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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Dancing with "The Elephant in the Room"...

I dance with "the Elephant in the Room"...

It's not my elephant - and yet - I dance -
to the "hidden", and not so hidden, rhythm of addiction
of another who refuses to acknowledge and name it,
and whose consequences of the dance have come to
roost in the shadowy caverns of denied deficits of
brain and body; impacting the lives of those who
never wanted to be partners in this dance...

It's an exhausting dance really -
a game that's played with denial,
blind to the Elephants's presence,
not wanting to see the truth of one's
own unresolved pain and brokenness;
not wanting to face the reality of their
 life choices...

Like a Hungry Ghost - wandering through life
impulsively and compulsively dancing with the
Elephant, always wanting more
and wanting it NOW - immediate gratification -
never satisfied - requiring constant attention
to their neediness; as, in their mind, there is only
"me and my need."
A voracious hunger for attention and proof
of caring - to fill the void - the hole in the soul...

Poor Ghost...

Mystic Meandering
Nov. 15, 2022


Photo - Mystic Meandering



  1. This makes me so very sad. Addictions abound these days, and being around them isn't at all easy. They are deadly, actually.

    1. This has been a 55 year addiction that started in her teens.... And now we all pay the consequences...

  2. Sending you positive energy during this difficult time. Take care.


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