Come meander with me on the pathless path of the Heart
in these anecdotal,
sometimes inspiring, sometimes personal meanderings of the Heart's opening in the every-day-ness of life...

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Healing Silence...

Always come back to the great space of Silence...
In stillness, aware, with barely
a perceptible movement - only breathing;
feeling the pulse of Silence
through the core of your body;
feeling the pulse of Aliveness
in the Nadis - the Rivers of the body;
resonating with the movement
of The Silence of Life that prevails everywhere,
in everything...

Fall back into the ever-sustaining Silence
that infuses all existence;
the Internality of Deep Rest...

In this is "healing"...

Mystic Meandering
May 28, 2017


Photo - the Savannah River Walkway
Augusta, GA
April 2017
taken by my husband

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Surrender - Jon Bernie

So we sit down, we're quiet for a while.
And gradually the unwinding happens -
of the mind, and the body, and the heart.
And then maybe we get a glimpse, or a taste,
of freedom; and if we do, then we give our
attention to that.  We surrender to that presence.
Dropping out of our heads and surrendering to stillness,
one-pointed presence, effortless vastness.
We let it take us, completely.
That's what surrender is.

Photo  - a seashell,
or a delicate wing floating
effortlessly through the Vastness...

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Formless Happening - Darryl Bailey

All things are changing, flowing.  They're passing appearances
of a great unformed, and inexplicable happening - an event,
a presence - call it whatever you have to.

If we sit quietly, making no effort, life expresses itself clearly;
it simply happens on its own.  There'e nothing else to get.
The great truth is obvious.  The heart beats, the breath comes
and goes.  Vibrations, pulsations, twinges, feelings, thoughts,
and emotions rise and fall.  Urges rise and pass; some become
 actions, others do not; and so life flows.

Sitting quietly, making no effort, all is revealed; a vibrant,
pulsing, formless happening, simply happening.  There is no
goal in this, no final point; there is only what expresses itself
in this moment, and whatever it appears to be now is unavoidably
on its way to some other appearance.

There are many ways of pointing to this vibrant, formless happening.
Some have called it the Great Spirit.  Some call it the river of life,
or the ocean of existence.  Some call it the flow of nature.  It's been
compared to clouds and water, having no particular shape.  Some
say it's movement.  Some call it God, Tao, or Atman.  Some call it
Mind.  Some call it "original nature."  And some just call it the
universe, which literally means "undivided turning."

Friday, May 19, 2017

Tao Te Ching (Lao Tzu) - Heysinger

The way that can be over trod is not the Eternal Way.
The name that can be named is not the Everlasting Name,
which Nameless brought forth Heaven and Earth,
which named, if any may,
the Mother of all myriad things of time and space became.
Thereby we sound eternally the mystery divine,
but only without desire to sound,
for if desire abide,
the portals of the issuing host our baffled sight confine.
And deep within the eternal veil
the mystery shall hide.
These two, the Nameless and the Named,
they differ but in name.
For in their vast progression from
the deep they are the same.
The deep of deeps, from whose eternal
gate all spirit came.

Tao Te Ching
Lao Tzu
Translation by I.W. Heysinger - 1903

Lao Tzu was a famous Chinese Philosopher
who founded Taoism.
Taoism is about living in harmony with
the flow of Life ItSelf, in tune with your True Nature...

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Intuition as Mystical Illumination - Henri Bergson

The real world, the world revealed during mystical illumination,
is not like our everyday world and within it our everyday ways
of knowing and understanding simply don't work.

...the philosopher Henri Bergson realized this earlier in the century.
Bergson argued that while excellent for enabling us to maneuver
through the world, the intellect is not very good at grasping reality,
When we try to do this, it slips through our fingers.

What is time?  Where does space end?
Our minds are numb when faced with these questions...

