Come meander with me on the pathless path of the Heart
in these anecdotal,
sometimes inspiring, sometimes personal meanderings of the Heart's opening in the every-day-ness of life...

Friday, October 30, 2020

Liminal Space - Alan Seale

 Liminal space is the waiting space.  That space between an
end and a beginning.  That space and time when we are
no longer where we were, yet we are not yet in a new place.
A space that can feel empty, where we can feel lost and
confused.  Yet when we are fully present to this waiting
time - when we are willing to accept this seeming emptiness
without conditions and let it talk to us - what has been
hidden can slip quietly into the open.  What has been a
mystery begins to be understood.  The "waiting space"
becomes a discovery space.

It can feel like you are caught in between.....you realize 
that something is going on in your inner awareness.

It is a "crossing over" space.  It's a transition space,
that can take many forms...

Liminal space can cause us to question the very core of
our beliefs...  It shakes us out of our habitual lives,,,  It
draws us out of what we have known...  The liminal space
is an invitation to surrender.....and navigate the uncertainty,
trusting that we will be supported...

This is the space where a new reality can be born.  It's a space
where we can finally let go of a way of being, a role, an identity,
or a belief, so that something new can be created [born]... letting
something completely dissolve, leaving us open and free to
discover what is waiting for us...

Alan Seale
Excerpts from: Transformational Presence
read the full article here


Photo - Mystic Meandering
reflection of light in a shadow on the kitchen counter :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

What Are Your Beliefs? - Dave Gray

 Beliefs are not reality.  They are not facts.
They are constructions.  You construct your beliefs,
even though for most people this is an unconscious
process, and they hold you captive.  Your beliefs form
the fundamental model that you use to navigate the

By beliefs I mean everything you know [or think you know].
All beliefs are approximations [of reality/truth]. because the
whole of reality is unknowable.  None of us can ever
completely understand.

A belief is something you hold in your mind, a kind of map
or model of external reality.  But just as maps and models
can be wrong, so can your beliefs.

When people confuse their beliefs with reality, they get
into [political and religious] arguments and conflicts, 
sometimes even wars.

We are all blind.  We may be able to grasp pieces of the truth,
but the whole truth about reality is unknowable [in the sense
of not being intellectually understandable by the mind].

Any understanding we can gain of the world will be limited
by our point of view.  We are each constrained by the boundaries
of our own experience [conditioning] - which form our beliefs.

Beliefs may seem like perfect representations of the world, but,
in fact, they are imperfect models for navigating a complex,
multidimensional, unknowable reality.

We create beliefs about reality to reduce its infinite complexity,
in order to make it easier to understand [or explain, or justify].

Dave Gray
Excerpts from: Liminal Thinking

[brackets mine]


Photo - Mystic Meandering

Monday, October 26, 2020

Full Participation - Matt Licata

 With the moon as your witness, renew your vow to no
longer postpone your full participation here, for even
one moment.  It is rare for one human being to allow the
implications of what it really means to take birth in a
star where love is alive.

While it may appear that your sensitivity and your heartbreak
are obstacles along the way, look carefully and see they are
forming the light strands of your journey in every moment.
Within the embodied temple of your heart-essence nature, 
everything is utterly valid, outrageously intelligent, and
overwhelmingly creative.

Without you and your vulnerability - without your unique gifts,
your courage, and your willingness to give everything for the
call to intimacy with all things - this realm will never know the
burning essence of timeless and eternal love.
  The oceans, the
galaxies, the snow-capped mountains, and the translucent stars
are counting on you, for it is only through you that love can
enter into this rare world of time and space.

May love pour through you, awakening your cells, your organs,
and each and every strand of your sacred DNA.  May it open you
to the magic of the sacred world
, re-wiring everything in its
wake with its signature and fragrance of aliveness.  May it make
use of your eyes to see the truth, your hands to touch another
sweetly, your body to feel more, your words to speak kindness,
and your presence to shower healing upon everyone and everything
you encounter.

May the mysteries of separation and union pour out of the unseen
and take form as your body, your nervous system, and as the flow
of thought, feeling, and emotion within you, crafted as a vehicle
of grace to see this world with the wild, creative, particles
of love.

Matt Licata, PhD
From a post on his blog


Photo - Mystic Meandering

Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Power of Poetry - Ari Honarvar

Artist - Puisi 

...poetry is as much a part of a person as her heartbeat.
We can take refuge in the power of poetry.

