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Thursday, December 27, 2018

In Pursuit of Silence - George Prochnik

Silence has to do with the interruption of the imposition of our
own egos, our will, on the world...
Silence is where we hear something deeper than our chatter.
Silence is where we speak something deeper than our words.
Silence is the resting place of the Essential.

Silence is our natural milieu, and the more we get away from
Silence, the more we lose our humanity.

Silence returns us to what is real. 
Silence is a journey into the Heart of Being.
If you allow silence to circulate,  your mind becomes aware of
what Truth is.  It makes you aware that you're not in control
of anything.

Seek Silence...

In a world of noise,
silence calls to us...

It is not an esoteric practice.
It is as simple as shifting your attention
from the things that cause noise
to the vast interior spaciousness,
which is our natural silence.

From the documentary film:
In Pursuit of Silence
by George Prochnik

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