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Friday, July 17, 2015

The Cosmic Dance...

Come, Dance…

the dance of Silence within;
the vast Cosmic Dance of the Divine
that exists within
this Still Presence
that we are…

Come, Dance…

In the Stillness of the Cosmic Ocean…


Hear the Rhythm of Silence
that lies within, behind
the door of the Heart…
that connects us to the Great Mystery;
the Expansiveness of Life ItSelf,
the contractions, contradictions,
distractions, distinctions
and distortions
on the surface waters of
life - as we live it…

Come, Dance…

Be emptied out…
Recede into
 the Great Unknown
as a wave falling
into the endless movement
of the Ocean;
held by the still waters of The Mystery…

Cradle your heart in your arms,
turn inward,
open and
unfurl your self  into the Great Ocean
of the Eternal Heart of Love…


Mystic Meandering
July 2015

This poem was inspired by watching several you tube videos
and learning the symbolism behind the Sufi Whirling Dance,
which is referred to as a “concert of the galaxies”
and was essentially done to open the Heart
to the Universal Heart - our Divine nature.
Rumi first initiated the dance around a pole at
the Mosque during his grieving for the loss of
his Friend Shams of Tabriz

Photo: Blown Glass Ball with glass extensions inside
I can see a Whirling Dervish there :)


  1. Dear Christine this is so beautiful, it is my birthday today and is so fitting to remember to fall back as a wave of the vast ocean and be supported by that mighty body... I have not looked at your link, but will come back to that... I have though done the whirling dervish movements in yoga and I can tell you it is an awesome experience!!! Hugs

    1. Well Happy Birthday! :) Yes, just letting go and knowing that you are always supported by the Universe/Cosmic Ocean. Wow - that must have been a wonderful experience! I have never done the dance, but I *love* watching the dance. It soothes me somehow. Of course it is also supposed to be a metaphor for life, how we are born, move through life, and then return to the Source... Many hugs to you on your special day, as you continue in "the Dance" of life!


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