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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Ineffable Breath...

Beyond the concepts of duality and n0n-duality
there is only The Breath of Sacred Silence...
Here is neither oneness or two-ness,
only The Rhythm of the
Ineffable Breath
of Silence
Existence exists

In this space
everything falls away -
even our own breath –
 all  breathing falls into the
the Rhythm of the
Ineffable – breathing
the essential Life that
underlies everything.

The Ineffable Breath is always
 here - and "we" -
 are always being breathed
by the Ineffable Breath...

A mystery...

The inhale and exhale
of the Cosmos,
one Rhythm.
No longer aware of
a separate "me,"
only the Ineffable Silence

The mind tries to keep the personal
sense of "me" alive through
thought patterns,
thought processes,
an automated mechanism
that just runs,
creating scenarios of I/me
There is only The Breath
of The Ineffable,
Breathing -
breathing Existence.

There is no sense of
or dissolution,
or surrender
of a thing

One is simply - absorbed -
 subtly by/into The Ineffable.
A natural, organic absorption of the whole being
 taking place IN the Ineffable Breath -
 the ongoing stream of
 Pure Beingness –


The mystery of Existence
 all takes place

The Ineffable Breath of Silence

Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings
January 18, 2016


This poem triggered a mass exodus from my blog.
Maybe it is too "esoteric", too confusing, as a "Friend" suggested.
And yet, this was/is my experience of the Ineffable, the Mystery of
Existence, during times of meditative Silence -
 lost in the Ineffable Breath.
But how does one express the inexpressible in
 "understandable" ways?

One doesn't  - that is why it is "ineffable" - i.e. beyond expression,
unspeakable.  And yet I felt compelled to write,
 to share the experience
through the only vehicle I know - words -
in hopes that it would inspire...


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