Come meander with me on the pathless path of the Heart
in these anecdotal,
sometimes inspiring, sometimes personal meanderings of the Heart's opening in the every-day-ness of life...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Free to be...

I am free to be…
Free to be just as I am…
because ultimately
all there is, is “I” –
the Essential “I” -
along with some mental misperceptions
of who “I” is…

There is only Beingness being,
only Consciousness awareing;
Self expressing ItSelf as
’just this’ -
”I” as “me” – “me” as “I” – i/I
Formless as form,
Form as formless…

Opening to the “whole” ~ i/I
we are free to be ourselves,
just as we are…

When we know this
“something” wakes up inside
and hums…
Everything hums with the recognition of
the “whole” ~
inside and outside…

Everything is OM ~
the hum of Life ~ humming…
We are resting in That – already.
We are playing in the play of Life,
as i/I~
with “other” expressions of i/I
all playing in the sandbox of Life…

When we let go of the words
and the frameworks of interpretation
we are free just to be
- as we are –
letting go of the frameworks of
i/I, I/me and ”no-me”
and just Living…

Once the framework is allowed to fall away
we are free to express
in whatever way Self expresses,
because we know it is Self expressing self…

There is something authentic and freeing
in just allowing everything to be as it is;
in allowing myself to be
as “I” am…

Life is met from a different space ~
the space of the Heart…

Play well!


Mystic Meandering

January 30, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Somber Tones of Winter...

Sometimes my Heart sings the somber tones
that have lain dormant
needing expression…

An Adagio emerges
as if someone has died;
maybe that someone is “me,”
the false me… the mask of “me”
that keeps falling off,
leaving something more real exposed…

The grief begins
to sing, to play her strings,
feeling the loss.
I have heard her tune before.
I allow her to play her strings,
until she is played out,
listening to her deeply…

I know that
even the Somber tones are
an expression of the One.
There is no separateness,
no good or bad tones,
just the authentic expression
of what Lives here…

The Somber tones and shades are
Life ItSelf,
inviting me to look deeper,
to find the richness that lives within them…

Their song has to be sung as well.
Even they are the Heart’s language of Love,
calling me to more authentic Living...

Mystic Meandering

January 27, 2011


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heart Excursion...

A “mantra” has emerged from the depths: “Follow the Heart” – the Heart of Hearts that is. It is the sense of paying attention to the deepest Heart that *knows* the Way – the Inner Compass - the silent space of Stillness, our Essential Nature. It’s about experiencing what *enlivens* the Deep Heart, what feeds and nourishes this Heart…

I want to feel Alive while I am alive. I want to be acutely *aware* of this Aliveness, this Heart that I am – listening deeply to Its hum – like the purr of a contented cat… But I’ve been feeling a little funky lately in our brown, dry winter – depressed, unsettled, feeling a lot of “heartburn” – but no purring… After a 3-week funk I was inspired by Genju’s blog (108zenbooks) when she started posting her “contemplative photography” on Monday of this week. The Deep Heart awakened from beneath the thick layers of molasses, and said: Let’s go on a photo excursion! And this Being suddenly came alive, wanting to play, to be in nature, to explore, to see Life with new eyes. So Monday I went on a Heart Excursion – to follow the Heart in order to feed it…

Now I am not a “photographer," and only have a little Kodak Easy Share digital camera, but it was the excursion that counted – nourishing the Heart. There is something in the act of taking pictures that makes me actually *see* my surroundings. I enter into curious interaction with Life. Seeing Life focused through the lens of a camera stills my mind and thrills this Heart; allows my whole being to settle into inner Stillness, to be at complete rest within my Self. Even with others walking past me on the path that day, I was in deep Silence. I was kissed by Silent Joy and the Heart purred - reminding me that this is why I/we are here – to *live* in full awareness of the Deep Heart; to be aware of and commune with the Deep Heart – to be *Alive* to Life - to *be* the Aliveness that Life is – and to walk in the Alive Stillness of the Heart…

Here are some photo highlights.

