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Monday, June 24, 2019

Ode to Silence - Nazia Mallick

Silence is all about coming home to ourselves...
We look within and drop our opinionated mind
and learn to feel everything around us more deeply.

When the incessant chatter of the mind stops and
we let the quietness around submerge us, something
sacred is born within.
It is only in silence that we are capable of listening.
We learn to listen more when we are silent.
Silence is the basic ingredient allowing us to
enter our intuitive mind, and resist the
cacophony of meaningless noises outside.

It is interesting to note how Silent and Listen
have the same letters but are arranged differently.

We have forgotten the art of waiting and allowing
ourselves to grow silent within.

Nature thrives on silence.
We never hear the footsteps of the moon when it
appears in the sky.  We don't hear a loud bang when
the sun comes out and the stars burst open in the sky.
Their arrival is always wrapped in glorious silence.
Look how the tree knows it!  It remains bare,
beautiful and still; waiting for the new leaves, knowing
that the old has gone and the new will soon be coming.
The tree waits in silence.

Just like the tree, when we are silent and waiting,
something beautiful inside us keeps on growing
and it is stillness and silence that gives birth to creativity.

Often it happens that when we wait in silence, life
rushes back to fill those crevices in our souls.  There
are times when silence becomes the most potent way
of communication and is more effective than words.
To say nothing is often more difficult than expressing
anger, love and betrayal with words.

Being silent with a natural and calm stillness within
is like a spiritual reflex.  There is a space between
stimulus and response.  And in that space is our
power to choose our response.
That "space" is silence...

Each time I feel that I just cannot take another step
forward in life, I seek refuge in silence...

Excerpt from an article found in Ode Magazine 2009


Shift your attention from words to silence
and you will hear...



Photo - Mystic Meandering

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