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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter's Jewel - Mandala Art...

The flame of Consciousness is the Essence of your Being…
Recognize that the flame of Truth is yourself…
Discover directly, for yourself, the jewel
that is alive within you.”

excerpts from:
 The Diamond In Your Pocket


“What if the task is simply to unfold,
to become who you are
in your essential nature….

which is not dependent upon
discovering a better method
of prayer,
or technique
of meditation;
not dependent upon
reading the right book
or attending the right seminar,
but upon really seeing

…spiraling down into the ache
within the ache,
reaching inward and opening
to feel
the kiss of the Mystery…

Dance with me in the
infinite pause

before the next
great inhale of
the breath
that is breathing
us all into being.”

Oriah Mountain Dreamer
excerpts from:
The Dance


The above mandala looks 3-dimensional
but it's all one flat surface and
was not digitally enhanced.
The design has the affect of
of rising out of the darkness
from using the black paper...


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  1. ♥♥♥ Love your thoughts....x

  2. Thank you for the many gifts given here, Christine! Your mandalas are LOVE-ly :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

    1. Thank you dear Tracy :) Have a wonderful day with TJ!


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