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Friday, August 17, 2018

A Field of Compassion - Matt Licata

Forcing our preferred methodology, belief, or view upon
someone because we think it is "right", or "more advanced"
[ or"enlightened"] when they do not possess the resonance, interest
or capacity to engage that practice [or ideology] is unkind,
aggressive and even potentially violent.

It is one thing to honor another's innate higher capacities -
and to never forget the brilliance of their true nature -
especially in the face of profound suffering.  But it is
another to push this realization upon them as a result of
our own failure of empathy...

May we meet each other with a wild sort of caring...

In this field where we are compassionate, creative and attuned -
not pushing our own agenda, view, or technique - together we
can access, articulate, and integrate that which longs to return
home, and in this discover
it is love that is truly the ultimate medicine.


Photo - a slab of Rose Quartz

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