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Monday, January 3, 2011

Spider Woman!

Meet my new acquaintance – Spider Woman…

I had to move some curios off the kitchen window sill the other day in order to pull the shade down to try to insulate against the cold air radiating in, now that winter has finally arrived and the temps have dropped into the teens and single digits.

A day after I moved the crystals and Billy Bear to the counter, leaving a little cluster-like enclave, my husband warned me that there was a spider in amongst the crystals. A day later I noticed her peeking out between the crystals and the bear, and this little green leaf hanging in mid air. She obviously had made her abode. So I’ve been watching her. Her web is a meshy consistency, not intricate in any way. And it spreads out pretty far onto the counter – how she attached it there I have no idea. It also attaches to the thin leaves of the “spider plant” that overhang it, rooting in a glass. I have inadvertently disturbed her web many times. Now I’m not the Arachnid type, but I’m thinking she has something to teach me here… I mean she’s building her home right in my space – just moving right in. So I’m noticing.

Most of the time she is safely hidden on Billy Bear’s lap - tucked down behind the crystals. At other times, mostly in the morning and evening, she comes out and just hangs in her web – no movement, nothing, just still, sitting in silence – just suspended in the webbing. As I watch her I wonder: Do spiders think? – or maybe these creatures have been spared the constantly weaving mind. So in my new mode of ‘walk the Earth in Silence’ – communing and listening, I’ve been just watching, just noticing, kind of like a child with innocent curiosity. What is she doing, why is she just sitting there type thing - has she been eating anything, when does she create her web – cause I haven’t seen any activity. I decided to talk to her, to commune with her. :) I said, hello little spider, in my best two year old voice – but nothing. I tried to get up close and personal eyeballing her, but then thought, the poor thing, how would I like it if a giant eyeball started peering into my world… Sorry little spider. I backed off a bit, but was still quite curious about whether I could connect with her, and so kept talking to her.

I asked her if there was really “Being” in there, you know, that same inner Beingness that we humans feel, if we’re paying attention; that Awareness/Consciousness that we have been told permeates and *is* everything? Well… I was curious, so I asked. :) Nothing. Then I asked her, can you hear me? And I kid you not - she vibrated her whole little body as if in response. Whoa – I stood straight up, eyes wide open in astounding wonderment. Well imagine that! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Alleluia – Being hears me! And responds! Being to Being. Heart giggles arose like helium inflated balloons in this Heart. And do not even *think* about calling the little men in white coats. I am perfectly happy the way I am – communing with my new Being buddy. Although a warm, fuzzy creature might have been a better match. But maybe newbies at inter-Being communication have to start with creepy crawly creatures. :)

Anyway, I have a sneaking suspicion that she has come into my space to warn me that I’m going to have to be like spider woman this year. Yeah, I can see it now, me in a spandex suit. This 5’4” 20+ pound overweight “mature” woman – debatable I know - would look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy in spandex – leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Not a pretty sight. What I mean is, I’m going to have to be more adaptable, able to create an abode in any environment, paying attention to *how* and where I create it, willing to rebuild and recreate when needed. And – I’m going to have to pay attention to that Space that holds and nurtures me, that supports me in the chaos, strengthening the inner abode as well. And - I’m going to have to remember to remain suspended in the web of Being, still and silent – untouched by the seeming chaos of life.

Maybe even expanding my “webwork” into unknown territory. Me and Billy Bear that is :)


Post Script Note: This morning (Jan. 4) we found spider in the kitchen sink building another web in the corner. We got her out of the sink, hoping she'd go back to her web, but for some reason she seems to have abandoned it. So we transported her to our front bay window with lots of big plants where she can spin her webs to her heart's content...


  1. Hi Meanderi,

    I like that your first response isn't to kill the spider. I think once you start becoming more mindful you don't have those knee-jerk reactions quite as much. It's nice that you took the opportunity to observe the spider and even try to understand it. I do not think that's crazy at all--I think it's being present in the world. I have stopped killing spiders, particularly in the summer, because they eat mosquitoes!

    David Sedaris wrote a funny essay about a bunch of spiders who created a network of webs in one of his windows. He too has a "relationship" with the spiders although if I'm remembering correctly, it didn't end well!


  2. Hi Jennifer ~ Good to see you again. I like what you said that "noticing" and "understanding" is about being present in the world. That has a nice ring to it...

    Yes, Spider Woman was out of her "nest" this morning. My husband found her in the sink. So we moved her to another location near some larger plants, where she can happily spin her webs...

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your great comment! Christine

  3. Ahhh Yes! Grandmother Spider brings her medicine to you Christine! :) The medicines of past, present, and future which, weaves and reweaves in each present moment.
    I so love the Honey Crystals you have or is that Citrine? I have both in my home.
    I've no doubt whatsoever She is communing with you...no doubt at all. :)
    About a month ago already, I could see something out of the corner of my eye and as I looked over, there was a nice, hairy, wolf spider scooting along the wall and when I jumped up to try and capture it and put it outside it moved like streak lightening...I've never seen it since but I know he's in here! Yesterday a baby Daddy-long-legs was slowly creeping along my kitchen sink and I just left it alone as they aren't really an arachnid I think but they do eat silverfish and other squiggly things so are beneficial....I happen to love spiders and will go to any lengths to observe them, lol. So happy to know your 'being' is hanging out with you...don't forget to keep us in the know of what comes to your awareness while she resides alongside you...it will be worht the wait I am sure!
    Thanks Sister Love for the great share...it put an ever bigger old smile on my face today!
    Blessings and SpiderWebs!

  4. Oooo - I like the medicine - past, present and future always woven into the NOW, only ever One... The crystals are Citrine.

    We had to transport Spider to a new home in some plants at the front window. We found her in the kitchen sink this morning weaving another web. And she wouldn't go back to her old web. Silly spider. :)

  5. Nicely reminding us of mindfulness, and mining each experience for what it has to offer. There is so much to learn out there from other beings and circumstances, but we often deem ourselves too busy for this. Nice illustration of relating to all beings in a compassionate way. I suspect I would have tried to scoop spider woman up and put her out doors and thought it all a bit of a bother. I suspect I may think differently next time I meet one of the 8 legged!

  6. Oh Love the Spider Woman intention! I have a set of suction cups I was given to deal with my mother (when she made me climb the walls!)... ;-)

    You are so courageous in how you meet these messengers and how you embrace their guidance. I think Swinging Spider Woman is gonna be a great gig!

  7. Thanks ZDS ~ Normally I'm not so "curious" about spiders - of all things! But she captured my attention for some reason. (Now if it had been a snake - no way.)

    It does seem like it always comes back to awareness/mindfulness and paying attention, doesn't it...?

  8. Well, hold onto those suction cups, I may need to borrow them :) Hey, that sounds cool - the Swinging Spider Woman Cabaret. Now if I can just keep from getting entangled in that net - er web :)

    Thanks Genju

  9. Such a beautifully written piece of presence... "communing with my new Being buddy" ... (smiling)

  10. Welcome Darla :) And thank you... Yes, I'm becoming more curious about everything, seeing with different eyes - being Alive while i am alive :) Christine

  11. We renting out the suction cups?!?! :)

  12. Most definitely Leslie! :) LOL - Wasn't aware that you too are "climbing the walls"? :) Ah-so another spider woman in disguise...

  13. Hmmmm...I may be climbing some walls somewhere, somehow. But I ain't getting in no spandex. :)


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