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Monday, February 11, 2019

The Wind - Arthur Osborne

I am a pipe the wind blows through.
Be still, it is the wind that sings.
The course of my life and the things that I do
and the seeming false and the seeming true
are the tune of the wind that neither knows
good or ill, nor joys and woes.
But the ultimate awe is deeper yet
than song or pipe or storm;
for pipe and tune are the formless wind
that seemed for a while to take form.
And words are good to escape from words
and strife to escape from strife.
But silence drinks in all the waves
of song and death and life.

Arthur Osborne
From: Be Still, It is the Wind That Sings


...Death itself is a music...
Nobody has ever come close to
writing it down, awake or in a
dream.  It cannot be told...

Mary Oliver
excerpt from Straight Talk From Fox

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