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Monday, August 6, 2018

The Miracle of Pure Existence - Fred LaMotte

Existence itself is a miracle!
Whatever happens in this Existence is insubstantial,
ever changing,
never better or worse,
worth neither to be grasped or rejected...

The space in which this world is happening,
the air of pure Existence,
is complete,
overflowing with joy,
and utterly divine.
The space is without taint or boundary.
It is motionless, silent and self-luminous.

Usually our attention is absorbed by what is happening,
and so we lose the simple innocent awareness of
the Existence in which it happens.
Existence becomes the background to the play of forms
that rise and change and disappear.
But in the awakened view,
which is the clearest simplest view,
Existence becomes the foreground,
and the forms of the world sink into the background
...into the still boundless space of

The greatest miracle is
the gift of Existence.

At every moment,
the answer to any problem
is to just observe
the dance of

Fred LaMotte

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