What is needed for this, Bergson said, was intuition, which is a way
of getting inside the world, knowing it from within.
 intellect looks at things from the outside and analyzes experience
 into parts. That is good for obvious uses, but it is useless if we
want to grasp the reality [nature] of things.  The intellect falsifies
 reality to a great extent in order to make it manageable...

What seems to happen in mystical moments is that we see the world
through intuition, not intellect...

From: Gary Lackman - Beyond the Robot: The Life and Work of
Colin Wilson

Henri Bergson (1859 - 1941) was a French Philosopher
He is known for his influential arguments that processes of
immediate experience and intuition are more significant than
abstract rationalism for understanding reality.

Intuition - the act or faculty of knowing without the use of
rational processes; immediate cognition.  Sharp insight...

And I would also add a personal note here:
There are different comprehensions of reality
because of the limitations of the mind/intellect;
different ways of seeing the same reality;
different ways of perceiving the same reality.

It is a fallacy to believe that there is no "other" world,
when Quantum Physics has proved there is a subtle,
energetic world that infuses and informs this reality.
There is a "mystery" behind all this - and not just the "this"
that we see - but something behind what we see with our
superficial seeing...
Who/What is seeing...
All is not what it seems...


Photo - rainbow lights on a wall... :)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Be a Child of Fantasy - Pema Chodron

Regard everything as a dream/illusion/fantasy

Regard everything as transparent.
See *through* everything

See that everything is in transition,
always changing

Liberate concepts and beliefs

Let go of the need for an"answer"/solution

Rest in the nature of Essence ~
The Primordial State of everything

Be a child of fantasy
Be curious instead of afraid...

You are the sky.
Everything else ~
"it's just the weather."

Quotes from
Pema Chodron
Buddhist Teacher/author


Photo - have no idea what this is.
Think it was a "mistake" digitally altered. :)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

In The Beginning Was The Dream - O'Donohue

In the beginning was the dream...
In the eternal night where no dawn broke, the dream deepened.
Before anything ever was, it had to be dreamed...

If we take Nature as the great artist, then all presences in the
world have emerged from her mind and imagination.  We are
children of the earth's dreaming.  It's almost as if Nature is in
dream and we are her children who have broken through the
dawn into time and place.  Fashioned in the dreaming of the
clay, we are always somehow haunted by that; we are unable
ever finally to decide what is dream and what is reality.  Each
day we live in what we call reality, yet life seems to resemble
a dream. We rush through our days in such stress and intensity,
as if we were here to stay and the serious project of the world
depended on us.  We worry and grow anxious - we magnify
trivia until they become important enough to control our lives.
Yet all the time, we have forgotten that we are but temporary
sojourners on the surface of a strange planet spinning slowly
in the infinite night of the cosmos...
There is no definitive dividing line between reality and dream.
What we consider real is often precariously dream-like.
Our grip on reality is tenuous...

Excerpt from Eternal Echoes 
by John O'Donohue


We see who we think we are, who we believe ourselves to be.
We see a self that is fabricated by thought and thus we see a
fabricated world, similar to the state of a dream...

From - Mind Beyond Death


Photo from the web
source unknown

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"First" (excerpt) - Chuck Surface



Turn your wandering Attention within,
and find the Self within your self...

Find it not by "thinking about" it,
But by Feeling with the Whole of your Being.
What you are, Where you are,
Before the feeling of you, the person, ever arose...


You are the formless, unmanifest Mystery,
And... you are all that appears.
From, within, and as that Mystery,
As it moves into Creation.

Once you have poked a hole in Heaven,
It will shine into your manifest Experience,
Of space, time, and objects.
Here... in this Dream of duality.

And in time, that Wellspring in your Heart
Will Dissolve the residues
of the salt doll "self",
In those living Waters.

Knowledge... is... insufficient.
Many "know" intellectually,
That they are formless Pure Being,
But continue to "feel" themselves bound...

For such "knowledge" is nothing more than "belief."

To cut the Knot...
"Find the 'I' Feeling and rest there",
As Ramana [Maharshi] said.
Not by looking at a conceptual "picture"...

