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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Intuition as Mystical Illumination - Henri Bergson

The real world, the world revealed during mystical illumination,
is not like our everyday world and within it our everyday ways
of knowing and understanding simply don't work.

...the philosopher Henri Bergson realized this earlier in the century.
Bergson argued that while excellent for enabling us to maneuver
through the world, the intellect is not very good at grasping reality,
When we try to do this, it slips through our fingers.

What is time?  Where does space end?
Our minds are numb when faced with these questions...

What is needed for this, Bergson said, was intuition, which is a way
of getting inside the world, knowing it from within.
 intellect looks at things from the outside and analyzes experience
 into parts. That is good for obvious uses, but it is useless if we
want to grasp the reality [nature] of things.  The intellect falsifies
 reality to a great extent in order to make it manageable...

What seems to happen in mystical moments is that we see the world
through intuition, not intellect...

From: Gary Lackman - Beyond the Robot: The Life and Work of
Colin Wilson

Henri Bergson (1859 - 1941) was a French Philosopher
He is known for his influential arguments that processes of
immediate experience and intuition are more significant than
abstract rationalism for understanding reality.

Intuition - the act or faculty of knowing without the use of
rational processes; immediate cognition.  Sharp insight...

And I would also add a personal note here:
There are different comprehensions of reality
because of the limitations of the mind/intellect;
different ways of seeing the same reality;
different ways of perceiving the same reality.

It is a fallacy to believe that there is no "other" world,
when Quantum Physics has proved there is a subtle,
energetic world that infuses and informs this reality.
There is a "mystery" behind all this - and not just the "this"
that we see - but something behind what we see with our
superficial seeing...
Who/What is seeing...
All is not what it seems...


Photo - rainbow lights on a wall... :)

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