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Friday, December 9, 2016

The Timeless Moment - Bodhipaksa & Hesse

Time was no longer a path with the past behind me
and the future before me, as we commonly conceive of it.
Instead there was a sense of an eternally unfolding present moment.
Rather than time being a journey along a linear path, change
 appeared to be mandala-like.  It seemed to be like a flower
 seen from above, endlessly unfolding from within,
 or like a kaleidoscope's image forever rearranging itself.

It struck me as highly misleading to think in terms of there being a
 past behind us and a future ahead of us.  Instead there was only
 this one present moment, eternally unfolding, according to its
 nature. I found myself in an eternal, timeless present...

Bodhipaksa - Living As A River
via: Markings

"I would like to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise
of its own unfolding"
John O'Donohue


Have you learned that secret from the river;
that there is no such thing as time?
That the river is everywhere at the same time,
at the source, at the current, in the ocean, and
in the mountains,
And that the present only exists for it,
not the shadow of the past, nor the shadow of the future.

Herman Hesse


Top Photo: Mandala art digitally altered
2nd Photo: An Aurora Borealis in Yellow Knife, Canada
 - a "river" in the sky :)
Sent to us by a friend


  1. Still my favourite dharmamitra book.
    Living as a River by Bhodipsksa

    1. I actually just found Bodhipaksa through a fellow blogger, where I got the quote. The book is on my to read list :) Thank you for your comment...


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