Rumi not only understood the power of poetry, but also
found the sweet spot of language somewhere between
the clinical sterility of political correctness and the 
vulgarity of fanaticism.

He brought the traditional masculine God from the sky
and passionately embraced it as his genderless Beloved.
He and other poets like him closed the gap between us
and the divine until the Beloved was inside our beating
hearts - transforming the image of a rigid God of fire
and brimstone into the story of bittersweet longing
and union.

We partake together and the flow of emotion and creativity
merges, making it possible for us to participate in what we
long for: a deep connection with the divine...
[a deep *knowing* of the divine in us/as us].

Ari Honarvar
From: Rumi's Gift

[brackets mine]

Artist - Puisi

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Children of "The Mystery"...

 As children of "The Mystery"
we wander - sometimes from refuge to refuge,
belief to belief,
trying to find what we originally are -
our Original Face,
our Indigenous Nature - beyond tribe;
not of place or time - but
before beliefs, concepts, dogma and doctrine.
We search until we recognize that
Inherent Nature within again and again;
until we have a felt sense of that which
animates our very being; until that
Intrinsic Fundamental Nature
shines through;
until we feel it as that
which we Are - "The Mystery" - in form -
Not unknowable, but viscerally tangible...
the intuitive "knowing" of what we Innately Are -
our Living Naturalness...

And our being delights in the recognition -
as "The Mystery" responds with delight in us!
with playfulness and song!
- at being recognized...


Mystic Meandering
Oct. 20, 2020


Photo - Mystic Meandering
I was sitting across the room from the window one morning
with the window open, and saw this "Spirit Face" looking in...
the play of light and shadow on the bushes outside the window.
Hope you can see her.  I sat in awe and wonder as "she" peered
through the window with shadowy eyes, looking downward
to the left...


What I call "The Mystery" in this poem has many names.
Sometimes I have called it Eternal Being, True Self, True
Nature, Source, The Silence, The Universe, Core Being,
our Essence, The Beloved, and so on...

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Wildest Comfort - Kathleen Dean Moore

 I don't know what despair is, if it's something or nothing, a kind
of filling up or an emptying out.  I don't know what sorrow does
to the world, what it adds or takes away.  What I think I do
know now is that sorrow is part of the Earth's great cycles,
flowing into the night like cool air sinking down a river course.
To feel sorrow is to float on the pulse of the Earth, the surge from
living to dying, from coming into being to ceasing to exist.
Maybe this is why the Earth has the power over time to wash
sorrow into a deeper pool....  And maybe this is why, even though
 sorrow never disappears, it can make a deeper connection to the
 currents of life and so connect, somehow, to sources of
wonder and solace...

...I don't know what gladness is or where it comes from,
this splitting open of the self.  It takes me by surprise.
Not an answer of beauty and mystery, but beauty and
mystery themselves, flooding into a mind suddenly
without boundaries.  Can this be gladness, to be lifted
by that flood?

...The Earth holds every possibility inside it, and the mystery
of transformation, one thing into another.
This is the wildest comfort.

Kathleen Dean Moore
Excerpts from - Wild Comfort - The Solace of Nature


Photo - Mystic Meandering

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Wait for the Empty Playground - Li-Young Lee

 Wait for evening.
Then you'll be alone.

Wait for the playground to empty.
Then call out those companions from childhood:

The one who closed his eyes
and pretended to be invisible.
The one to whom you told every secret.
The one who made a world of any hiding place.

And don't forget the one who listened in silence
while you wondered out loud:

Is the universe an empty mirror?  A flowering tree?
Is the universe the sleep of a woman?

Wait for the sky's last blue
(the color of your homesickness).

Then you'll know the answer.

Wait for the air's first gold (that color of Amen).
Then you'll spy the wind's barefoot steps.

Then you'll recall that story beginning
with a child who strays in the woods.

The search for him goes on in the growing
shadow of the clock.

And the face behind the clock's face
is not his father's face.

And the hands behind the clock's hands
are not his mother's hands.

All of Time began when you first answered
to the names your mother and father gave you.

Soon, those names will travel with the leaves.
Then, you can trade places with the wind.

Then you'll remember your life
as a book of candles,
each page read by the light of its own burning.

