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Monday, February 20, 2017

Love Awaits You - Christiane Singer

When there is nothing left,
when you are on your last adventure,
in deteriorating descent,
[from disease/illness]
the mystery of suffering
[is that it] takes you to transparency

where there is only Love...
...liberates the power of Love...
in our lives...

All the dams break and
there is nothing but Love
all around you...

At the end of the worst,
Love awaits you...

There is nothing to fear
...receive Love...

Love is not an emotion,
it is the substance of life itself.

Christiane Singer
French Writer/Novelist

Excerpts from her video
"The Gifts of Suffering"


She writes:
I wrote a book on Les Ages de la vie.  I tried to show these
metamorphoses of being in the course of life.  It is obvious
that all this is only valid if one has learned to die in the course
of existence.  And these occasions are given us so often.
All crises, separations, and diseases, and all forms,
everything, everything, everything,
all invites us to learn and leave behind.
Death will take away only what we wanted to possess.
The rest, it has no hold on the rest.
And it is in this progressive deprivation that an
 immense freedom is created...

Christiane died of Cancer in 2007 at the age of 64

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