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Monday, May 6, 2013

Art Speaks "The Mystery"...

Art speaks in a language I cannot express, from a wordless place, through imagery and symbolism – whether abstract or the precision of a mandala - allowing entry into the Mystery of Being that we all are…  

Lately I have been running out of things to say (except now of course) :).  So I have been allowing the mandala art and photography to speak, and even that has gone silent for the moment. Sometimes I may feel inspired to add a few lines of words, whether mine or others, :) and at times add a few lines of explanation, or clarify something in a comment, as we all see art differently, assign different meanings, different interpretations, or significance, based on our conditioning, our unique view of Reality, and our level of awareness of the “the Mystery” within.    

Some have the “just here”, “just now”, “just this”, grounded view of life – for me, limiting the view to our humanity - projecting that onto the greater Reality.  But that is my interpretation – or possibly mis-interpretation.   Words like “cosmic” or “mystic” or “mystery” may seem “otherworldly” to some – and they may feel a need to ground the mystics in “reality.”  But whose reality?   Are we forgetting that earth is only part of a larger cosmos, a grand infinity; a tiny speck whirling in space, not the ground of Beingness ItSelf?  Have we become grounded in our perceived solidity and forgotten how impermanent it all is?

Reality (capital R), like art, is always as we see it, not as it really is.  Others, like me, are more cosmic in nature, oriented toward seeing “the Mystery” of Life, in and as everything; the spacious aliveness of living Being animating everything – projecting a cosmic view of “spirituality.”  Both views are true – the Eternal Mystery of Being *is* “just this”, “just now”, already here.  But I do not write to persuade, correct, or convince.   I write to clarify the View for myself.  We do not need to convince each other of our point of view, either directly or indirectly. We can leave that to the spiritual teachers, gurus and sages of old.  Reality is what it is, no matter what we *believe* about it, or what we project into it.  And the “point” of the “spiritual journey” (if there is only one point) is to let go of our “beliefs”, our personal point of view, and realize the essence of Reality for ourselves (or so I’ve been told), in whatever way IT reveals ItSelf to us, through whatever means.  For some through mediation, prayer, and a contemplative lifestyle; for others through time in nature; through art, creativity, writing poetry, music, or through spiritual teachings; ultimately, through listening to the “Spirit” of Life ItSelf – for the “Spirit” of Life within speaks to us in a language that is beyond words, much like art, a language that speaks to the Heart, a language that we can hear and receive, if we are open to it.

Whatever our personal mental understanding of “the Mystery” is, IT is still a wordless mystery, and IT speaks to each one of us differently. For we are all different wrinkles in time, unfolding uniquely in the cosmic fabric of Reality. 



Speaking of View :)

The pictures below were taken as I was lying on the couch
 for a few moments of needed rest last week.
My awareness was captured by the simplicity
of Life living ItSelf outside my window…
The images speak to me of the Stillness of just Being
which is probably what I needed

Enjoy the View however It speaks to you…

“The timeless dimension of our being is awaiting realization.”
   Tara Brach – True Refuge

“Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world.
The forms may change,
yet the essence remains the same.”


“…what is really true?
Is there something behind the appearances,
something boundless
and infinitely spacious,
in which the dance of change
and impermanence
take place?”

Sogyal Rinpoche

“The real world is beyond our thoughts and ideas.
We see it through a net of pleasure and pain,
right and wrong, inner and outer.
To see the universe as it is
you must step beyond the net.”


“Don’t expect anyone to understand your journey,
especially if they haven’t walked your path.”
Author Unknown


Photo: Cosmic Meditating Monks Mandala
Zoom Blurred


  1. BEAUTIFUL art and images, Christine! And, as always, beautifully expressed! Your mandala art bridges all the wonders of living and spirit for me! The mysteries of now, of life, of the heart, of mind, of spirit... I try to use art as a way to translate my experience of these. We all have our "interpretation". :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

    1. Thank you Tracy :) Yes, so true, art bridges all the wonders of living and spirit :)

  2. I love the way these images all work together. I know what you mean about feeling as though you run out of things to say sometimes, but know that words or no words...you are communicating on a very deep level. Thank you for continuing to "show up" in this sacred space.

    1. Aw - thank you Stacy :) You're so kind... Yes - "showing up in this sacred space." I like that phrase. We are all "showing up" together! Thanks for being Here. :)

  3. YES: "But I do not write to persuade, correct, or convince. I write to clarify the View for myself. We do not need to convince each other of our point of view, either directly or indirectly." This is soooo important. Thank you for voicing it so succinctly. When others perceive us as trying to be persuasive, we end up in endless arguments and nit-picking "clarifications" of that which is difficult to put into words in the first place (ineffable): which is often a recipe for shutting down (in my case). Thank you.

    1. Thanks Chris :) Yes to what you said. One never knows how what one says will be understood or interpreted! I know at times I have come across in a pedantic way trying to explain what I meant - am working on it :)

  4. I very much like the shifting views of the same scene beyond the window.

    (That statement may be taken at face value and/or looked into in a deeper, more symbolic way, depending on one's .

    1. And now I feel like I need an interpreter :) Are you referring to the statement that Chris referred to? :)

    2. Sorry about the confusing comment, Christine. Didn't help that the end of my last sentence got cut off. What I meant was that my own preceding statement about shifting views of the same scene could be taken at face value (ie. the changing viewpoints of merely looking out the window); or it could be taken on the more symbolic level of noticing how our own points of view shift and change like (or with) moods or weather. I guess all I really had to say was that I like how your pictures of the window view underlined the quotations and the point you were making. I think I should stick to making cartoons! :)

    3. Oh - yes! Makes perfect sense now. Thank you for clarifying :) And you make an excellent point. Yes - noticing how our points of view shift and change, like life. Most definitely! And your cartoons are a wonderful expression of your Being - as well as the humor of life and spirit!

  5. oh what fun to sort of lie on the couch too and see out the window with you. the zoom blurring works fabulously and makes the mandala shimmer. thank you once more for your thoughtful words and quotes. blessings, suki

    1. Yes, that would be fun! :) We live on a residential street, so there are houses all around, but from laying on the couch I had a different view of the sky :) I am headed back there right now after a busy day, in need of rest :) Heart Hugs :)


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