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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can You Hear The Music?

Yesterday morning as I pattered down the hall after arising, heading for my office to check emails, on the way to the kitchen, I heard music wafting through the air. This was a strange sound, as normally we do not have music playing when we arise in the morning – let alone very lively Celtic music from the show “River Dance.” I checked my emails, then went to the top of the stairs and peered over the railing to the kitchen expecting to see my husband dancing the jig – in his underwear no less :) But - no, he was just making coffee, engulfed in the music. The next song I heard was from Smokey and the Bandit: “East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’, we’re gonna do what they say can’t be done. We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there. East bound, just watch ole’ bandit run.” By this time I’m in full belly laugh, wondering what the hell is going on. The last time I heard this song we had packed up everything and moved to Washington DC – 26 years ago! It was our theme song riding across country. Is there a message here? Are we going somewhere? I mean I know we’re making some necessary changes here, becoming unencumbered with life’s encumbrances and all – turning grit into pearls, but I had no idea it would elicit such exuberance!

I was informed that he thought it would be a good way to start the day from now on - lively, get it in gear, get stuff done kind of music. It definitely got the chi going. I admit I like the new atmosphere. I like the sense of motivation, get ‘er done kind of attitude – the actual participation and engagement in where life is going at the moment, which is better than the stagnation we’ve been experiencing on all levels of living for several years now – despite my nagging attempts to affect change – silly me. Seems one does not *get* the “lesson” until one gets it. It has to be *seen* by the one needing to see it… Evidently it has been seen – thus the music…

And so here we go – life with a new attitude… Please hang on to the bar. Life is moving through…

This morning I awoke to the Moody Blues’ song - “The Voice.”

These lyrics captured me:

“…can you hear the spirit calling
as it’s carried across the waves
You’re already falling.
It’s calling you back to face the music,
and the song that it is coming through.
The one that it’s calling is you…

…understand the voice within,
feel the change already beginning…”

Life is changing. The piper is calling. I just need to hear the music that is coming through – and dance…



  1. How wonderful! I said to someone this morning that the wave which is sweeping through started 10,1000 years ago. All we can do is ride is as best we can! Hang 10, Girl!!!

  2. LOL... I meant 10,000... :-)

  3. Genju ~ As always you make me laugh out loud! Such a joy to have you here! Just call me "surfer girl..." :) There's a lot of us riding the surf these days!

  4. Hot Dog!! I LOVE change. What a great image Christine. I used to wake my kids up to Lion King blasting.
    "It's the Circle of Life
    And it moves us all
    Through despair and hope
    Through faith and love
    Till we find our place
    On the path unwinding
    In the Circle
    The Circle of Life"...

  5. Love this post Christine! And I may follow the inspiration and start our days here in Missouri with a bit o' foot stomping soul stirring music!

  6. Leslie ~ oooo - I Love Lion King! :) Thanks for the words - wonderful! Will make sure that is one of our morning wake-up calls :)

  7. Hey Colleen! EEE-Haaaa! Let the music flow! :) This may be contagious! Let me know of your selections - what inspires you, what enlivens you...

  8. It is amazing how inspiring and uplifting music can be. It has been mostly silent here for too long. Gotta get that ipod out again!

  9. ZenDS ~ I thought of you with your music and collage work, and how the music allowed you to go deeper, to touch the authentic place within, effecting your creativity. Music seems to connect us with the imagination - giving us new ways of seeing. It also seems to embody all those things that Loori said, the muse, the grounding, the chi, resonance and expression... LIFE! :)

  10. :)
    Music connects my feet to my hands and earth to sky to heart...I often dance (to everything!) by myself, in my room, or the living room, or outside on some logging road, so I can feel my heart. Bless you, Christine!

  11. Thank you Maria! "I dance so I can feel my heart" - wow - that is such powerful imagery for me right now! Yes, I'll be dancing this weekend for sure! Lovebeams to you!


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