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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Cosmic Play...

Don’t you just love this face – the curiosity in the eye, the willingness to connect – yet tentatively open and receptive, not knowing whether to trust, whether to stay or run, with just a pane of glass between us…

Much like we humans, only “the glass” is the ego, or the personality, that keeps us tentative and attempts to protect and defend  our vulnerable sense of self; that keeps us from really opening, really meeting each other - Being to Being – Heart to Heart - seeing *through* the glass…

It’s been a challenging week here in the “Cosmic Play of Life” with some new insights and perspectives gained along the way, which I will write about in another post in a few days.  But I thought I’d post these photos of my new friend – “the Cosmic Gymnast” – who offered moments of play and comic relief.  Or is that “cosmic” relief. J   We hung a birdseed bell on this pole several weeks ago, waiting for the birds to show up.  Instead after it had been out there about a week, “the gymnast” showed up one day and entertained us with a variety of antics.  We don’t know *how* he got up there, shimmied the pole I would imagine, although we caught him one time trying to figure out how to jump from the nearest tree branch to the pole, giving up and going back up the tree… 

After our initial meeting – above photo – where he chattered and whipped his tail at me through the window, he then gave me the inquisitive eye – looking at the camera lens.  Undeterred, once he knew he was safe, he then went directly to the business at hand – apparently oblivious to my presence, yet cautiously watching for any sign of movement. I made the mistake of tapping on the window to get his attention, as I wanted more connection, and he clamored down the pole.  I imagine in his animal brain he thought it was an act of aggression, which ended our “connection” – now he won’t even look at me… LOL

Seems that happens with humans as well, don’t you think…   We want to love, to be loved, to connect, to be friends, but we don’t always speak the same language, or play life the same way… J  Instead, we fear each other’s differences, criticizing each other’s words or path, indirectly, because it’s not like ours.  Our hearts close down, or we chatter and whip our tails into a frenzy, puffing ourselves up…  We mis-interpret the “sign language” and get offended, causing all kinds of problems – personally and globally.

But I digress - here’s a little light entertainment from the cosmic gymnast feasting at the Play of Life…

Getting into position

The Hang

The other side of the hang


Enjoying the Feast

The next time we saw him, he brought a friend – a bigger squirrel - whom we think could not climb the pole, instead sat on the ground waiting to eat the seed droppings.   We had hung a different kind of birdseed bell, which did not hold together as well.  At one point I looked out and it was completely gone, and there was at least half of it left!  I looked out and there was his friend eating what was left of it underneath the tree.

 Sorry the photo isn’t good, the limitations of my camera, but you get the idea.  Even those of us who don’t climb the same pole, or play the game the same way, or even play the same game with different intentions, still ultimately win the cosmic prize in the play of Life, with a little help from our cosmic friends of course. J LOL

May your days be filled with the *awareness* of the Divine Play of the cosmos that is taking place here – The Divine playing in its own game…

“You are here – life exists…
the powerful play of life goes on,
and you may contribute a verse…”

Walt Whitman


  1. Dear Christine, thank you for this most interesting and very well illustrated post! It makes me think about what we want in this life (the birds) is not always what we get, but we may get something equally as beautiful and more entertaining!

    1. Yes, so true, isn't, what we *think* we want is not always what we *need*... There are just *so* many metaphors here that could apply to each of our lives!

  2. So sweet! When we lived in the city, we had a lovely balcony, and we fed the birds and the occasional squirrel. For a period of two years we had a sweet squirrel visit us daily. We even were able to witness her pregnant, which was a joy! She became so used to us, she'd eat peanuts from my hand. I always wonder what happened to her after we moved, and still think of her. :o) Looking forward to you life insights next time... Happy Days ((HUGS))

    1. Oh, you lived int he city! We did too, a long time ago. We were on the 11th floor, so no squirrels visited, but we had birds! :) When we moved out of the city, I was like a little kid seeing wildlife when the squirrels would come around! They bring such joy :)

  3. Love this. Made me smile and think!

    1. Thanks :) Glad to hear that your snow is ending! Although we could use more here...


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