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Sunday, April 26, 2015


Is there a threshold to cross over?
What is the threshold that takes us into
a deeper Reality?
Can we cross it…
or are we forever imprisoned
in the cocoon of time,
when we know there is something more,
because we have seen it, felt it, intuited it;
something timeless beyond human existence
with its pain, sorrow and suffering;
even beyond fleeting happiness;
even beyond what some call
”the awakened life” –
if we are fortunate enough to
experience whatever that is …

How can “i” continue on “here” – “i” wonder daily,
immersed in the “i” dramas;
grasping, clinging,
wanting something,
something that would forever awaken this Heart
to the Bliss of Eternal Reality…

The Eternal Vastness beckons…

But “i” continue to struggle;
the body struggles to relax and live,
the mind struggles to be at peace,
the heart struggles to stay open and Love,
the “i” struggles within
to sustain its identity,
still attached to the idea
of itself,
of its importance…

How can it be so…
If all there is, is “God”,
that is – Pure Consciousness, Pure Awareness,
Pure Beingness…
Then why does this “i” struggle
in ignorance,
keeping itself trapped in time,
and in the mind…

Am “i” forever cowled to the Truth,
unable to pierce the veil,
or find the Holy Grail…?

If “i” already have,
”i” keep forgetting,
and struggle to remember…

Maybe it will never happen -
the “awakening.”
And the glimpses i’ve had
will only remain a forgotten memory,
like a dream…

I am so ready to leave the struggles behind
for the privilege of experiencing
the Unknown,
The Mystery that waits
in the Depths of Silence…

Mystic Meandering
April 22, 2015

~~~Post Script~~~

Having said all that, written one morning in a period of struggle,
dealing with intense physical issues,
 and extremely dysfunctional family issues,
I know that the “Threshold” is through the inner
 Sanctuary Door of Silence…

 In the depths of Silence
we become aware of the Intimacy with Infinite Silence -
the Pure Primal Existence,
the Realm of “the Beloved”– if you will –
The Primordial Womb of Stillnes;
not “out there” somewhere, but “in here”
where there is only The Rhythm of Sacred Silence,
as I have so often written about here in this blog…

In the deep fluid flow of Silence
there is no struggle...
because there is no little “i”
with its issues,
only the Ineffable Mystery
that infuses everything,
and lives everything
in Silence…


Photo/Art: Loon Morning
Artist: Rod MacIver
 from: Heron Dance Art Studio


  1. hello from the past Christine! ah, life, always offering up it's challenges to us on little platters. I am reading a book I find so mesmerizing called "The Untethered Soul". It's not new but I find that it's language is so clear and helpful in undoing some of the knots. Wishing you peace and happy Spring!

    1. Hello Dear Carole! So good to see you here again! Ahhhh, you caught me in a moment, didn't you :) LOL You know how those intense health issues are... :( And crazy families :) LOL And all our Big Questions of life :) What can I say...

      I actually read the book you mention a couple of years ago I think, recommended by another blog friend, and I saw you mention it on your recent post, so pulled it from the shelf to re-read. As I flipped through I saw that I had underlined and marked it up, so must be good! I just don't remember... LOL Thanks for stopping by and leaving your message!


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