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Monday, August 10, 2020

Vibrate the Cosmos - Saran Kauer

We vibrate on a cellular level, on an emotional level, we
vibrate in our heart beats, we vibrate as we communicate
through our voices.
We live in a vibrational Universe.

Everything that exists in the Universe has an individual
vibratory signature.  Even the planets have their unique
humming sounds as they orbit in space!  So we keep
vibrating and whatever we are a vibrational match with
will easily flow into existence.

What we manifest around us [fear, anger, hatred, love, peace]
is just a reflection of our own point of vibration.

How will you vibrate the Cosmos...

Susan Kauer


At its Essence everything is energy.  We are beings of energy -
the Source Energy that reverberates with each molecule,
every cell of the body.  Source Energy animates every living
being.  We thrive when our actions and interactions are
aligned with the energy that animates and sustains
[the Universe].

The energy that we encounter inside ourselves is the same
energy that guides the movement of the heavenly spheres -
the stars, the galaxies, universes.

Each living being has a characteristic profile of energy
frequencies expressed within his or her body.  Our
individual energies pulse in and out of the Sea of all

When we tap into that confluence of energy we arise renewed,
knowing that the energies in our bodies are moving with the
harmonies of vast Cosmic Music.  There's nothing you have to
do to earn the presence of the Source Energy, for it is nothing
less than the Essence of who you are.

Joan C. King
From: The Code of Authentic Living


Find your resonance with the Celestial Song
in your heart - and know - we are all a tone of
Love playing our uniqueness in the chord of



Photo - Aurora Borealis from a Calendar


  1. Very timely for me...thank you. I'm now buzzing with my vibrations, enjoying the little hummingbird's sharing hers as well.

  2. Was sorry to hear of your heart attack!

    In these stressful, intense times I am trying to pay more attention to my "vibration", to what I am putting out there... I started listening to, and singing along with, sacred mantra chants by Deva Premal just this weekend. I feel it has already made a difference - that is, I feel a "different" vibration beginning to hum in my body ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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