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Friday, August 14, 2020

Unconditional Love - Adyashanti

I don't know about you but -
I've been experiencing a lot of anger and frustration lately
with the current world situation, with the crazy politics, and
"the Vid" that has brought drastic changes personally, socially
and economically to many.  Life, as we know it, is changing,
has changed, and obviously will continue to change.  That's
what life does, requiring adjusting and adapting on all levels.
A hidden Movement in the unseen realm is evidently underway
in the current experience that we don't understand...

I know this, but - I'm not "feeling the love",
so-to-speak, toward the current "now."  Instead, I feel
frustration and anger - feeling curmudgeonly...

One day this week, after listening to a Deva Premal
sanskrit chant on you tube, I switched over to a guided
meditation by Adyashanti on "The Unconditioned Nature of
Being.", trying to assuage the inner anger and frustration
that consistently arises within.  But I couldn't listen to it, my
mind was caught in the emotions within, which led to a belief
that I had somehow lost the ability to "love" - overwhelmed
by the intensity of the feelings; defining "love" as the ability to
feel "love" for everybody and everything at all times despite
the current stressful times we live in.  I'm no saint, just a mystic
wanting to realize the Mystery of Existence.
Then something caught my attention in the right hand margin.
Another video by Adya called, "What Is Unconditional Love?"
It was like "The Universe" had responded!
I watched the video, and I listened   He said:

We personalize unconditional love.
We imagine how it should be.
But it's not personal.
It's more like acceptance of what is.

Existence is unconditional love.
Existence allows you to be the person you are.

To *try* to be unconditionally loving will place a demand
on you which will take you away from it.

Existence unconditionally accepts.  It is unconditional love...
[which is acceptance of the totality of life experience].

Realize your Self/True Nature...
Realize what you are and unconditional love will reveal
itself to you.

Don't fight the "conditioned nature", which is the ideas of
unconditional love; images of it, etc.

We don't know what it is.

Allow yourself not to know.

[In other words, don't try to define it, or be it,
just allow it to find you...]

Excerpts from: "What is Unconditional Love?"
You Tube video

Of course not all may agree, depending on your belief system,
but it was the medicine I needed to hear at that time: that it's
not about trying to be "loving", but that "love" is being able
to accept what is, accepting others as they are, and also,
accepting ourselves and what we are going through -
as we are.

I also found that metaphorically "stepping back" (internally)
from the intensity of my emotions, and how I am playing
 in the Divine Drama, and just resting in the Core of my Being
 helped.  From there I understood that "love"/acceptance will arise
in its own time; that I was grasping after love, because I thought
 I lacked "love",  when what I lacked was the felt sense of my own
 Core Being.   That was the key piece that I needed to realize,
to "step back" into the Core, and ride out the emotional roller
coaster ride that so many of us are still experiencing in this



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  1. I like the concept of stepping back into my Core. I've been sadly out of touch (probably as a reaction to too much) from my emotional being.


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