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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Melt the Story...

If I melt the story off
the post I posted yesterday -
what’s left is
this weave of words
through the actual post:

‘Something’ deep inside calls me to Live:

The inner Silence and Stillness
that opens the way for
everything to flow…

The natural, internal Rhythm
that nourishes me…

The rhythm of contentment
when one deeply rests in
the “lap” of the Beloved;
where everything

The wisdom of the Heart

The depths of Being

The realm of the Beloved

It is ‘This’ that calls to me,
time and time again ~
to kindle the flame of Life within
remembering who “I” really am:

The flow and rhythm of the Beloved…

Simply Living...

Mystic Meandering
March 2011


I also extracted this golden weave of wisdoms
fr0m all your wonderful comments:

It is the whisper
of a heart’s longing,
aching to be heard.

Listen to it…

It IS the Beloved…

Just accept life,
not wanting it to be different.
Embrace it
let go.

There is never anything wrong.

You is perfect the way you are…

Walk into the unknown
into the Arms of the Beloved…

Live in the moment,
day by day.


We are the Beloved…

That is the simplicity…


Mystic Meandering
March 2011

With much love to you all
for such wonderful wisdom!


  1. a wonderful poetic summary! I love this image, the melting of the story, makes it sound so simple and fluid. Just apply the warmth of our wisdom.

    a bow to you!

  2. Thank you ZDS ~ Actually I find that the more I sit in deep Silence, communing with That which we are, consciously bringing awareness back to That, the more the stories seem to melt away, or at least my mental need to cling to them melts off a bit; the mind attachment begins to loosen. The stories become less and less important because they are seen from that Space within. Obviously I'm still in the process of unwinding my stories :)

  3. And a heartfelt "Thank you" to you as well. What a beautiful picture. Did you take it?

  4. Beautiful...thank you Dearest Christine. Melting the stories by sinking into Now as often as I can or by sheer panic. :)

  5. Thank you Genju :) Yes, I took the pic. She graces the top of one of my "altars", and yesterday I noticed that the candle had just collapsed... Couldn't resist capturing the metaphor...

  6. Leslie ~ yes, sinking into the Now, or however we know it to be - and all that's left is just 'This' - That which we are. As ml would say - "this unlit light." :) Love, C

  7. Yesterday was a day of much deeper acceptance of what 'is' characterized by a deeper joy. The joy was the indicator. Something you could count on. Then, last night, some of "this unlit light" seemed to be filtering in. Something that was moving me...omg...can't even talk about it. Blah...blah...better stop.

  8. I know the feeling - the words fail - which is a wonderful feeling! Joyous Silence! Love C

  9. Truly en-LIGHT-ened editing sweet Christine!
    Thank you and blessings and love always
    ~ ml

  10. ...and then I read this! Bless you, sweet woman! :)

  11. Thank you ml! I am almost giddy with the Light that is shining through all this :)

  12. How sweet it is Maria! Just 'This' - Just 'Love' - Just "Bees" :) LOL

  13. How wonderfully amazing...and I think we all are The Bees Knees! :)

    We Just Are!

    In Cascading Love My Sister/Friend!!!

  14. Pure Perfection... Blessings to you...


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