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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Self-Discovery - Sandy Jones

I discovered there is no reason to try to pull life apart
into 'ego and not ego' or self and not self, or real and
unreal, higher self or lower self.  As if we could
possibly separate Life and all that it is, from itself
and its very own totality of self-knowingness.

No, I found it can't be done.  It's not the way to love
and peace and joy and the unbridled being of who we are.

One day I discovered.....that I am the living awareness of
Something that is infinite and forever.  Life is the Living
Divine Mind being this awareness [that] I am.
 It is my
very Self-knowing.  It is me and it is all that Life is.
It is nothing but love and Light and Self-knowing. And
this Awareness does not come from out of me, I do not
possess this Awareness, this living infinity of me, but it
does live as the life and light of all that I am.

We are the Light of the All in all.  Living awareness,
knowing itself as Identity, as you and me.  I am the
Self-Knowing Identity of the Ineffable All That Is.

And yes, I can only speak for me and what I have
found.  But for me, the journey here, in this world of
time and matter, is not about achieving some void of
no-me, to become emptiness or living without a sense of
self.  No, not at all, for me, it has proven itself to be
totally the opposite.

Life led me home, the ups and downs, the painful losses,
the tears of love, the anguish, it all brought me home.
It was the hard teachings led me back to myself, this
childlike innocent beauty and happiness, back to my heart,
to understanding the unbound freedom from fear.

Life is about Self discovery, walking into it all and seeing
the beauty of everything, including our self.  There is no
way to know Life/Presence without you and me, this self
we are, right here in the middle of it all.  I am an aspect of
this All inclusive wholeness, this ineffable Mystery that is
knowing itself to be.

It took me a long time to find this freedom, this fearless
knowing of this eternal light that is being who I am.  It
took a conscious choice to be brave, at first, trusting what
had been revealed to me, leaping in and living it all.
I cannot be otherwise.
I am the wonder of its ever unfolding beauty and grace...

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