Li-Young Lee
Poem: "Become Becoming"
From: Behind My Eyes


Photo - Mystic Meandering

Friday, October 16, 2020

A Quiet Spirit - Henry David Thoreau

 When I detect a beauty in any of the recesses of nature,
I am reminded by the serene and retired spirit in which it
requires to be contemplated, of the inexpressible privacy of life -
how silent and unambitious it is.
The beauty there in mosses will have to be considered from
the holiest, quietest nook.

My truest, serenest moments are too still for emotions...


To be calm, to be serene!
There is the calmness of the lake when there is not a breath
of wind; there is the calmness of a stagnant ditch.  So it is
with us.
Sometimes we are clarified and calmed healthily, as we never 
were before in our lives, not by an opiate, but by some 
unconscious obedience to the all-just laws,
so that we become like a still lake of purest crystal
and without an effort our depths are revealed to ourselves.


I awoke into a music which no one by me heard.
Whom shall I thank for it?  I feel it a blessing.
To the sane man the world is a musical instrument.
The very touch affords an exquisite pleasure.

Henry David Thoreau
taken from a journal entry, June 22, 1851

with thanks to The Beauty We Love


Photo - Mystic Meandering

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Meeting Ourselves with Kindness - Stephen Levine

 When we turn toward our pain instead of away from it,
self-mercy enters those parts of ourselves we had closed off,
withdrawn from, or abandoned to feelings of impotence.  When
it seems there is nowhere else to turn, when all our prayers and
strategies [practices] seem to be of little avail, something deeper
arises: a mercy that leads toward the heart.

Without mercy (a quality of loving kindness that is the tender
acceptance of even that which might be otherwise unacceptable) as an
alternative to holding our pain, we abandon those most painful
memories within us to harsh judgment and merciless reflection.

The appearance of mercy ,...compassion... is absolutely
unmistakable as we learn to open into that which once was
closed off.

Memories may always be bittersweet, but me may also find
peace flickering at the edges of what once caused us agitation.
Healing, then, becomes not the absence of pain, but the
increased ability to meet it with mercy instead of loathing.
No one can wholly remove our pain.  All we can do is increase
the spaciousness of mind and heart in which it is allowed to

We meet ourselves with simple kindness that confounds our
addiction to critical self-judgment.  We find ourselves more
likely to meet others' confusion and helplessness open-heartedly.
We find less need for others or ourselves to be different in order
to be loved.

We find ourselves...

Stephen Levine
from - Unattended Sorrow

with thanks to The Beauty We Love


Photo - Mystic Meandering

Monday, October 12, 2020

Fall Open - Amoda Maa


Adversity or suffering is an "organic" part of the human
condition and despite the discomfort and/or issues it brings,
it typically also offers an opportunity for growth or breakthrough.

It is only when we meet life from the unknown - and that is 
what Silence really is, an open-ended unknownness - that we can
really listen to what is true.

...meeting life - right here and now, in this moment - is 
ultimately an invitation to embrace openness.  I invite you
to reject nothing, welcome everything, and surrender into
the deepest falling of the open heart.

I invite you to fall open, even when your world is falling

The personal and global crises we experience in today's world
offer a potent opportunity to turn our allegiance from
the war with reality to the Silent Awareness that is always here.

What is closer than economic collapse?
What is closer than social breakdown?
What is closer than any loss?
What is more intimate and direct than
any thought?

If you stop and listen...
If you stop and feel...
there is the warmth of your body,
the ebb and flow of your breath,
and the pulse in your belly.

If you stop and soften,
there is the simplicity of being.

This recognition of the truth of your innermost nature
is not a spiritual palliative.
It's not about denying what's going on in the world.
It's not about sticking your head in the sand.

It's about meeting reality as it is,
not as you imagine it to be.

Amoda Maa

Excerpts from an article in Stillness Speaks

with thanks to Dorothea Mills


Photo - Mystic Meandering

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Causeless Joy - Naomi Shihab Nye

 It's difficult to know what to do with so much happiness.
With sadness, there's something to rub against.
A wound to tend with lotion and cloth.
When the world falls in around you,
you have pieces to pick up, something to hold
in your hands like ticket stubs or change.

But happiness floats.
It doesn't need you to hold it down.
Doesn't need anything.
Happiness lands on the roof of the next house singing
and disappears when it wants to. 


Everything has a life of its own.

