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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cosmic Meditating Monks Mandala...

“We are afloat in a sea of immensity.
The mind has no hope of working
it’s little tricks here.
It is faced with an emptiness
that never began,
and it shrivels in the face of
such grand nonchalance.

And yet inside this egg,
this shell of me-ness,
the immensity continues,
never born,
never dying,
sailing into
luminous night…”

Author Unknown
via: Wonder, Silence, Gratitude

"You are not IN the universe,
you ARE the universe.
You are a focal point
where the universe is
becoming conscious of itself…”

Eckhart Tolle


This mandala was made with compass, ruler and a template.
I had the vision of this one dancing in my head for some time.
I made the meditating monk template from a photo
in a catalogue of a meditating monk statue…
The piece of black paper came with little white dots on it,
looking like little stars in space, giving the piece a cosmic look .
I just enhanced the dots inside the little meditating figures,
giving them the affect of impermanence,
of formlessness within form;
of *being* the Universe...


  1. I'm afloat with love for you and your new found art, beautiful! x

    1. Thank you Sue! Hope you are feeling better! Heart Hugs...

  2. love this new mandala, a snowflake of monks.

  3. You are a focal point
    where the universe is
    becoming conscious of itself…

    ... could definitely give one shivers :)

    1. Yes - Goosebumps! :) Can you feel that sense of spacious "universe" when you meditate? It's incredible. You become *aware* that this *is* what you are - what we all are... Shivers indeed :)

    2. David, You may like this post by Tara Brach...

  4. I'm soooo enjoying your mandalas and quotes. . . Thanks many times yet again.

    1. Thank you Dear Heart :) I'm glad... And actually doing the mandalas has been incredible was well... Love

  5. WOW... the Monk Mandala has an almost "trippy" quality, I love this! ;o) The color palette is so wonderful for this... BEAUTIFUL work, Christine! ((HUGS))

    1. Thanks Tracy :) Too funny! Like being caught in a cosmic dream :) like the line in a Moody Blues song: "speeding through the universe.....is the best way to travel." lol The color is actually a lot more luminous when light shines on it - but glares...

  6. These are concepts that have been in my being this week too. We ARE the universe. We are art. We are the point, each of us, consciousness. The mandala is so cool. Awesome that you created what was in your head. xo

    1. Thanks Ruth! :) Yes, becoming aware that we are Consciousness ItSelf, aware of ItSelf. Consciousness becoming form, yet remaining formless - remaining ItSelf. It's beautiful actually...lovebeams ~ ~ ~

  7. So perfectly put together, the quotes chosen and the image created. It sure feels good to know that I am, indeed, the centre of the universe...just like everyone else is.

    1. Thanks Lynne :) Wellllll, not in the sense of the individual ego identity - ego-centric :), but in the universal sense that our True Being/Essence *is* the Universe, and "we" are That - as Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi and Papaji write about; the sages of Non-Duality (Advaita) - that nothing is separate from what we have come to call "God," or what some call Pure Consciousness, or the Universe, etc. It is comforting isn't it :) We are all made of the same stuff :)

  8. this mandala is just goregeous. beautiful quotes too. hugs, hope you are okay, suki

    1. Thanks Suki :) I see from your post today that you are being creative and still dealing with "stuff" :) Kind of like here... :) Will email you later today... Heart Hugs...

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    1. Thank you Ricardo for coming by! I appreciate your comment.


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