanting
on my part
and it's off
hiding in the ether
enjoying the unformed realm

so what can i do?
i have no plan
not building a career
or a platform
not trying to be anything
or get anywhere


i simply have to follow the waves
to rise and fall
guided as they are
by some unseen hand
some mysterious intelligence

the same intelligence that runs the whole show.


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Rest In Peace - Papaji

Rest in Peace...

You are Eternal Being, unbounded and undivided.
All is well...

You are Happiness, your are Peace, your are Freedom.
Do not entertain any notions that you are in trouble.

Be kind to yourself.  Open to your Heart and simply Be.
Those who know This know Everything.
If not, even the most learned know nothing at all.



Photo Art - Mystic Meandering


Monday, September 27, 2021

Attend to Inner Silence - Adyashanti

...attend to the inner silence of your being is what Being itself
calls you to do.  In many ways, silence is the greatest teacher
and most wise teaching.  The call of the heart never confines
itself to the mind's ideas...  It follows the impulse of silent
intuition, which is so much better aligned with what the
moment dictates.  Leave the mind to do what it is best at,
and look to the wisdom born of silence for inner guidance
relating to things of the spirit.


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Well at the Core of Your Soul - Fred LaMotte

The golden wellspring of your intuition is the true Master,
the true Guru, the true spiritual Friend.  Any "spiritual teacher"
or guide who does not lead you to this well [within], and
invite you to drink from it, is no one to follow.  Why should
you pay money, or give away your power, to someone to tell
you what you can only learn from your own intuition?  When
the true Teacher reveals the wellspring at the core of your
being, he, or she, walks away silently, and leaves you to gaze
into the waters of your own infinite Shakti, the unfathomable
healing waters of your power.....the trembling ripples of silence
into the stars.

And when you want to sit with that Teacher, or with the Christ,
or with any of the Rishis, you will find them here, sitting by
the well.  Not in any temple or ashram, but here, in the golden
radiance of the hollow spring at the core of your soul...

Fred LaMotte


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Thursday, September 23, 2021

The River of Silence - Kahlil Gibran

For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind
and to melt into the sun?  And what is it to cease
breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides,
that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?
Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you
indeed sing.

And when you have reached the mountain top, then shall
you begin to climb.  And when the earth shall claim your
limbs, then shall you truly dance.

Kahlil Gibran
with thanks to Death Deconstructed


If we can hear life, we can hear Silence
because the intensity of this pure energy
manifests itself through the sound of existence.

Yolande Duran
with thanks to No Mind's Land


Everything is this Primal Energy - the Primal Source of life;
not a persona, or god, or goddess or even Pure Consciousness;
just the fluid Energy of Life running through all living beings.
We are that Energy...



Photo - my late blog friend Dorothea...
Walked into the Light - Jan 17, 2021


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Equinox - Rumi

Artist - Puisi

Look at love
how it tangles
with the one fallen in love.

Look at spirit
how it fuses with earth
giving it new life.

Why are you so busy
with this or that or good or bad.
Pay attention to how things blend.

Why think separately
of this life and the next
when one is born from the last?

Look at your heart and tongue,
one feels but deaf and dumb,
the other speaks in words and signs.

Look at water and fire,
earth and wind,
enemies and friends all at once.

The wolf and the lamb,
the lion and the deer
far away and yet together.

Look at the unity of this
spring and winter
[or summer and fall]
manifested in the equinox.

You too must mingle my friends...

Be like sugarcane,
sweet and silent.
Don't be mixed up with bitter words.
My Beloved grows right out of my [your] own heart.
How much more union can there be...

Translation by Mader Khalili
From: This Dance of Bliss
by Ivan Granger
Poetry Chaikhana
Original title: "Look at Love"


The "Equinox" is a "pivotal comic hinge"
signifying equilibrium, or equality;
a fluid threshold, poised between 2 seasons,
[or even between life and death].
Or in the case of the whirling dervish,
the union/merging of heaven and earth;
between Divine and human.
The Dervish whirls with one palm open up
to the cosmos and the other palm downward,
open to the earth...
symbolizing the union of our Divine nature
and our human nature...
the fusion of spirit and matter;
being reborn to the Truth of our Being...



Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Traveling Toward Life - Richard Wehrman

He was surprised
to see the gray clouds,
for the sunrise was clear
with blue sky, and he
assumed, as he always had,
that the sky moved
as the sun moved, east
to west, yet here the clouds
came. traveling west to
east, and he thought of
the trajectory he imagined
his life took, of birth
to death, infancy to old age,
and he wondered if he
had missed something,
if the winds moved
differently than he supposed,
if death also traveled
toward life, if there were,
more currents than he
could imagine, and if
imagining itself, setting
a distinct course, one he
planned in advance, kept
him from seeing; if he
were at this moment
actually growing younger,
at the same time he grew
older; if he was in fact
moving in ways he could
barely sense, into another
life, into other worlds.

Richard Wehrman
From: Being Here
Original title: "Traveling"


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Sunday, September 19, 2021

The Horizon of Life - Halifax & Willis

Our priorities shift as we see the horizon of life that is the
threshold of death...

Joan Halifax
Zen Buddhist
Director of Upaya Center
Author of Being with Dying


At the end of life or if we become sick, [or in the aging process]
we begin to let go of the roles that previously offered significance,
status and definition; the losses of position, responsibilities,
self-image, etc.  We become informed by internal rather than external
 concerns.  How we work with these losses and still find meaning
 will shape and inform how we close our lives...

From - Lasting Words


I interviewed a woman who was terminally ill.

'So', I tried delicately to ask, 'What is it like to wake up every
morning and know that you are dying?

'Well', she responded, 'What is it like to wake up every morning
and pretend that you are not?'"



Friday, September 17, 2021

The Time Is Ripe - Ajahn Chah

Now you too must learn to be satisfied with the many years
you've already depended on your body.  You should feel that
it's enough.

You can compare it to household utensils that you've had for
a long time - your cups, saucers, plates and so on.  When you
first had them they were clean and shining, but now after using
them for so long, they're starting to wear out. Some are already
broken, some have disappeared, and those that are left are
deteriorating: they have no stable form, and it's their nature
to be like that.  Your body is the same way.  It has been
continually changing right from the day you were born,
through childhood and youth, until now it has reached old age.

Allow the mind to let go of its attachments.  The time is ripe.

Even if your house flooded or burnt to the ground, whatever
the danger that threatens it, let it concern only the house.  If
there's a flood, don't let it flood your mind.  If there's a fire,
don't let it burn your heart.  Let it be merely the house, that
which is external to you, that is flooded and burned.  Allow
the mind to let go of its attachments.
The time is ripe.

It is the same with your wealth, your possessions, and your
family -  they are all yours only in name; they don't really 
belong to you, they belong to nature.

It's like the water of a river.  It naturally flows down the
gradient; it never flows against it, that is its nature.  If a
person were to go and stand on a river bank and, seeing the
water flowing  swiftly down its course, foolishly want it to
flow back up the gradient, he would suffer.  Whatever he was
doing, his wrong thinking would allow him no peace of mind.
He would be unhappy because of his wrong view, thinking
against the stream.

Find your real home...

Ajahn Chah

With thanks to The Beauty We Love


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The "Now" is a Portal to Eternity - Rupert Spira

Behind the "picture" [manifest reality] there is a mystery...

Whatever we think, has just passed...

the experience is unnamed...
[neither past, present or future]

The "Now" is not a moment in time...
How long does it last?  How long is the present moment?

There is no "present moment" - it is Eternity - ever-present;
not moving in time...

There is only one [continuous] "Now".

The "Now" is an access to the portal of Eternity.

Rupert Spira
Excerpts from a YouTubevideo: the Picture and the Mystery


When we speak of "Life" it must be understood we are not
referring to life as we know it from the surface of fact, but
to that fragile, fluctuating, centre which forms never reach.

Antonin Artuad


Photo - from Death Deconstructed,
as well as the Artaud quote.


Monday, September 13, 2021

Births - Pablo Neruda

We will never have any memory of dying.

We were so patient
about our being,
noting down
numbers, days,
years and months,
hair, and the mouths we kiss,
and that moment of dying
we let pass without a note -
we leave it to others as memory,
or we leave it simply to water,
to water, to air, to time.
Nor do we even keep
the memory of being born,
although to come into being was tumultuous and new;
and now you don't remember a single detail
and haven't kept even a trace
of your first light.

It's well known that we are born.

It's well known that in the room
or in the wood
or in the shelter in the fisherman's quarter
or in the rustling cane fields
there is quite unusual silence,
a grave and wooden moment as
 a woman prepares to give birth.

It's well known that we were all born.

But of that abrupt translation
from not being to existing, to having hands,
to seeing, to having eyes,
to eating and weeping and overflowing
and loving and loving and suffering and suffering,
of that transition, that quivering
of an electric presence, raising up
one body more, like a living cup,
and of that woman left empty,
the mother who is left there in her blood
and her lacerated fullness,
and its end and its beginning, and disorder
tumbling the pulse, the floor, the covers
till everything comes together and adds
one knot more to the thread of life,
nothing, nothing remains in your memory
of the savage sea which summoned up a wave
and plucked a shrouded apple from the tree.

