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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Grace and Blessings - Chuck Surface...

Grace does not hold an abacus in one hand,
Tallying karma,
Or a Rubik’s cube in the other,
Challenging you to “Figure it out.”

Grace knows nothing of such cruelties.

Grace is the power that comes alive
When Attention, wandering in the world,
Turns inward,
In quest for The Heart’s Desire.

From the first awakening of Longing,
To the first turning inward,
through the long, wandering trek,
And the vanishing into Pure Being…

Is not everything the functioning of Grace?

Grace is the power of “Fruitioning”,
Of seed to Blossom,
Of ember to Flame,
Of Longing to Fulfillment.

Grace is the gravity of our own Pure Being,
Pulling “i”,
To its Ultimate Oblivion…
And Benediction.

The Heart’s Longing
And the mind’s Wonder
Arise from Grace,
As Grace.

Is not everything the functioning of Grace?

Grace, as my Heart speaks it,
Is not a “consequence”
Of conditionality,
Of causality.

Do we choose to have a Heart
Drunk with Longing?
Do we choose to have a mind
Moved by Wonder?

It is Grace that calls us,
Grace that moves us,
And Grace that sustains us,
Until we Vanish…

In its welcoming arms.

Chuck Surface


Photo:  “The Hand of God” Nebula
by David Malin
From: The Invisible Universe

Malin named it “The Hand of God.”
In it he saw curled fingers formed by the stars
 reaching upward towards the blue.

To me the little magenta figure at the bottom
looks like a man in robes holding out his arms in blessing.
I call it the Cosmic Buddha
How does the Universe do this -
creating such wonderment in the stars?!
Is it some unseen hand, or a trick of the eye ?
Or Grace…

A wonderful Mystery…

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