There are many blog sites out in the blogosphere that display inspiring photography that enlivens this Heart. One that I just found is Beyond the Fields We Know – beautiful winter photos and writings. Be sure to visit, and scroll down.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Remembering the Heart...

with me

as I pour out my heart
who “I” is,
listening to the whispers
of the Heart…

with me

amongst the clutter of the mind,
between the chaos and confusion,
surfing the waters of life together,
navigating the eddies in the flow
of the Heart…

with me

in the Stillness that connects us
to all that is true in this life experience
beyond the disturbances of the mind,
the malfunctions of the body,
and the deep pain of life
that breaks the spirit,
then opens us to
the depths

with me

emptied out
poured out
opened up



the whispers of the Heart calling:
Come… be with ME
Come... follow the path
of the Heart
Come... be still
in ME ~ the Heart...
why you are here:
to remember that
you are ME
~ the Jewel in the Heart

with ME

Remember ME

"I" is your Heart


Mystic Meandering


January 19. 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inner Compass...

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost my inner compass – in a boat without a paddle type thing – no wind to tack into and therefore, no movement. And it’s a little unsettling, even for a “meandering mystic.” :)

Having spent a lot of time in “the Cave” the last several days, in the space of silent Stillness, it feels as if I am being emptied out. It’s as if the burdens I’ve been carrying - the mentations and beliefs of the way life “should” be, of how life is “supposed” to look, of how I am supposed to feel, think and experience life - are being “laid down” – well almost. This includes the “laying down” of all my ideas about my so-called “spiritual path”, realizing I don’t want to be defined by any particular “path” – just wanting to follow my Heart. But the Heart is not speaking, so I am facing an apparent darkness - an emptiness.

I hear that is a good thing on the “spiritual path.” That eventually you have to lay it all down, all those ideas and concepts that you have identified with as your “self” and just step into undefined territory – the pathless path – the Emptiness Itself. However, in this space of not knowing, sitting in the deep Stillness within, just listening - where a lot of my “direction” usually comes from - there still hasn’t been that inner sense of *knowing* how to go - even how to Be - if that makes any sense. There’s just the space of no-thingness where everything reverberates like a deep echo. Helloo~o~o~o~o ~~~~…

I wait for something to emerge from the depths of Stillness - but nothing comes. There is only this sense of being “poured out” – emptied… And only being able to do the simple tasks of living… I’ve been here before…

So of course the mind gets worried, because the mind likes definitive direction, likes having structure, likes having answers, likes having stimulation – likes *doing* not being. So the mind starts questioning – what am I *supposed* to be *doing*? Maybe it’s a January thing. In the mind’s attempt to get an “answer” I even asked my husband – what do you do when you’ve lost your inner compass? He looked at me quizzically. I asked, haven’t you ever lost your sense of inner direction before? (I know he has, he seems to have forgotten.) But in his usual story-telling way he answered: Well, it’s like being one of those float planes in Alaska on very still water. And you’re just sitting there, floating on the water, waiting for the wind to come up. And then when the wind comes up the plane automatically turns in the direction of the wind and you know the direction you’re supposed to take off into. Until then you wait…

Okay… Huh! - mind said – really? Doesn’t this plane have an engine and a throttle that I can* control* the plane with? Is it really that simple – just waiting? But “i” want to *do* something about this – about this directionlessness that I feel. “i” needs to feel like life is going somewhere, like “i” is doing something – creating, expressing, doing *important* things… So I do a little of this and a little of that, but no, those aren’t it. I keep getting called back to “the Cave” - to Emptiness - the place of Stillness. Yet, even there, there seems to be a very deep sense of unsettledness and not knowing - and a seeming inability to reach Still Point - true North - True Self… Or maybe I just don’t recognize it…

I am apparently in a place of waiting – hibernating actually – needing to be very still and quiet. And maybe that is exactly my “direction” at the moment – no direction - simply waiting - for inner movement, the inner voice; waiting for clarity, waiting for the wind to come up; trusting that I am exactly where I need to be...

I wait – I breathe – I wait – for the whispers of the Heart, the inner compass to reveal the Way…


There’s an interesting blog post called Following the Moon:
Each Heart is a World

that is about the cycles of the moon and
“Forging the True Work of the Heart…”

Photo – Yes that is exactly how the shoes were!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still Point...

Empty out everything except Silence,


of the Heart…

Lay it all down – just breath the Silence,
the Stillness of Being.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve been taught,
what words you have heard,
what beliefs you have believed…

Lay it all down – just listen to the Silence,
the deep Rhythm of the Heart.

Unconcern yourself with words,
beliefs - concepts of the dreaming mind.
Fill yourself with the Rhythm of the Stillness…

Lay it all down – just *live* from the Silence;
the still space within the Heart.

