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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Notes to myself...

.....everything you've ever known is nothing but an
infinitely small blip in the middle of a yawning
expanse of infinity...

You are a loosely associated cloud of cells swirling around
for a short time in inseparable interplay with the ecosystem
which birthed it on a tiny planet in the outer periphery of a
galaxy...  You're a little eddie twirling in the  middle of the
ocean for a single instant...

Each big bang in every universe unleashes a new dance of
swirling energy which turns into increasingly complex
iterations of matter as it expands...into peaks of dazzling
beauty, then it grows old and collapses in on itself again.
Infinite universes birth into existence, they bloom and die
with me like flowers in the illusory appearance of time.

Love doesn't seek to dominate or control.  Real love loves
everything just as it is, however it shows up.  They are all
parts of the swirling ongoing explosions of this universe.
They're all little curlicues in the movement of energy.
No part of the cosmic dance is rejected.
Every part is embraced.

Caitlin Johnstone


...you have been afraid to break down, I know.  You have
been carrying so much.  But do not fear the terrible ache of
existence.  You will be breathed through the abyss and carried
lovingly by nameless forces through the voided voids and out
again into the awe and shock and vastness of living.

Breathe,my love, breathe.  Do not fear the oblivion, it is the
only place where you will find your true freedom...

Jeff Foster


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