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Monday, June 22, 2009

Where does Life want to go?

I am a list person. I start my day with a list of things I hope to accomplish, an agenda. Invariably the list never gets finished, which then spills over into my list for the next day, and so on through the week.

On any given day my list may look something like:

Make calls
Website/blog stuff
Email so and so…
Read favorite blogs
Watch Scott’s you tube videos
Call Mom
Work on creative projects
Iron Shirts for B – yes I still Iron
Water the garden/weed
Prune the Rose Bush
Read/Listen to CD’s
Clean the kitchen/bathrooms

It may not look like much, but with distractions a few of those things won’t get done, probably the cleaning and ironing, and maybe some of the creative activities, and probably the reading. And meditation won’t happen til nearly midnight, just before bed. And now that I’m doing a blog… Well you get the picture.

So I’ve learned that I don’t need to fill up my day with activities – well almost learned. It dawned on me that it’s not a race to see how much I can get done, or how productive I can be so that I can justify my existence – something I learned from my parents.

Being a “Mystic Meandering” I am learning to go with the flow, the flow of Life at any given moment – the inner River of Being. So each morning before my feet hit the floor, I try to consciously remember to ask:

Where does Life want to go today?
How can I move consciously with the movement of Life today?

Sometimes I don’t need to ask. Life just takes me into the day.

I still create my list, it’s my framework, so-to-speak. Like those of you who work a full-time job outside the home, or have children and other responsibilities, your daily “job” becomes, in a sense, your framework for the requirements of daily living. But then within that “framework” where does LIFE want to go? Kind of like the chop wood, carry water philosophy with awareness – you still gotta do the chores, but you begin to wonder, who is really doing the doing, kind of thing, and is that “something” drawing me to do something else… And am I listening well enough to hear it…

I am curious. So one day when I asked this question I tried to stay aware to where my day was going and what I ended up doing, and it pleasantly surprised me.

Instead of feeling harried, pressing forward, I slowed down – internally – opened more to each moment as I went through the day, accomplishing what needed to be done – not necessarily what I wanted done according to my pre-ordained list. And there still seemed to be time for more.

After lunch I literally found myself – and became consciously aware that I was - clearing out the area just under our bay window in the living room where we have several plants in pots sitting on the floor – where Yodi Bodhi likes to sun himself. Over time the old, dead leaves had dropped off behind the pots where it was not easy to get to, making quite a mess that required moving all the plants out and vacuuming – time consuming. I had known for a while that I needed to add this task to my daily list, but I kept putting it off. And then spontaneously, in the immediacy of the moment, without thinking about it, I just flowed into the activity. It had not been planned. I was amused. I smiled to myself in a knowing kind of way… Ah, so this is where Life wanted to go today…

It’s just life happening as it happens. And so my daily challenge is to live as life comes, the way it comes, being available to the movement of Life in any given moment, as it wants to live me.

Where does Life want to take you today…?

Life living Itself!

Heart Smiles – MeANderi


  1. "MeANderi" would be a beautiful name to take on, wouldn't it. . . I have often taken issue with the various versions of my given names and wondered what name I'd choose if I changed my name. . .

    And so, I'm reading your blog entries from the beginning, Christine (though I may or may not comment on each one). You're "on my list" not only because I enjoy your writing so much, but also because you are inspiring me (with your more measured pace and careful words) to slow down (picture me flying up and up and up until I'm left with only swirls of images, few words, and you'll understand a little of what happens when I try to communicate with any semblance of clarity sometimes). Once again, thank you for your truthful sharing.

    1. Wow Chris! I am humbled and honored. It's such a compliment and affirmation that you would dig through all these old posts!

      And I grew out of "MeANderi" :) Thought it was putting people off a bit.

      Beyond words....C