Live from the silent Flame
that burns in your Heart;
brighter than any words,
any teachings, any beliefs,
revealing everything.



Mystic Meandering

December 19, 2010


“Every other creature on the face of the Earth
seems to know how to be quiet and still…

We (humans) seem to have lost
the ability to just be quiet -
to simply be present in the stillness
that is the foundation of our lives.
Yet if we never get in touch
with that stillness,
we never fully experience our lives…

Reaching the Still Point is not something
unusual or esoteric.
It is a very important part of
being aware and staying awake."

John Daido Loori
from: Finding the Still Point

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Heart Rupture...

This is a story about a woman with a ruptured heart. Sometimes telling someone’s story and the impact it has allows the Light of Awareness in.

Last week we got an email from a former business associate, and current friend of my husband’s who had been admitted to a local hospital psyche unit. I have only met T (not her real initial) a couple of times, so I do not consider myself a “friend.” Most of what I know of her is through my husband. She is in her early 40’s, has been going through a nasty divorce over the past year, has a 14 month old baby, and a sick mother whom she has been taking care of for the past several years, who now resides in a Nursing Home. She was also being evicted from the townhouse that she just moved into in October because the neighbors complained about her dog, and sundry other “infractions.” Overwhelmed with life as it is, her heart ruptured…

It has been years since I visited a psyche unit. In fact, it’s been since I was doing a 3 month Psyche rotation in Nursing School, at the ripe age of 18 or 19 as I recall, when I thought I could save people from their pain. Back then it was a state run institution – more like a jail. This one is run by a private hospital. Basically there doesn’t seem to be much difference, the environment just *looks* nicer – less institutionalized. Some of the patients (and staff) roamed the unit with blank stares. Sometimes you couldn’t tell the difference, except for an ID card hung around the necks of the “professionals.” You can tell the patients that still have light in their eyes; T was one of them, thankfully. Some of the others were like empty ghosts wandering. Even the mask of persona was blank. Evidently there are a lot of heart ruptures occurring.

When we went to visit T she couldn’t think, couldn’t function. She groped to *feel* organized – shuffling through her papers. She couldn’t make the *required* connections, in her head or practically, in order to be able to “get out” of there, which meant, finding a new place to live, finding a therapist and a support group. She was worried that her exhusband would try to gain sole custody of her baby. Now how does one find a new place to live while sitting in a psyche ward! How does one find a therapist, or support group! And why weren’t *they* providing her these resources! So of course we offered to help. We loaned her my husband’s laptop; gave her the name of two therapists; found a local “divorce support group” on the Internet; and told her she could call us any time.

Now I was not the image of glowing, open Presence, meeting her with stillness of Heart and Being. Oh no. This mini-me was anxious about what it is getting into - wanting to just walk away and go back to “the Cave.” I could hear mini-me in my head saying: I’m *not* getting involved in this! I will be swallowed up by her web of needs. And I *do not* babysit! (Baby and I will be having a meet and greet. I see where this is going.) Don’t get me wrong, I love babies, but I’ve never had any of my own. And mini-me doesn’t want to become entangled in T’s psychological web. (Another lesson from Spider). Mini-me wants to “help” of course, but the mini-me wants to help on its own terms. It’s hard to let go, trust, and just leap into unknown territory – spider woman or not. So I agreed on something safe, I and another woman would pack up T’s kitchen. I’m good at practical in a crisis.( I’ve been doing practical this past year with my family.) And it gave T the sense that people were helping her so she could move forward.

Visiting with T at the hospital was a personal eye-opener – third eye that is. A huge rush of awareness/insight flooded in as I sat there. I realized how ridiculous it was to even think of using non-dual “spiritual” language. You know - telling her that there is really no “me,” that all there is, is Awareness; just be in the present moment; accept life as it is; that this is all a dream, a product of her mind; and that all she needed to do was “rest in Awareness.” Now that would have been way too abstract, totally insensitive, and too dismissive for a woman in pain – especially for one not on an intentional “spiritual path.” I’ve discovered many times that sometimes *saying* “truthisms” is not appropriate. What she needed was stability, acceptance, encouragement, not to feel alone, abandoned or rejected, and practical help. Her heart had been ruptured so many times, it was almost incomprehensible the amount of pain that had ruptured this being. I felt her pain too, when mini-me wasn’t trying to keep a nice emotional distance between us. In sitting with her, in her pain, it opened deeper layers of my own that have been hidden away – my own ruptured heart. That was a surprise as well – the awareness of how deep my own wounds still are.

