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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Melancholy - Fred LaMotte

 Even on the most radiant days, there is a sorrow at the heart
of life.  When we deny it, the day becomes a desperate quest
for happiness, and the night is long.  But when we absorb the
trough into our rhythm, like the shadow of the breath, that
benign negation infuses all things with spaciousness, tinges
creation with golden poignancy, like Autumn itself.
What is heavy is not sadness, but the denial of sadness.

Fred LaMotte
original title - "Autumn"


For all those tasting the sadness of these
unimaginable strange times that we are living through -
not only the losses from COVID, but
from the devastating fires on the West Coast, and the
hurricanes on the Gulf Coast affecting so many lives,
as well as the racial unrest, and the political upheaval
across this country.
May we all find the deep Quiet within..


Photo - Mystic Meandering
Sunset Heart Leaves


  1. Thanks for sharing this. If I were an alien on this planet in autumn, I might not realize that all those bare trees will one day sprout leaves. It is the promise of renewal that drops a hint of sweetness into the deep sadness well.

    1. LOLOLOL Yes, and I love how the cottonwood leaves look like little hearts just dangling there, waving in the Autumn sky, reminding us that even in loss love remains...


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