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Saturday, December 3, 2022

"The Game" - a meandering...

"You don't play the game,
the game plays you"



I am being played by Life...

I am not responsible for how
"The Game" is played out or how it ends.

I'm just a "player" in "The Game."
I need to let it play out -
to step aside and let it play -
let it unfold.

Beliefs don't matter.
It's all like a play, a movie, a dance, a story, a "game."
Choose your word, the one that resonates with you.
Some call it a dream...

I have to ride it out, and
not take "The Game" seriously.

I'm not in control of "The Game."

You don't direct the dance,
the dance directs you,
and there's nothing but
the dance...

It's all part of a larger "Game" that we
cannot even comprehend.
There are many depths, many layers
to "The Game."
There are multiple levels all playing at
the same time.

Each day you have to "see" how "The Game"
will play out - how to play "The Game" that day -
how you're going to play.

It's kind of like Alice in Wonderland,
where the game changes depending on
which rabbit hole you go down, or which
door you go through - what fantasy you
choose to play.

Each day a new fantasy or a continuation of
an old one, an old theme that keeps getting 
replayed - but who chooses?  Are there doors
that you must go through as part of your life
experience?  Did Alice have a choice?  It seems
she just fell down the rabbit hole -
into another reality,
another game...

What hole will I fall down and what doors will I have
to go through in the life experience, Life Game -
and what hat am I going to wear? :)

Mystic Meandering
Nov. 17, 2022


Photo - Mad Hatter hat
from the internet




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