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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Serenity's Sanctuary - Embrace

Everything is held in the Embrace of Absolute Presence.


The Eternal Embrace is
a dynamic Stillness of Being
that holds everything as it is,
with no need to change anything.

It is a holding space for everything to just be…

We are held in this space of Presence,
the space of Divine Embrace –
a Vastness that just is…


There is only ever Embrace –
a deep compassionate Embrace for all life,
for all that is - as it is…

The Divine embracing Itself in *every* expression.


Everything is suspended
in ever-present Presence.

Rest in This…


When we emerge from our rest,
we realize that we ARE the Embrace –
embracing Itself.

We ARE fluidly and interchangeably the Embrace –

Divine Intimacy…

Sweet Serenity…


Notes from my journal – 2009

funky art :) - Christine

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  1. wow...we ARE the embrace...yes...we are Presence when we sit or stand in stillness or dance and move with awareness...sing or talk or listen...oh yes listen to all that is flowing through us, between us, around us.

    beautiful, beutiful words and image
    gentle steps,


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