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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Through Time...

My life is but a passage through time;
a zephyr ~~~~
smoke and mirrors that seem real;
a role to play, a story to unwind...

Sometimes burdened by the density of matter reality,
with its never ending mentations, and entanglements
of the personality;
baggage carried from the past;
paradoxes of the present;
perceptions of "Reality" that don't quite fit
the keyhole - waiting to be unlocked.

At times the mysteries of the Cosmos call me to
ethereal flights, and I play in the
 cosmic dance of timelessness...
Free of the passage of time.
Free of the persona, the story line,
that carries me through time...

Mystic Meandering
August 23, 2019


Photo - Mystic Meandering

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  1. We sometimes get too *attached* to the body, to *this* life, to the earth. We *are* but a breath *upon* the earth, like the wind that comes and goes; dancing in the winds of time. *Everything* is fleeting, including our bodies and this earth. Our True Essence is the Luminous Unmanifest, or Pure Consciousness, that expresses *itself* in form *as* us. We have become unmindful of our True Nature, the bliss of Pure Consciousness... the Jewel in the Heart of Being... We are THAT... _/\_


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