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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Creating A Heart Tree

Our beautiful 30+ yr old River Birch, the centerpiece of our front yard, is in trouble. It only leaved out on its lower branches, although a few small branching cascades of leaves managed to find their way up a few of the higher branches. She did this 5 years ago as well, and we managed to save her. With a severe drought this winter, and a dry winter the year before this aging tree didn’t have the oomph to fully leave. She didn’t completely “wake up” from her winter slumber. Even though we have had record breaking rain this May, it was not enough to help her thrive. Sometimes I feel like that too – not fully leaved, not fully awake, no oomph, not thriving, worn out from the droughts of life. So we called the “tree man”, asked his advice, which was the same as we got 5 years ago - a 50/50 chance treatment would work. So River Birch has been deeply fed and treated for bugs. She will need some dead wood pruned, but nothing too drastic as we don’t want to shock her anymore than she already is. Too bad I can’t call a “tree man” for what ails me! I need deep root feeding and debugging!

I was inspired by a recent post on ZenDotStudio about a “Heart Tree” she discovered beside the road, and decided to create a Heart Tree out of River Birch - *for* River Birch. I had some stone hearts that I have found in our back yard and on walks over the years and laid them at the base of the tree. I sprinkled a little sage at her base and solicited a little help from the Faerie Kingdom with a little wee-folk door laid up against the trunk, and some metal garden faeries dancing nearby… Hmmm - Imagination, Inspiration, Fun, Creativity and Love – good for what ails me! I am getting too bogged down in words, thoughts, beliefs; in the distractions of life, the needs of family, and yes, even the “spiritual path” has somehow suffocated that spark of Life within – that passion for Living, Creating, Being.

So I’m curious to know – what enlivens the flow of Life within you? What deeply feeds the core of your Being? What allows the *Life* that you are to come alive?

If you would like to contribute a stone heart that you have found you can email me at mysticmeandering@gmail.com and I will send you my address.



  1. When I saw the title of your post on my blog role I just had to come over for a look! What a lovely, caring gesture. And your stones are so perfectly heart shaped.

    I love that you had some fun with this. This is what feeds my spirit, some fun, some foolishness a good laugh. Being outside in nature is also restorative for me. Being generous of spirit also enlivens the flow. Allowing myself to be guided by my inner compass is supremely enlivening. Thanks for asking, so I could think about this. Being in the company of caring and kind humans (and animals) is also enlivening.

    I will be on the look out now for heart shaped stones for your tree.

  2. ZDS ~ My "Heart Tree" friend - thank you for sharing what enlivens you... The one that popped for me was: "allowing myself to be guided by my inner compass is supremely enlivening." Ah yes - listening to that Inner Voice... Thank you! :)

  3. Hi Dear Christine, Thank you for this beautiful post. That tree may as well be me also. For way too long it feels as though I've been bogged down in isolation, family issues, a necessary job that has all but sucked any creative life out of me, and soooo many words on FB as the only place for conscious friendship. Recently I find myself getting up and walking away....into Being. It's not always noticed that way but when I refuse to be distracted -- even by a 'spiritual path' -- and just 'be' with whatever 'is' it feels like everything I've been looking for. This was just noticed a few minutes ago when I walked outside to get some flowers. So I am with you on nurturing this "passion for Living, Creating, Being." Thank you for this sweet nudge ♥

  4. Dear Leslie... Well, it seems this deep need of our Being keeps nudging, knocking at the door, visiting at unexpected hours. And so of course we must listen as Being/Life must thrive! I like that you "refuse to be distracted"! I find that hard sometimes when family members are in need - but am ready to "retreat" - to nurture the spark of Life within... :) Heart Hugs always ~~~

  5. Haha...Did I say "refuse to be distracted"?!?! That's what keeps getting me into heap big trouble.
    "And so of course we must listen as Being/Life must thrive!" --- YES!!!!

  6. And sometimes Being doesn't want to be distracted :) The "I" that refuses to be distracted is valid and needs to be listened to... Being sometimes just wants to rest in ItSelf without distraction - that is still being with what is - because what IS just wants to BE :) Love Being... ♥c

  7. "...what IS just wants to BE :) Love 'Your' Being :) ... ♥ -Leslie

  8. Oooo... another chance to go meandering down to the stream. One heart stone coming up! BTW, check out this intriguing idea of writing "small stones": http://lotusinthemud.typepad.com/sujatin/2011/05/small-stone-blogsplash-we-need-your-help.html

  9. Helloooo Genju :) Oooo - a "river" stone for "River Birch." Thank you!

    What an interesting idea this writing 'small stones ' is! I briefly popped over to the link, and will check it out more... Thanks...


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