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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Love and Surrender - Chuck Surface

These days, with more behind than ahead,
I do not yearn to solve the Mystery of Life,
Or come to "enlightenment" or "awakening."

Those words long ago lost all meaning,
And the Great Mystery has proven,
Beyond all doubt, Unknowable.

These days I Cherish two things:
The Sacred Presence in The Heart,
That Ineffable Sublimity,
which Illumines the Experience of Being:


And the Enlivened Serenity of the mind,
Though ever awash in Wonder,
Surrendered to Not Knowing.

Love... and Surrender.

Having these,
What care is there of attainment,
Or "levels" of enlightenment?

Having these,
What care is there for states of being,
Created and sustained conditionality?

Having these,
How can one bear arid discourses,
Seeking to prove this "Truth" or that?

Having these,
What "spiritual desire" can arise

Love's desire to Bless.

I've grown so weary of all else "spiritual."
These days, with more behind than ahead,
This Mystery within a Mystery is content
To breathe in Love, and breathe out Surrender.


...in the course of my life, I found,
No finality in the milestones come to along The Way.
No flag planted, no summit attained.
And however Profound each milestone,
More should not be made of them,
than should be made,
Each being merely a juncture...
On a Journey of Endless Enlightening.

Chuck Surface


Photo - sent to us by a friend many years ago.
The Fawn's mother had been killed...


  1. I too, grow weary....

    This path and that path and the other path... Find the "right" one? All I did, is leave behind, the one I was born into. :-) At the ripe old age of 63.

    And that in itself, was so wonderfully freeing.

    Why find another?


    Luna Crone


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