It, too, could wake up filled with possibilities of coffee cake
and ripe peaches and love even the floor which needs to be
swept, the soiled linens, and scratched records... 

Since there's no place large enough to contain so much happiness,
 you shrug, your raise your hands, and it flows out of you into
 everything you touch.

You're not responsible.
You take no credit.

As the night sky takes no credit for the moon,
but continues to hold it and to share it
and in that way, be known.

Naomi Shihab Nye

with thanks to The Beauty We Love

Photo - Mystic Meandering


I know it may seem strange to be posting about
Joy and Happiness etc. during such chaotic, disruptive,
apocalyptic times. I'm surprised as well that this has happened,
so just offering a bit of inspiration...  
This doesn't mean that I am
untouched by the struggles and difficulties of others.
I also continue to have my "moments" as well...
There's a lot going on for all of us...

The world, even with its turmoil, becomes, or is seen as,
a "divine play" or Cosmic Dance.  We find we can be
in the world, as it is, and not struggle with what is happening,
or try to "fix" it; but allow life to unfold as it does in its own rhythm;
 not seeking "liberation" or freedom from the world, but living
from the Deep Quiet space within, and let that show us 
where we can contribute with mindful engagement,
not emotional, reactive chaos...


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Sandbox of Life - Joan Ruvinsky

 "Embodied liberation" means fully experiencing life as it
passes through us: Celebrations, catastrophes and all the
boring bits in between.  "This"- the Unspeakable - is
wholly present throughout the ups and downs, joys and
tribulations, work life, love life, whether monk or householder.

Thoughts do not have to cease, likes and dislikes do not
have to disappear, dress code, name and personality do not
have to change.
  There is no particular image to which the one
who is "liberated' need conform.  Cultural trappings are not
necessary.  The West has often been impressed by the outward
image or appearance  of the co-called "enlightened being",
but had often judged its homegrown saints by false criteria.
Jeans and sneakers are fine.  Orange robes are fine. A business
suit is fine.  Who is to judge?  Who is to compare?  Even
saints eat ice cream.

The behavior of someone who is "liberated" in this lifetime 
is often unpredictable.  Consciousness, of her own inherent
spontaneity, manifests variously.  Personality characteristics
such as joy, warmth, compassion, and sympathy are not
necessarily foolproof markers of "enlightenment."

This bliss/joy of Consciousness is simply resting in what is.
It may not be obvious to an onlooker, as it is at a vibrational
level far above the ordinary perception through the five senses.
This bliss/joy abides regardless of what we are doing or
thinking...  It is unconditioned and ever-present.

We can play all we want in the sandbox [of life], but we
always know where home is.  Even at play, we are at home.

Joan Ruvinsky
From: The Recognition of Our Own Heart


Personal Note:  In my new found sense of  playful "freedom"
I do not feel "liberated" from anything, in the traditional
sense of the word, nor was it a goal that I was trying to 
achieve.  It just happened spontaneously, uncontrived, when
I started tapping into my Child-like Nature, aka our Natural State,
 - internally feeling "liberated" from the inner struggle
 to "figure it all out" - this "spiritual" thing that I've been
 doing for the past 37 years or more...

There is a new sense of "freedom" to just be myself in this new
found playful attitude with life; accepting myself as I am, 
as I express my Natural Nature; tapping into the "magic" or
"mystical" side of life through playfulness - spontaneously
navigating my way through life as it is...


The bliss/joy of our Natural State allows us to feel "liberated."
Mitch Rosacker
Self Discovery Studio


Life is a playground.....
We must play, retiring at night
empty-handed and tired...

Ari Hanarvar
From: Rumi's Gifts


Photo - Mystic Meandering

Monday, October 5, 2020

Cosmic Light...

 Sadness gives way to spontaneity...
The inner child of the Cosmos
has come to play...

There's a hidden joy inside that shimmers up
- playful,
tickling the heart...

Subtle joy turns into Love for the whole experience of
knowing it's all the "Play" of the Cosmos...

The Light of the Cosmos
hidden within myself
begins to glow -
an unlit light.

It is the rhythm of the Cosmos that moves me,
taking my breath away,
making my heart skip;
and the realization that

I am Cosmic Light -
lit from within!

I am the Cosmos!

I am the Joy of the Universe...

It's all the Play of Cosmic Light!

