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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Deeply Listen - Mark Nepo

Deep listening is meeting experience openly
so we can discover the coherent whole of life that connects us.
The task is to slow down enough and be present enough
to listen to each moment that calls…

Each enlivened moment is a thread in the fabric of the Universe -
each embued with spirit and wisdom.
We must learn to see through to the essential realm
that underlies everything, to listen below the surface of things
for what’s hidden…

The task is to be humble enough and attentive enough to
 pull the threads until the threads unravel the cocoon
 of our own making 
that shrouds us from the mystery
 that is always present.

At the deepest level, the most essential level,
listening entails a constant effort to *feel* that moment where
 everything touches, so that we might be touched by
 the Life Force in all things,
tuning to the mystery that surrounds us…

Life is a river… all we are left with is to find that current
 and join it…
listen for the water as it opens your gills,
feel the wind of truth,
receive the ancient rain of insight as it softens the mind…

When our individual sense of being merges with
 the ongoing stream of being
 that is the heartbeat of the Universe -
breathing the Breath of the Universe…

If stilled enough our breath can join the Breath of the Universe -
our deepest Home.

Excerpts From: Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

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