What I *clearly* saw was that she needed to be met *where she is* - *in her story* of how life is at the moment. Lofty, detached, spiritual, non-dual language and ideals do not meet people in their hearts – they separate us. I know this from experience. So “I” listened to her story, without needing to dismiss it (her) as “story,” without offering empty encouragements, or false fixes, and tried to hear the real need behind the story. I did notice, however, that mini-me felt awkward and uncomfortable, and started groping for those familiar empty words. It was clear that I couldn’t rely on the “self-mechanism.”

I actually like meeting people where they are, story and all – without judgment, without pretense, without prescribed resolutions, or fixes – without agenda; not *trying* to be “present”, and not using spiritual platitudes and clich├ęs. It feels natural and authentic. I do this automatically a lot of times. But somehow on this “spiritual path” in “non-duality teachings” I have gotten the impression that one is not supposed to do that – to meet someone in their story of suffering… But isn’t this what “I” (The Beloved, The Mystery, True Self) does: meet us in our stories, our illusions, our pain and suffering – until we see the “truth” for ourselves, and let them go?

Recently Jeff Foster, a well-known “non-dual” teacher posted a statement about a shift he recently went through. In part he said: “…gone is the need to use Advaita-speak (non-dual language) to avoid real, authentic human engagement… to avoid meeting you in the play, to stop listening to you because I see you as ‘still stuck in the dream’ or ‘still a person…’ The message is about love.” Amen!

This is Freedom – opening the Heart and being authentically ourselves, engaging, meeting people where they are, from the Heart; recognizing that our hearts are all the same – they are real – and sometimes they rupture…


Picture circa 2004
the wounded heart...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dreaming Mind

I had a dream on December 30th that seemed fairly significant, so I thought I’d share the gist of it, or is that the grist of it. :) I do not remember all the details, but the main “grist” of the dream seemed to be about locks. In particular they were doorknob locks (they all looked like round doorknobs). And I couldn’t lock them. I couldn’t lock the front door to the house, or the mail box (which was also a doorknob). The locks did not work. So I became preoccupied with the locks and spent a good part of the dream trying to *fix* the locks that would not lock, taking them apart and trying to figure them out – to no avail. There were intricate images of “mechanisms” that I would take apart and attempt to put back together again, but they wouldn’t go back together.

I see this as a good thing.

My “locks” are not working anymore, the mechanisms of the mind and self that have kept me (the Self) safe behind locked doors (figuratively) are not working anymore, leaving “me” open… And – I couldn’t put those mechanisms back together again. Hmmmm. Is this what Freedom feels like – open, vulnerable, exposed, falling apart, unable to put the self back together again, unable to lock everything up safely? Be careful what you ask for - Beloved takes no prisoners…

In the middle of trying to fix the mechanisms I woke up – from the night dream that is. As I woke up I realized it was just a dream that had occurred *in my mind.* The exact thoughts were: this is occurring *in my mind!* Like I was surprised, yet clearly knowing that it was all mind-made. I had essentially *thought* the dream. And yet, my *mind* did not want to wake up from the dream! It didn’t want to let go, even knowing that it was a dream. My mind wanted to go back into the dream – to finish the story – to try to fix the locks and the mechanisms – to find resolution. But “I” *didn’t* want to go back into the dream. “I” just wanted to wake up, but found it hard to do so because my mind wanted to hang on – to continue the dream.

The realization was that the *dream* was mind-made and I *knew* it. It was absolutely evident. But the pull to stay in the dream was greater than the desire to wake up. The only “resolution” was to *completely* wake up from the sleep state – where the dream occurs. But even then, after awakening, the dream hung on – in my mind; pulling at the mind to come back. The dream had momentum, the dream-thought continued, and my mind couldn’t let it go. It *wanted* to play out in my mind – even after awakening… I seemingly couldn’t disentangle from the dream state – mentally or emotionally. Sounds a lot like life - the waking dream...