Mystic Meandering
Sept 21, 2020


Photo - Mystic Meandering


71 years around the Sun-star today!
Hard to believe...
More playful, "light-hearted", and unencumbered...
Intuitively listening to where she wants to spend her
heart beats in these waning years....


Friday, October 2, 2020

A Playful Journey Has Begun...

 A playful journey has begun...

The idea of "enlightenment"
no longer captures her mind.

In her child-like-ness she knows
she is free -
through the innocence and spontaneity of divine play.
Playing in the vast cosmos
liberates her - from the inside -
unburdens her heart...

No "spiritual" image to live up to...
No dogma or doctrine or belief system to follow...

She now spontaneously moves and expresses
the rhythm of her Original Nature in her playfulness;
expressing herself in a language whose origins
she vaguely remembers,
calling to her in playful tunes...

Others may think her eccentric now,
but she is who she always was,
an authentic expression of her Natural Innocence,
at play in the Vast Mystery of the Universe...

Mystic Meandering
Oct. 2, 2020


Photo - Mystic Meandering
Swing Girl and Swing Boy :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

A Preponderance of Ponderings on Impermanence - Krishnamurti

 We have to understand another phenomenon in life, which is
 death: death from old age, or disease, and accidental death,
through disease, or naturally.  We grow old inevitably, and
that age is shown in the way we have lived our life, it shows
in our face...

So there is old age.  And there is this extraordinary thing called
death, of which most of us are dreadfully frightened.  If we are
not frightened, we have rationalized this phenomenon intellectually
and have accepted the edicts of the intellect.  But it is still there.
And obviously there is the ending of the organism, the body.
And we accept that naturally, because we see everything dying.
But what we do not accept is the psychological ending of the"me",
with family, with the house, with success, the things I have done,
and the things I have still to do, the fulfillments and the frustrations 
- and there is something more to do before I end!  And the
psychological entity, we're afraid that will come to an end -
the "me", the "I", the "soul", in various forms, words, that we give
to the center of our being.

Does it come to an end?  Does it have continuity?  The East 
has said it has a continuity: there is reincarnation, being born
better in the next life if you have lived rightly.  If you believe in
reincarnation, as the whole of Asia does, then in that idea is
implied, if you observe it very closely, that what you do now,
every day, matters tremendously.  Because in the next life you're
going to pay for it or be rewarded depending on how you have
lived.  So what matters is not what you believe will happen in
the next life, but what you are and how you live.  And that is
implied also when you talk about resurrection. Here (in the West)
you have symbolized it in one person and worship that person,
because you yourself don't know how to be reborn again in your
life now.

So what matters is how you live now - not what your beliefs are...
But we are also afraid that the center, called the "I", may come
to an end.  We ask:  Does it come to an end?

You have lived in thought; that is, you have given tremendous
importance to thinking.  But thinking is old; thinking is never new;
thinking is the continuation of memory.  If you have lived there,
obviously there is some kind of continuity.  And it is a continuity
that is over, finished.  It is something old; only that which ends
can have something new.  So dying is very important to understand;
to die; to die to everything that one knows. [believes]. 

  You know, one has collected so much, not only books, houses,
bank account, but inwardly. the memories of insults, the memories
of flattery, the memories of neurotic achievements, the memory of
holding onto your own particular experience, which gives you a
position.  To die to all that without argument, without discussion,
without any fear, just to give it up.  Do it psychologically - of course
we don't actually give up our wife/husband, our clothes, our children,
or our house, but inwardly, don't be attached to anything.  Love is
not attachment.  Where there is attachment, there is fear.  And fear
inevitably becomes authoritarian, possessive, oppressive, dominating.

But to die to everything within oneself! [attachments, ideas, concepts,
beliefs].  This  means that the mind, which is not of thought - the mind
becomes utterly quiet, silent, naturally, without any force, without
any discipline.  And in light of that silence all actions can take place,
the daily living, from that silence.  And if one were lucky enough to
have gone that far, then in that silence there is quite a different
movement, which is not of time, which is not of words, which is not
measurable by thought, because it is always new. It never dies.

J Krishnamurti
from talks in Europe 1968
May 19, 1968

With thanks to The Beauty We Love


Photo - Mystic Meandering
Ethereal Window

Monday, September 28, 2020

The Natural Mind - Robert Wolfe

You want to know what is meant when you see the phrase

If you [question] whether you are thought-free or
not thought-free, would it be possible to be "thought-free",
in that circumstance?

