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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Beyonce Bounce

I’m assuming that most of you have seen enough TV to know who Beyonce is… (I can’t get the little mark on the e – sorry). I am not a fan, but I have seen clips of her music videos on TV from time to time, especially the video of her doing that funny little bent over bounce movement in her leotards and high heels that became so popular when Pres. Obama was running. Anyway. What does this have to do with awareness, spirituality, Beingness you might ask… :)

Well, Sunday – still in the dumpster mind you, having awakened for the umpteenth day in a row with sadness waiting at the bedside – “we” – sadness and I – decorated the Holiday Tree. We have an artificial tree – no groans please. It is a tree that has been in my husband’s family for 42 years! We have had it for the last 15. So head elf assembled the tree as he normally does. We hung the lights together. Elf brought the decoration boxes up from the basement and I began the task of decorating – feeling a little lack-luster for the occasion.

I put a little mood music on. In this case it was Manheim Steamroller’s version of instrumental Christmas Carols. We like the non-traditional stuff. There are several songs on there that are upbeat and bouncy. I started rummaging through the larger boxes, pulling out the smaller ornament boxes, making the HUGE decision of where they should go on the tree… I noticed that “sadness” became a little less clingy, less needing my attention. Don’t know exactly where she went, but she wasn’t harping at me like she had been. So I went about the rather automatic task of pulling ornaments out of boxes, stepping back, looking at the tree, deciding where the next one should go, and then placing the ornament. No mind engagement needed here – just choose, look and place, ornament by ornament. A rhythm began to be established. Along with each ornament came the memories of who had given it and when. Sadness’ cousin grief nuzzled in with the memories of those passed on. And I thought – oh boy – here we go…

However, the next thing I knew I was – here it comes – bent over a box, deciding on the next ornament, bouncing to the beat of the music – the Beyonce Bounce! Oh my! Now you’d have to picture me. No high cut leotards and shapely legs here. No, too much dumpster diving chocolate over the last couple of months has packed on a few too many pounds – so it is sweat pants and turtle necks for me! But that’s not the point :)

In the instant of discovering that I was bouncing to the music – feeling JOY – I also became experientially aware that “I” was still also feeling sadness – in the background. I became acutely aware of the fact that “I” was capable of holding both joy and sadness at the same time! The awareness and experience of this was so incredulous that it cracked open my heart like a nutcracker cracking open a walnut, and tears and laughter flooded the living room. As I continued to bounce and emote, Elf emerged from the basement with another arm load of boxes. The look of concern on his face brought on more laughter and tears, as I’m sure that he thought that maybe tree decorating had been too challenging and sent me over the edge. Instead it brought me back to Reality: *Everything* is held in Absolute Presence – Awareness - Consciousness - at all times! Of course! Everything *is* Absolute Consciousness. Some brain cell somewhere knew this - I think – ;) But I had to experience it anew, in the moment, to *feel* it viscerally for the light of awareness to go on.

And it’s not so much that “I” was “holding” them, as that I realized that they co-exist *in* the space of Awareness/Consciousness! “They”, along with everything else we experience, co-exist there, appear there, rise and fall there from moment to moment, from experience to experience. I don’t know why this realization was such a shock to me, but it was a de-lightful “shock” of awareness that awakened the truth again in that moment – and for some reason sadness bowed her head and began to let go of her grip, like a mist lifting off the pavement after the rain. And if she returns, which I’m sure she will, I will welcome her visit again, realizing there’s nothing “wrong” in her being here. She is always free to come and go, along with all my other “visitors” that consistently show up at my door wearing different disguises. There’s always room for *all* the feelings and experiences that Life brings…

Maybe this was the “gift” waiting for me in the dumpster…


  1. I actually live so far into the dark ages that I don't know who Beyonce is. But I did get the picture and it amused me, including the surprised elf part. I could see myself doing something like this. And I'm feeling a bit on the overloaded, fearful, sad side this evening so I needed a chuckle tonight!

    And I love that observation that both joy and sadness can coexist. It feels like I just read someone else talking about this recently. Good reminder for me right now.

  2. Hello ZenDS ~~~

    Glad you were amused... I was too! :)

    Sounds like we could both use a little "Green Tara" tea! Your Green Tara painting reminds me of being held in the compassionate gaze of Awareness at all times... Such a comforting image.

    Heart Hugs... Christine

  3. Dear MeANderi,

    Here's a Minnesota hug to help carry you and Ms. Sadness through the dark month. It always takes me several weeks to adjust to winter's darkness and cold. I'm meditating a lot and trying to get outside often to experience the cold air, ice and snow. Today I felt a shift, akin to what you described, as I was shoveling snow from the driveway. That embrace of all of life's "visitors" be it sadness, boredom or joy, is some strange alchemy, isn't it?!

  4. Hi Kris ~~~

    "strange alchemy" indeed! I like that. And what was noticed here was that the "shift" didn't occur because of any effort on my part. A tender release "happened" in the recognition of this rather "magical" "co-existing awareness" of sadness & joy...

    Thank you for the Minnesota hug! I can feel it in your heartfelt comment...

    I wondered when you posted your blog "Tangled up in Blue" if it reflected where you were...

    Hang in there. Solstice is Monday - and the gradual "return" of light (and warmth) :)

    Warm Heart Hugs to you as well! Christine