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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Taking Refuge...

I realized through this ‘bout with illness the last few weeks that I have just been dancing on the surface of life, leaping from wave to wave, being driven by life events, life circumstances, family needs, focused only on what’s happening at the surface, trying not to be overwhelmed by other waves crashing around me. But of course, there it was, overwhelm that lead to illness. And most recently discovering that when one is “ill” one tends to fixate on the body and what’s wrong with the body – losing sight of the *depth* of Being that underlies it all.

It was also realized that what is needed here is deep rest and taking refuge in this deep Stillness of Being that is the Ocean of Life; sensing – again - what it feels like to live life from and as this deep place of Stillness – from the awareness and *knowing* of this Stillness that is Life.

So I am diving deep these days, taking refuge and resting in the deep Stillness of Being that is Home – experiencing what it feels like to BE well again in the core of my Being…

“I” shall return to blogging as the Ocean moves me, as the Inner Voice leads, as Stillness speaks, etc. In the mean time I’ll enjoy being inspired by all your wonderful blogs!

~ ♥ ~


  1. yes, fill up the well with stillness and health. take refuge in the depth.

  2. We are cells in Universal Being...may your shape become whole once more. Beautiful, heartfelt sharing,this and the previous... thank you.

  3. ZDS ~ Thank you - oh gentle one :) Was inspired in listening to the video you posted on Thich Nhat Hanh's talk on deeply listening to one's own suffering... Plan on deeply listening to this voice as well over the next few days...

  4. Darla ~ Thanks! Glad to see you are finding beauty in the desert...

  5. Dearest Christine...Thank you for Being and for your wonderful words. May we meet in the Stillness Dear Window sitter Sister. And may your body be feeling better.

  6. Thank you Dear Leslie :) Definitely - meet in the Stillness, sharing the Dynamic Flow... Lovebeams, C

  7. Taking refuge....beautiful Christine...and all of us too, taking refuge in the Truth.

    Much love, Mags

  8. Mags ~ Yes, absolutely, taking refuge in Truth, which for me, at the moment, is deep Stillness... So many synonyms for Truth - Stillness, Silence, Awareness, Love, Life, Buddha Nature, Christ Consciousness, Dharma, Being, The Beloved.... ad infinitum... Infinity ItSelf :)

    in Grace and Stillness... Christine

  9. Dear Christine... may you be well of mind, body & spirit as you begin this new chapter of healing. Trust that you are on the path you need to be right now. May love guide your way. :o) Be here and around when you can. And please now my "door" is always open if you need a restful place to talk and share. ((HUGS))

  10. Love you, Christine, my friend! Peace and blessings. :)

  11. Thank you Maria :) Love to you as we "story on" in wonderment :)


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