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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Eccentricity - Nick Bantock

Eccentricity is underrated.  I'm not talking about the, Look
at me, I'w wearing strange clothes and waving my arms
around trying to get attention, sort of behavior, but a kind
of eccentricity that frees-up people to be individuals,
rather than nodding clones.

Being a genuine eccentric means.....your mind passes
into new territory.  And once you've entered that unique
space, staying with it, and not worrying how others may
interpret your preoccupation...

It takes courage to open your eyes wide and express
what you see and feel in a way that gives you and others
the permission to articulate, create and challenge the tired
norms that neuter and suffocate...

After all, what do you have to lose?  And think what there
is to gain, if not a world of possibility.

Nick Bantock

via - Donna Iona Drozda


Photo - Mystic Meandering


  1. What do you have to lose - is a bit of illogic which sometimes doesn't lead one in a positive direction. The choices need to be at least somewhat rational.

    1. Barb - I believe the context of the quote has to do with being the unique, creative individuals that we are. The point being to go beyond the "rational" dictates of the mind and just be your authentic, intuitive self - seeing things through the lens of infinite possibilities, and not just conforming to the "norms" of society that "suffocate" the creative spark - which others might see as being "eccentric." In many ways it's a paradox. You don't "lose" your "rational mind", but it no longer dictates, when you've had direct experience of "The Mystery." The "Mystical experience" sees through the lens of the Heart, not the rational mind. Hope that makes sense :)


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