As the Dzogchen Rinpoche Tulku Orgyen has commented:

When you ask: "Is there a thought; or (am I) free of thought? -
 isn't that just another thought?

The following teachers speak of a "natural" mind.  During your day,
all sorts of thoughts come and go, spontaneously arising and
dissolving, like surf washing upon a beach.  Isn't this what is
natural to all of us?

Tulku Rinpoche has said: "It is not beneficial to continuously
pursue a special, thought-free mental state.
 Rather, simply
allow yourself to be in naturalness, free of any fabrication";
that is, conceiving of, and attempting to engineer, some
special state of mind or condition of thought.  "Thought-free
means free of conceptual thinking."

Tulku's eldest son, Chokyi Nyima also says:

"When leaving this fresh ordinary mind as it is, without
correcting or modifying it, without altering it in any way,
without accepting and rejecting, there is no fixating on

In the present moment, do not correct,
Do not modify,
Do not accept or reject.
Don't try to rearrange your present wakefulness.
Instead, leave it as it naturally is
Without any attempt to alter it in any way.
That is called sustaining your natural face."

Another son of Tulku Rinpoche, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche,
speaks in detail about the innate naturalness of the mind free
of such dualistic concepts as thought versus no thought:

"Like many of the people I now meet on teaching tours, I
thought that natural mind had to be something else, 
something different from, or better than, what I was already
experiencing.  Like most people, I brought so much
judgment to my experience.  I believed that thoughts of anger,
fear and so on (that came and went throughout the day) were
bad or counter productive - or at the very least inconsistent
with natural peace!  The teachings of the Buddha is that if
we allow ourselves to relax and take a mental step back, we
can begin to recognize that all these different thoughts are
simply coming and going within the context of an
unlimited mind, which, like space, remains fundamentally
unperturbed by whatever occurs within it.

"All you have to do is rest your mind in its natural openness.
No special focus, no special effort, is required.  And if for
some reason you cannot rest your mind, you can simply
observe whatever thoughts, feelings, or sensations come
up and acknowledge, 'Oh, that's what's going on in my
mind right now.'  Wherever you are, whatever you do,
it's essential to acknowledge your experience as something
ordinary, the natural expression of your true mind.  If you
don't try to stop whatever is going on in your mind, but
merely observe it, eventually you'll begin to feel a 
tremendous sense of relaxation, a vast sense of openness
within you mind - which is in fact your natural mind,
the natural unperturbed background against which 
various thoughts come and go."

With thanks to No Mind's Land


Photo - From a CD cover

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Fixed Ideas - Zen Master Daehaeng

 Fixed ideas are like a wisp of cloud or smoke,
but nonetheless people find themselves blocked
or captured by these.

You would laugh if you saw someone tripped by
a cloud, or if someone claimed that they were
imprisoned by the air.  But, in fact, people are
endlessly being trapped by things no more
substantial than air or clouds.

They make a wall with their mind, and then it
imprisons them.  Inherently, there is no wall or
anything to trip over.  These things are mirages
they've created from thoughts they gave rise to.
Do not insist upon your own fixed ideas.

Your persistence is your own narrow mind.  If
your mind is broad, it can easily embrace the
entire world.  However, if your mind is narrow, 
even a needle cannot enter.  You have to keep
letting go of your stubbornness, and always
be deeply respectful of all life...

Learn to step out of your fixed ideas.

When we return to our Inherent Nature, which is
our most true and natural state, then the true
reality of everything is automatically revealed.

Letting go and resting - entrusting everything to your
underlying Essence/Natural State means returning
to our Fundamental Nature.

Zen Master Daehaeng
From - No River to Cross


Photo - Mystic Meandering

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Melancholy - Fred LaMotte

 Even on the most radiant days, there is a sorrow at the heart
of life.  When we deny it, the day becomes a desperate quest
for happiness, and the night is long.  But when we absorb the
trough into our rhythm, like the shadow of the breath, that
benign negation infuses all things with spaciousness, tinges
creation with golden poignancy, like Autumn itself.
What is heavy is not sadness, but the denial of sadness.