But by diving deep, in Feeling, in Experience.

Throughout the day, as you can Remember,
Turn Attention within, turn Feeling within,
And forgetting all concept, theory, and conjecture,
Investigate the nature of Where and What you are...

And Resting there...
Moved by that Ancient Longing...
Dissolve in and as The Unknowable Mystery...
That you are.


Chuck Surface

To read the entire poem click
here then scroll down in the left margin
to Aged Poems - which are listed alphabetically.


Photo - pic of clouds turned on end. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Knowing Silence - Robert Rabbin

One day, as if I had lived alone for many years in the deep desert,
I was taken by a stunning stillness, and without resistance I
disappeared into Silence.  It was more than an epiphany,
more than grace, more than mystical union: It was my soul's
homecoming, my heart's overflowing love, and my mind's
eternal peace.

In Silence, I felt my core identity, my essential nature, as a
unity-in-love with all creation.  I experienced freedom, clarity,
and joy as my true Self.  I realized I was of time and eternity
in equal measure.  I was composed of physical matter and
spiritual energy in equal measure...

This Self, this Silence, belongs to all of us - it is who we are;
it is what we are.  If we are to experience and embody authentic
peace and love, if we are going to bring true healing to our wildly
violent and endangered world, we are going to have to learn to
 live within this essence...

Please remember the Silence beyond words, the Silence of mystery,
the Silence of the soul, of the heart, the Silence in which lovers
give themselves to a greater loving, a selfless loving, the Silence
 which knows only this moment..., this incredible instant of pure
 life when time suddenly stops, when we breathe the high-altitude
air we call love.  I want to remind you of these ways of Silence
 knowing and being, which you know, which you are.

Silence is within our very genes.  It winds around and binds
together the strands of our DNA.  It is the essence of who we are.
  It is within our breath.  It is there like music between our thoughts.
  It is the light within our eyes.  It is the high arc of birds we long
 to follow home to  their secret nests.  It is in the rhythm of waves,
 the innocence of children, the deep feelings within the heart that
 have no cause, when the heart is pierced without warning and
 your eyes fill with tears. It is within the kindness of one person to
 another. It is within the stillness of nights, and peace of early

In Silence, we open to life and life opens to us, life reaches
 towards us and touches us in the center of our heart. Our heart
 breaks open and another heart is revealed.  This is the true heart,
 the one that knows how to meet life with open arms. Silence
 knows that thoughts *about* life are not life itself.  If we touch
 life through Silence, life touches us back, intimately...  And
 then the mystery of life, the wonder of life, the beauty of life,
 the sanctity of life, become our life.  Everything but wonderment
 falls away...

Knowing Silence is knowing your Self.  Knowing your Self is
freedom.  In Silence, you are the very embodiment of joy, the
very expression of love.  Enter your Self fully and deeply.  You
will find this Silence, and in Silence you will know
the embodiment of Silence [that] you are...

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Quiet Grace...

Quiet Grace made Herself known today,
rising up from within,
surrounding from without,
like a familiar fragrance that wafts through,
only - felt by the senses,
recognized in the Heart...

She drew me in with the clearness of Her Quietness;
an invitation I could only accept,,,

I floated in Her clear, deep Stillness - unfettered.
The tangible, soothing quintessence of Quietness
filled all my fractured places,
smoothed all the jagged edges, and
unwound the choking tension of
body and mind...

Without asking,
She knew just where to go...

Her Essence moved in me...
Her gentle, clear, and fluid Presence
drew me ever more deeply
into Her receptive tenderness,
allowing me to experience
Her pristine Stillness,
like that of a sacred hidden pool,
unexpectedly discovered.

I waded in Her waters,
surprised and blessed by
this unbidden revelation of
Quiet Grace...

Mystic Meandering
April 28, 2017


A Humble Lover of "The Mystery"


Photo - The Savannah River
Augusta, GA
taken by my husband