So, I asked myself, is “awakening” really “enough”, is “awareness” enough to completely awaken from the waking dream? You know, the one we call life... Or do we remain in a dream of our minds, even after awakening, even with awareness? Apparently the thought-dream still continues, even after awakening. The mind keeps creating the dream- the waking dream of life. The key seems to be in the realization that it is only a dream and the impetus to wake up from the dream – to not *believe* that the dream is real…

Several days later I woke up with the thought that I had reached “the end” - "the end" of what? The image that opened to me was that of the mouse in the maze picture looking over the wall. The sense was that I had reached the “end” of the maze, that I couldn’t go any further, as there was nowhere else to go – so I *had* to look up over its walls. It wasn’t that I had found my way out of the maze on some blissful path – the yellow brick road - and landed in Oz, I just knew that I couldn’t continue in the maze – the maze of the mind, the maze of the dream. And the only resolution was to stop, to shift my perception from the maze – the dreaming mind - to a different paradigm; to look beyond the familiarity of the well-worn pathways of the mind and discover a different way of seeing and experiencing the world...

It occurred to me that we are free to participate in the maze of the mind or not… We are not locked in to the maze. Our sense of freedom depends on whether we are fixated on the dream, or able to see beyond the walls of the faulty mechanisms of the mind.

“If you want to see what’s behind the curtain of reality,
to take the red pill and discover what the matrix really is…
you have to be willing to give up everything.
The cost is literally all of “you”
– your identity, your addictions, your life-long programming…”
[the maze].
Author unknown.


Keep on knocking
‘til the joy inside
opens a window
look to see who’s there

Inner wakefulness

This place is a dream
only a sleeper considers it real
then death comes like dawn
and you wake up laughing
at what you thought was your grief
A man goes to sleep in the town
where he has always lived
and he dreams he’s living in another town
in the dream he doesn’t remember
the town he’s sleeping in his bed in
he believes the reality of the dream town
the world is that kind of sleep
Humankind is being led along an evolving course,
through this migration of intelligences
and though we seem to be sleeping
there is an inner wakefulness,
that directs the dream
and that will eventually startle us back
to the truth of who we are



Photo Image – CD cover for “Sonicaid”
Music to promote sleep.
Copyright - Avalon (SOCAN.)
Imagery: Solid Imagery Arts, LLC

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Return to Stillness...

Return to the consciousness of Stillness
that speaks through your Heart
from the in-between spaces in the
Celestial Ocean of Creation…

Stillness expresses
through vibration,
through resonance
in and through the inner Heart
~ the Inner Being…

Quiet the mind and the heart
of thoughts,
of emotions,
of pain,
of struggle,
and just listen…

Reach deeply into the Stillness of pre-creation
~ the Primordial Space ~
and allow it to permeate you,
to thrive in you…

Be at one with Stillness,
with Sacred Silence,
where the seeds of luminescent L0ve
form and expand,
through ripples of
pure Innocence,
reverberating in a pool of Stillness…

Allow Stillness to emerge from Its
place of solitude in the womb of the Heart;
from Its sanctuary of wholeness,
and give it voice…

Allow Stillness to be your Truth,
And Truth your Stillness…


Mystic Meandering

October 8, 2001


Monday, January 3, 2011

Spider Woman!

Meet my new acquaintance – Spider Woman…

I had to move some curios off the kitchen window sill the other day in order to pull the shade down to try to insulate against the cold air radiating in, now that winter has finally arrived and the temps have dropped into the teens and single digits.

A day after I moved the crystals and Billy Bear to the counter, leaving a little cluster-like enclave, my husband warned me that there was a spider in amongst the crystals. A day later I noticed her peeking out between the crystals and the bear, and this little green leaf hanging in mid air. She obviously had made her abode. So I’ve been watching her. Her web is a meshy consistency, not intricate in any way. And it spreads out pretty far onto the counter – how she attached it there I have no idea. It also attaches to the thin leaves of the “spider plant” that overhang it, rooting in a glass. I have inadvertently disturbed her web many times. Now I’m not the Arachnid type, but I’m thinking she has something to teach me here… I mean she’s building her home right in my space – just moving right in. So I’m noticing.

Most of the time she is safely hidden on Billy Bear’s lap - tucked down behind the crystals. At other times, mostly in the morning and evening, she comes out and just hangs in her web – no movement, nothing, just still, sitting in silence – just suspended in the webbing. As I watch her I wonder: Do spiders think? – or maybe these creatures have been spared the constantly weaving mind. So in my new mode of ‘walk the Earth in Silence’ – communing and listening, I’ve been just watching, just noticing, kind of like a child with innocent curiosity. What is she doing, why is she just sitting there type thing - has she been eating anything, when does she create her web – cause I haven’t seen any activity. I decided to talk to her, to commune with her. :) I said, hello little spider, in my best two year old voice – but nothing. I tried to get up close and personal eyeballing her, but then thought, the poor thing, how would I like it if a giant eyeball started peering into my world… Sorry little spider. I backed off a bit, but was still quite curious about whether I could connect with her, and so kept talking to her.

