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Sunday, October 13, 2019

True Silence - Fred LaMotte

"In meditation, Silence is Mother."
Amma Karunamayi

Let us speak of true Silence.  No, it's not negation.
Not the silence of suppressed speech, which is no
silence at all.  Suppressed speech, or repressed thought,
is a scream.  And the more we repress, the louder our
voiceless keening.

Let us tell of the inmost Silence, omnipresent, effective,
whether we speak or not.  Silence infusing the best words
with their Truth.  Silence is a real mantra, guiding the
mind to the hollow in the seed, through Winter root,
Spring flower, or Autumn leaf.

The Silence of emptiness pervades all forms.  It is the
primordial Silence of God, gushing tears from the spring
of bliss in the womb of creation.  True Silence is the
mother of poetry, the mother of art, the mother of music.

Fred LaMotte


Silence (True Silence) is the Self.
Experiencing True Silence is



Photo - Mystic Meandering

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