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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Beginning Again - Fred LaMotte

Sometimes you need it all
to start over again...

So you take, no, receive
one breath.
The you remember,
this is the stream
of gratitude
that bathed us all
in the beginning.


The scentless nectar
that sweetens the rose
and desert sage alike,
invisible sap
that ripens all faces
to ochre, mahogany,
ginger and fire.


No vow, no sacrifice required.
Just keep pouring the ghee
of attention
into the flame of your body.
What thrills a distant star?
The jolt of coming Om
to rest in your heart.
Which is surely what you relished
when you were very young,
your sadhana was being
just as you are...

Sometimes you need it all
to begin again.
So listen and breathe,
take, no, receive


There now, it's done,
and the world is new.

Fred LaMotte


Photo - Laurent Berthier


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