Fred LaMotte
original title - "Autumn"


For all those tasting the sadness of these
unimaginable strange times that we are living through -
not only the losses from COVID, but
from the devastating fires on the West Coast, and the
hurricanes on the Gulf Coast affecting so many lives,
as well as the racial unrest, and the political upheaval
across this country.
May we all find the deep Quiet within..


Photo - Mystic Meandering
Sunset Heart Leaves

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


 That which infuses Nature
is imperceptible - seemingly hidden.

The Ineffable is subtly imperceptible -
yet present in existence as its
Natural Essence -
in its Beauty -
in its Effulgence -
as if lit from within...

Manifest reality is held in the
imperceptible movement of the gentle Rhythm
of Time and Season;
alive, not on its own - but
through the Pulse of Light that lives it.

All life is being lived
by this subtle Pulse of Light -
our Natural Illumined Essence.

Mystic Meandering
Sept. 2020


Photo by Cate Kerr
from Beyond the Fields We Know
used by permission


Welcome the Rhythm of Autumn!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

When They Sleep - Rolf Jacobsen

 All people are children when they sleep.
There's no war in them then.
They open their hands and breathe
in the quiet rhythm heaven has given them.
They pucker their lips like small children
and open their hands halfway,
soldiers and statesmen, servants and masters.
The stars stand guard
and a haze veils the sky,
a few hours when no one will do anybody harm.
If only we could speak to one another then
when our hearts are half-open flowers.
Words like golden bees
would drift in.
- God, teach me the language of sleep.

Rolf Jacobsen
from: Night Music: Selected Poems
Translated by Robert Hardin

With thanks to 
Ivan Granger
at Poetry Chaikhana


Photo - Dear Hubby :)

Thursday, September 17, 2020

True Silence - Dorothy Hunt

Silence is a deep, interior Presence that actually
has nothing to do with whether there is noise or
quiet in the environment or in the mind.  What is
revealed in Silence is your Being, your Presence,
your awake and intimate Awareness...in its deepest
dimension.  This Silence is what we are, what life is,
what moves the Universe and simultaneously is its

The deeper the Silence, the greater is the felt sense
of the Mystery that sees beyond all thoughts, images,
and acquired knowledge.  We become aware of a
deeper dimension of our Being that is very quiet,
very still, completely open, very natural...

Psychologically minded folks may wonder if soaking
in Silence is a way of bypassing what needs to be
seen or felt or understood.  In the true Silence of
our awake nature, nothing is avoided, nothing denied,
nothing attached.  Rather than numbing us to experience,
this Silence lovingly invites everything that has been
hidden or denied to come out of the shadows into
the light.  True Silence opens us to the truth of the 
present moment.

One does not have to effort to find this Silence and Stillness.
It is not something we create.  It is felt the moment we
relax and become receptive, the moment we stop trying
to move toward or away from anything.

Dorothy Hunt
Buddhist Teacher
from - Leaves from Moon Mountain

Thank you to No Mind's Land


Photo - Mystic Meandering


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Allow yourself to be used - Thomas Merton

You are fed up with words, I don't blame you.
I am nauseated by them sometimes.  I am also,
to tell the truth, nauseated by ideals and with causes.
This sounds like heresy, but I think you will understand
what I mean.  It is so easy to get engrossed with ideas
and slogans and myths that in the end one is left holding
the bag, empty, with no trace of meaning left in it.  And
then the temptation is to yell louder than ever in order to
make the meaning be there again by magic.  Going through
this kind of reaction helps you to guard against this.
Your system is complaining of too much verbalizing,
and it is right.

...The big results are not in your hands or mine, but they
suddenly happen, and we can share in them, but there is
no point in building our lives on personal satisfaction,
which may be denied us and which after all is not that

The next step in the process is for you to see that your
even thinking about what you are doing is crucially
important.  You are probably striving to build yourself
an identity in your work, out of your work...  You are
using it, so to speak, to protect yourself against
nothingness, annihilation.  That is not the right use of
your work.  All the good that you will do will come,
not from you but from the fact that you have allowed
yourself to be used by Love [Grace].  Think of this
more and more and gradually you will be free from
the need to prove yourself, and you can be more
open to the power that will work through you
without your knowing it.

Thomas Merton


"We are an instrument of Grace...
We are being played...
Keep the instrument tuned so
that Grace can play the music."

Mitch Rosacker
Self Discovery Studio


Photo - "The Mystery" playing :)