I asked her if there was really “Being” in there, you know, that same inner Beingness that we humans feel, if we’re paying attention; that Awareness/Consciousness that we have been told permeates and *is* everything? Well… I was curious, so I asked. :) Nothing. Then I asked her, can you hear me? And I kid you not - she vibrated her whole little body as if in response. Whoa – I stood straight up, eyes wide open in astounding wonderment. Well imagine that! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Alleluia – Being hears me! And responds! Being to Being. Heart giggles arose like helium inflated balloons in this Heart. And do not even *think* about calling the little men in white coats. I am perfectly happy the way I am – communing with my new Being buddy. Although a warm, fuzzy creature might have been a better match. But maybe newbies at inter-Being communication have to start with creepy crawly creatures. :)

Anyway, I have a sneaking suspicion that she has come into my space to warn me that I’m going to have to be like spider woman this year. Yeah, I can see it now, me in a spandex suit. This 5’4” 20+ pound overweight “mature” woman – debatable I know - would look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy in spandex – leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Not a pretty sight. What I mean is, I’m going to have to be more adaptable, able to create an abode in any environment, paying attention to *how* and where I create it, willing to rebuild and recreate when needed. And – I’m going to have to pay attention to that Space that holds and nurtures me, that supports me in the chaos, strengthening the inner abode as well. And - I’m going to have to remember to remain suspended in the web of Being, still and silent – untouched by the seeming chaos of life.

Maybe even expanding my “webwork” into unknown territory. Me and Billy Bear that is :)


Post Script Note: This morning (Jan. 4) we found spider in the kitchen sink building another web in the corner. We got her out of the sink, hoping she'd go back to her web, but for some reason she seems to have abandoned it. So we transported her to our front bay window with lots of big plants where she can spin her webs to her heart's content...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Walk the Earth in Silence...

Walk the Earth in Silence,
in the stillness of Being,

Walk the Earth in the Silence
of unassuming,

leaving only a trace
of a footstep here and there.

Walk the Earth in Silence
from the stillness of the Heart;
standing at the still-point,
in the hush of the Mystery…

Speak the language of Silence,
Heart to Heart,
whispered wordlessly
in the silent Rhythm…


Mystic Meandering

December 19, 2010


“Walking the Earth in Silence” does not mean being silent, as in - not speaking, not expressing - as “I” likes to express, to create, to speak, to write – have you noticed? :)

The sense that I had when the words came was that it is about walking in the stillness of Being; being still of heart and mind, acutely *aware* of the Silent Awareness that is Aware, as well as aware of what is being experienced – what is being lived – in every moment. It’s the felt sense of living from the inner Silence of the Heart, deeply listening to and deeply attending to this space; living Its ways, moving with Its Rhythms… I know there are those of you out there who do…

Ultimately, wanting to “walk the Earth in Silence,” for me, is about wanting to walk through life intimately with what is inherently Awake and Aware in us all, to what is inherently Awake and Aware in nature – as they are the same; recognizing this Radiant Nature in everyone. How delicious that would be! Communing intimately with this Aliveness in everyone and everything, knowing that it is ‘This’ that is living us, breathing us, and taking us where we need to go in the way we need to go. Simply trusting. Simply being.

How freeing to walk in this way – in the Silence of the Heart. This is what “I” wants… This is this Heart’s aspiration.

Walk with me and share how your Heart wants to walk on the Earth… :)


This photo was taken by my father in the early 50’s –
probably the winter of 1952/53.
He was walking in from the main road with a shovel
to where our small summer camp was
after a blizzard on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.
The “camp” was really the size of a large “tool shed”
that he built a porch onto where he and my mother slept,
while my sister, brother and I slept in bunk beds
and on a cot inside, on Summer vacations.
It had a door, a window,
sink, a fold out table for eating, but no toilet.
Might have made a nice hermitage for one!

He took this picture of his own footsteps in the snow.
Although my father did not “walk the Earth in Silence,”
and we did not have a close relationship,
he had a depth that I only saw glimpses of,
and wish he had expressed more.
But he kept it silent…
I think he probably appreciated the silent times
alone in nature that captured his Heart – and his footsteps…