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Monday, March 21, 2011

Remembering Womb-Consciousness

“You’re coming Home.
And the way home means traveling back through the dark tunnel of yourself.
It means facing up to the pain that has not been faced…
You’ll notice that you are alive underneath.
Go through it. Don’t lose heart.
Emotion does not have the power to endure.

The only thing that separates you is your unhappiness.
You’ve had to run away from it since the day you were born.
You’ve got to pass through that unhappiness.
Feel the emotion. Being is beyond feeling and yet it includes feeling.

The timeless and ever-present sense of well-being is the natural state of man.
It is the womb-consciousness.

When man rediscovers the timeless womb-consciousness
he feels the well-being as the indisputable, timeless sense of well-being.
And in the well-being consciousness of the womb
he perceives or realizes he is that timeless consciousness.”

From: Stillness is the Way
by Barry Long


“All there is is unborn Tao;
the field that gives rise
to any and all
possible conditions and content –
including this story…”

Rob Haigh
Radical Tao


The Primordial Womb of Stillness
is the spacious Womb of Silence
in which everything exists
and has being…

It is the felt experience of Home
~ our Beingness ~
the ever-present Awareness,
our Natural State…

The Source
of all life…

It *is* Life ItSelf…

from which there is
no separation…

Everything is suspended in
this Womb of Awareness

Fall back into Its Embrace…

You are Home…

Just Trust
Just Love
Just Be

Excerpts from journal notes
Sept 2009

Photo – South Pole Aurora Borealis
photographer unknown


  1. Dearest Christine,
    Thank you for this beautiful post. I have no idea how to 'go through the pain.' When I 'Just Trust, Just Love, Just Be' -- the pain never gets faced. Does it have to?

  2. It seems it can be "faced" from the Womb of Stillness - the space of Embrace, rather than the fearful mind... Everything is "faced" there from the space of Awareness... If the pain keeps coming up I would say there is something there that needs to be seen... So from the space of Awareness ask what needs to be seen, what is needed - and just listen... Love, C

  3. Thank you Christine.

  4. What I find is that its just about being with the pain, feeling it in the body, not rejecting it, not wishing for something nicer. So easy to say, so hard to do. And yet if we live it, we move through it. It changes, like everything else.

    Your post also reminds me of the "unreliability of feelings", how we so often are guided by our emotions but that they are not good guides to steer by, they are so fleeting and self protecting. We need to learn how to be "steady", this is where I am working these days, one who is so prone to fly off into despair or fear at the least whim of feeling. Big work for me.

    Thanks for this lovely post.

  5. So appreciate this post and the comments...warm hugs Christine and ZD.

  6. ZDS ~ Love your comment... Yes, so true - just letting yourself be with the pain. "...if we live it, we move through it." Love that. Another version of the only way out is through...

    And what is helping me to do that, to be "steady", is to constantly bring my awareness back to that space of "timeless consciousness", the Primordial Womb of ever-present Stillness, where everything, including the pain, occurs - and just allowing everything to be as it as - as you say - not wanting anything to be different than it is... As some would say: "just this."

    Thank you Carole :)

  7. Thank you Leslie :) Warm hugs back...

  8. Yes...just allowing it (the pain) without analyzing it. Getting into analysis is way to much doing for this one.
    Thank you Dear Hearts.

  9. Dear Leslie ~ Definitely no "analyzing"... "Facing" the pain does not mean "analyzing" the pain, but just seeing it, looking into the nature of it, being with it - and seeing beyond the pain to our beautiful Vastness... Much Love - C

  10. OH! Phew. Okay...that makes sense. Just resting with whatever 'is'...so it is seen clearly as nothing other than That. Undifferentiated 'stuff'. If it was seen that way it would certainly loose it's punch.
    That happened the other day...at the dentist. Maybe I was able to relax since I was reclined :)
    Anyway...it was all one stuff. And someThing see that.

  11. Leslie you are a riot! I love your tongue in cheek humor :) You always make my heart giggle :) Bows to you! :)

  12. Bows to you Dearest Christine. Now that your partner is in MN perhaps a quick trip to the coast?

  13. Dearest Christine,
    This morning got a sense of what you are talking about with facing the pain. Woke up with lots of afflictive thoughts and sat and rested with them. They were there but so was this peace. I could see how those thoughts didn't define me...that they really had no bearing. But only by them being there did I see this.
    That's exciting.

  14. Wow. These poems are beautiful. This was the perfect thing for me to read this morning. A gentle reminder of the perfect beauty of our own true nature, and accepting it in all its dimensions.

    Thank you.

  15. Thank you Kristen for your lovely words! Good reminders for me too: "the perfect beauty of our own true nature, and accepting it in all its dimensions." Ahhhh yes...


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