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Thursday, September 17, 2020

True Silence - Dorothy Hunt

Silence is a deep, interior Presence that actually
has nothing to do with whether there is noise or
quiet in the environment or in the mind.  What is
revealed in Silence is your Being, your Presence,
your awake and intimate Awareness...in its deepest
dimension.  This Silence is what we are, what life is,
what moves the Universe and simultaneously is its

The deeper the Silence, the greater is the felt sense
of the Mystery that sees beyond all thoughts, images,
and acquired knowledge.  We become aware of a
deeper dimension of our Being that is very quiet,
very still, completely open, very natural...

Psychologically minded folks may wonder if soaking
in Silence is a way of bypassing what needs to be
seen or felt or understood.  In the true Silence of
our awake nature, nothing is avoided, nothing denied,
nothing attached.  Rather than numbing us to experience,
this Silence lovingly invites everything that has been
hidden or denied to come out of the shadows into
the light.  True Silence opens us to the truth of the 
present moment.

One does not have to effort to find this Silence and Stillness.
It is not something we create.  It is felt the moment we
relax and become receptive, the moment we stop trying
to move toward or away from anything.

Dorothy Hunt
Buddhist Teacher
from - Leaves from Moon Mountain

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