The only thing you remember is your life.

Pablo Neruda
from Plenos Poderes (Fully Empowered)

Art by Jackie Traverse

With thanks to The Beauty We Love
and photo too...


Saturday, September 11, 2021

Heart Sutra Discourse #2 by Osho

Photo by David Peters

At the very core of life, death exists.
Hidden in it is the greatest freedom.

Death is not an ax that cuts down the tree of life.
Death is making love to God, or God making love to you.
Death is cosmic.

You don't remain like you.
You don't remain as an entity.
You don't remain defined,
identified with anything.

You disappear into the Whole.

Learn to die consciously...

excerpt from The Heart Sutra, Discourse #2 by Osho


Thursday, September 9, 2021

Tattered Truth - Thomas Merton

We are all convinced that we desire the truth above all.
Nothing strange about this.  It is natural to man, an intelligent being,
to desire the truth. But actually, what we desire is not "the truth"
so much as "to be in the right."

To seek the pure truth for its own sake may be natural to us, but we
are not able to act always in this respect according to our nature.

What we seek is not the pure truth, but the partial truth that justifies
our prejudices, our limitations, our selfishness.  This is not "the truth."
It is only an argument strong enough to prove us "right."
And usually our desire to be right is correlative to our conviction that
somebody else (perhaps everybody else) is wrong.

Why do we want to prove them wrong?

Because we need them to be wrong.  For if they are wrong, 
and we are right, then our untruth becomes truth: our selfishness
becomes justice and virtue: our cruelty and lust cannot be fairly

We can rest secure in the fiction we have determined to embrace as
"truth."  What we desire is not the truth, but rather that our lie
should be proved "right," and our iniquity be vindicated as "just."

No wonder we hate.  No wonder we are violent.  No wonder we
exhaust ourselves in preparing for war!

And in doing so, of course, we offer the "enemy" another reason 
to believe that he is right, that he must arm, that he must get ready
to destroy us.

Our own lie provides the foundation of truth on which he erects
his own lie, and the two lies together react to produce
hatred, murder, disaster.

Thomas Merton
from - Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander

With thanks to The Beauty We Love


Photo - Mystic Meandering
"Tattered Truth"


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

What's Your Bias? - Brian McLaren

People can't see what they can't see.
Their biases get in the way, surrounding them like a high wall,
trapping them in ignorance, deception, and illusion.
No amount of reasoning and argument will get through to them,
unless we first learn how to break down the walls of bias...

Confirmation Bias:  We judge new ideas based on the ease with which they fit in with and confirm the only standard we have: old ideas, old information, and trusted authorities.  As a result, our framing story, belief system, or paradigm excludes whatever doesn't fit.

Complexity Bias: Our brains prefer s simple falsehood to a complex truth.

Community Bias: It's almost impossible to see what our community doesn't, can't or won't see.

Complementary Bias: If you are hostile to my ideas, I'll be hostile to yours.  If you are curious and respectful toward my ideas, I'll respond in kind.

Competency Bias: We don't know how much (or little) we know because we don't know how much (or little) others know.  In other words, incompetent people assume that most other people are about as incompetent as they are.  As a result, they underestimate their [own] incompetence, and consider themselves at least of average competence.

Consciousness Bias: Some things simply can't be seen from where I am right now.  But if I keep growing, maturing, and developing, someday I will be able to see what is now inaccessible to me.

Comfort or Complacency Bias:  I prefer not to have my comfort disturbed.

Conservative/Liberal Bias: I lean toward nurturing fairness and kindness, or towards strictly enforcing purity, loyalty, liberty, and authority, as an expression of my political identity.

Confidence Bias: I am attracted to confidence, even if it is false.  I often prefer the bold lie to the hesitant truth.

Catastrophe or Normalcy Bias: I remember dramatic catastrophes but don't notice gradual decline (or improvement).

Contact Bias: When I don't have intense and sustained personal contact with "the other", my prejudices and false assumptions go unchallenged.

Cash Bias: It's hard to see something when my way of making a living require me not to see it.

Conspiracy Bias: Under stress or shame, our brains are attracted to stories that relieve us, exonerate us, or portray us as innocent victims of malicious conspirators.

Brian McLaren
from - Why Don't They Get It?  Overcoming Bias in Others.

With thanks to The Beauty We Love


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